30/12/2020. 1251.  Both boats launched after a motorist going over the Blue Foryd bridge in Rhyl harbour reported to police that they thought they saw a person in the water in the harbour, upstream slightly from the bridge, towards the railway bridge. Police were on scene and Rhyl and Llandudno coastguard teams were also mobilised to scene. The ILB searched up to the railway bridge whilst the AWB searched in the inner harbour, and the coastguards searched the river banks. There were multiple logs and tree trunks in the river, and also the ILB picked up a fender midstream which had become caught on rocks. The boats continued to search for an hour with nothing found. Holyhead Coastguard co-ordinating the search were satisfied the informant had seen a large tree stump in the river, and all units were stood down, the lifeboats returning to station at 2.02pm.

AWB track

20/12/2020. 1150. Both boats were diverted from exercise to assist emergency services at a police incident on the Foryd (blue) bridge in Rhyl harbour. They were asked to provide cover near the bridge should the incident turn into a water rescue. The AWB returned to station due to lack of deep water at 1600, and the ILB returned to station for the same reason at 1758. No further details will be given by RNLI sources.

14/12/2020. 1127.
Both crews of AWB and ILB from Rhyl, together with the ILB from Flint,  were launched after the UK Coastguard at Holyhead, received a message on the marine distress and calling channel, reporting a boat with four people on board, taking water and sinking off Rhyl. No precise location was given by the radio message, and so lifeboats were launched to investigate an area between Rhos-on-Sea and Talacre. The Coastguard rescue helicopter from Caernarvon was also tasked to search the same area. Also, local coastguard volunteers from Flint and Rhyl were tasked to search the shoreline of the same area. Local launching sites in the area were contacted, to see if any vessels had been launched that morning, but the reply was negative. The search was continued over a wide area with nothing being sighted. After three hours of searching, and no further messages being heard, the coastguard paused the search until further information was forthcoming. The lifeboats returned to Rhyl at 1445, and Flint lifeboat was taken back home by road trailer.

Rhyl ILB track

Helicopter track

Flint ILB track

Rhyl AWB track

3/12/2020.1529. Another EPIRB (Electronic Position Indicating Radio Beacon) initiated a search by Llandudno and Rhyl AWBs to try to direction-find the source of the signal. As Rhyl’s AWB was starting down the slipway on to the beach, news came from the UK coastguard at Holyhead that the source of the beacon was located in Conwy marina, and was deactivated. The AWB returned to station at 1544. Classed as a standby.

10/11/2020.2341. A distress beacon alert prompted a major search for RNLI lifeboats from Flint, Rhyl, Llandudno and Hoylake, with lifeboats launching late last night and returning to their respective stations the next morning.
Both the ILB and AWB Rhyl were involved in the search, with the AWB launching and returning at 0640 the next morning. The ILB joined the search for an hour and a half, launching just after 5am on the 11th.
Hoylake AWB launched at 2345 and searched an area around Liverpool Bay towards the Douglas Gas Platform. The crew returned to Hoylake in the early hours with the AWB on service at 0830 the next morning.
The Coastguard requested the launch of Llandudno’s AWB just before midnight, launching by 0011 and returning just after 0700.
Flint’s ILB  launched at 0015 on the 11th and searched out into the River Dee.
Nothing was found on this occasion and did not launch again.

    Track of Flint ILB

    Track of Rhyl AWB

    Track of Llandudno AWB

  Track of Hoylake AWB

All 3 AWB’s on initial search.

3/10/20.1257. AWB put on immediate readiness to assist Flint lifeboat with a yacht on the shoreline at Mostyn in the River Dee. Flint ILB found it to be hard aground and unoccupied. ALB stood down at 1301.

