This is the Homepage of Rhyl Lifeboat station in North Wales, one of over 250 R.N.L.I. stations which cover the complete coastline of the British Isles and Ireland, including inland waters.
Throughout this website, The all-weather lifeboat will be called “AWB” and the inshore lifeboat “ILB”.

Fantastic news from the RNLI regarding the future of Rhyl station!

Rhyl RNLI station allocated new Shannon-class All-weather lifeboat!

Keep looking on this site, and our Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates! Our station is now actively starting collecting towards the new equipment.
The station looks forward to an exciting future ! We will be starting a dedicated section soon, for news about how you can support our fundraising, and proposed events and dates leading up to the arrival of our new boat in 2019. Keep visiting this page for updates.

Remember – if you think you see someone in trouble at sea, dial 999 and ask for “COASTGUARD”

Schools/Organised parties are welcome to visit the boathouse when booked in advance.Click here for details


Next All-weather lifeboat (AWB) exercise:

January 16th at 6.30pm. 

Next Inshore boat (ILB) exercise:

Normally (depending on weather conditions) the ILB will exercise Sunday mornings about 10am to 12 noon, and also with the AWB on exercise.

RHYL LIFEBOAT Events calendar

Keep visiting this page for updates 

If you wish to donate to the RNLI through Rhyl station, please go to our donate page

Did you know? The lifeboat is crewed by volunteers.

When a call comes in, crew members may be at work, or at home. The coastguard pages the crew and they jump into action, attending the lifeboat station as quickly as they can do safely. Once at the station a flurry of activity occurs: the best team for the job from the available crew is picked arrangements are made to ready the boats and tractors whilst the crew are kitting up communication is maintained with the Coastguard to get as much information as possible the boats leave the boathouse as preparations for launching continue along the beach LAUNCH !

We’re always ready to respond!

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year.

  • In the last 5 years … (2012-2016) 

              All-weather Lifeboat
• Paged 126 times,
• 30 times during the night
• Time at sea on service 184 hours

  • Inshore Lifeboat
  •  Paged 275 times
  • 36 times during the night
  • Time at sea on service 161 hours

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