18/9/2020.1707. Both boats paged to report of a kite surfer coming off his board about 1.5 miles out off Kinmel Bay. The ILB launched first, and found the surfer was still with his kite, but had become detached from their board. The AWB was held on standby until the surfer was safe. The surfer and kite were taken to shore and met by local coastguards. The ILB then searched the area for the board with no luck. The board was reported to the coastguard as lost. The ILB returned to station and the AWB was stood down at 1748. Classed as standby for AWB.

  track of AWB (to water’s edge!)

12/8/2020. 0134. Both boats launched to search the shoreline and out to sea from Miller’s cottage, Towyn, on police concern for safety request. Both boats searched until 0430 with nothing found.
Track of AWB

31/7/2020.1340. AWB launched to dayboat which had engine failure to the south of the Rhyl Flats windfarm. Located the vessel and towed back to Barkby beach Prestatyn, where the ILB took over the tow to return the vessel to the shore.

22/7/2020. 1051. The crew launched the All-weather Shannon lifeboat after the UK coastguard at the Holyhead centre received a message regarding the safety of two craft offshore from Llandulas beach. The  crew arrived on scene to find a jet-ski towing a small unpowered dinghy, with one occupant on each. On enquiring from the two, it transpired that the pair were fishing, one from each vessel, and had set out from Eirias beach centre. Subsequent enquiries found that the Jet-ski engine was fine. As all was well, the vessels were shepherded until they were safe near Colwyn Bay, and the lifeboat started heading for home. Due to the tide being very nearly on the slipway, the lifeboat was taken in to Rhyl harbour to wait on the pontoons until there was sufficient beach to recover the lifeboat. This was achieved at 1410.

track of lifeboat

26/6/2020. 1709. Both boats launched to reports of a swimmer and an inflatable being blown out to sea off the Nova Centre, Prestatyn. The local coastguard team were also alerted. The boats launched and also rescue 936 (Coastguard helicopter from Caernarvon) proceeded to the area. Rhyl coastguard located a male on the beach and discovered he was the one from the sea. The inflatable was recovered and the lifeboats and helicopter returned to station by 1830.

25/6/2020 1418. ILB launched to report of a person about 500m out from Prestatyn beach, waving their arms and shouting, apparently struggling. Both boats were launched, and as they were about half a mile away, the public reported the person was now safe ashore. All units were stood down, but were then diverted to Rhyl harbour area where numerous reports were received by the UK coastguard at Holyhead regarding inflatables being swept out to sea. Both boats recovered numerous rubber rings/boats/animals etc. and then returned to station at 1550.

YouTube video of launch

24/6/2020. 1535. Both boats launched to reports from off-duty lifeguards in the Prestatyn area, reporting people in difficulty off the beach there. The lifeboats launched and also Rhyl Coastguard local team, to investigate. On arrival at scene, nothing was found. Further onshore enquires found a group of youths who said they had been in the water. As all was fine, all units returned to station by 1634.

...……………..1700. Both boats again called to assist Rhyl coastguards with the extraction from Towyn beach of a casualty who had slipped on rocks and had a suspected broken leg. It was unable to transport the casualty over the rocks, and so they were transported on the ILB to the AWB, and taken to the boathouse where an ambulance too the casualty to hospital.

30/5/2020. 2242. Both boats launched to assist police and coastguards with vulnerable person reported in the water at Pensarn. the lifeboats stood off some 350m as police dealt with the incident. On being stood down at 2345, the boats returned to station at 0036 on the Sunday 31st.

22/5/2020. 0157. Just around midnight on Friday 22 May, the UK coastguard at Holyhead received a 999 mobile phone call from a yacht with two people on board, stating they had electrical failure and required assistance. The phone call ended without an exact location being given out, just that the yacht was west of the South Hoyle Wind farm off Prestatyn. The AWB was launched into a strong wind and a choppy sea, to search an area around the given estimated position.
Holyhead coastguard then received further information from a yachtsman’s wife stating a man was sailing his 32-feet yacht ‘Barbaresco’ from Falmouth to Fleetwood, and had not made contact since 6 pm the evening before.
A search pattern was given to the lifeboat after an anchored merchant vessel ‘Bergen Troll’ reported hearing a faint radio message on the distress channel stating the vessel was estimated to be by the South Hoyle wind farm. The AWB commenced a search pattern, also using white parachute flares to illuminate the area, whilst a constant watch was kept on the lifeboat’s radar for any possible contact. The search continued until about 0515 with all vessels in the area being asked to keep a lookout.
At about this time, the rig support vessel ‘Vos Pathfinder’ and also the coastguard, received a DSC message, of a vessel in distress some distance further north than the search area, off Blackpool and in the Morecambe Bay gas field area. The support vessel launched one of their response craft, and located the man and his yacht. Due to the position further North than anticipated, Holyhead Coastguard tasked Fleetwood lifeboat to launch, and recover the yacht and it’s skipper back to Fleetwood. As the vessel was too far North and rescue was being delivered by another lifeboat, Rhyl AWB was stood down, returning to Rhyl at 0615.

L-R Reported casualty position; Search by Rhyl Lifeboat; Fleetwood lifeboat track

21/5/2020.1610. Both boats launched to a report of a person in the water off Pensarn. On scene, the person was found swimming full-clothed about 300 metres off shore. The casualty did not want to get into the ILB, and so both boats stood by, engaging the casualty with reassuring conversation. Eventually, the casualty was shepherded ashore and they managed to wade on to the beach unaided, and into the care of the local coastguard team. Both boats returned to station at 1842.

11/4/2020. 1213.  The AWB was paged to go to the assistance of a small local commercial fishing boat which had encountered mechanical failure and was unable to return to Rhyl from the Talacre area. The lifeboat was on scene within 16 minutes and took the vessel in tow to Rhyl harbour, where the ILB took the boat to the slipway (the harbour was in lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and so the bridge decks could not be lifted). The lifeboat remained in the outer harbour for another hour until there was sufficient beach to recover at station, returning at 1550. The attached photos were copied from a Rhyl Journal online page, and have not been credited due to unknown author. The track of the AWB is from marinetraffic.com app.

25/1/2020.1120. The AWB was paged to search for an unmanned 34-foot yacht off Prestatyn. Rhyl coastguard team were also paged to monitor shore-side. The owner of the vessel, a 34-foot motor yacht ‘Miss Moneypenny’ was on passage from Liverpool to Llannerch-Y-Mor fun ship some time before Saturday morning, but had encountered engine problems off Prestatyn Barkby beach. He had anchored his fin-keel yacht off the shore and had come ashore on the yacht’s tender (dinghy). This morning, the skipper had attempted to get assistance from other means, and was returning to his yacht when the tender’s engine also failed, stranding the owner ashore. Concerned members of Prestatyn Sailing Club notified the UK coastguard at Holyhead, who called for vessels in the vicinity to help. The skipper of the Rhyl charter fishing vessel ‘Merlin’, Roger Daniels, was in the area, and located the position of the yacht, relaying this to the Coastguard. Rhyl’s all-weather lifeboat ‘ Anthony Kenneth Heard’ was paged and the lifeboat launched and proceeded at full speed to the yacht’s position, arriving some 12 minutes after launch. The vessel was safely taken under tow, with two lifeboat crew on board the yacht to manage the tow. The Coxswain of the lifeboat initially thought about taking the yacht to Rhyl, but as the vessel had a large fin-keel below, it was decided a mooring in Mostyn harbour would be appropriate. The skipper of the yacht was located by local Rhyl coastguards at Prestatyn, and taken to Mostyn Harbour to meet up with his vessel. This was done successfully, and the lifeboat returned to station at 3.15 pm. Pictures afloat by Callum Robinson, mechanic; pictures ashore by Ian Olson, UK coastguard Rhyl team

19/1/2020. 1612. Both boats launched to assist police and coastguards recover a deceased person on the sands east of Prestatyn. The person was taken on board the ILB and transferred to the AWB, then both boats returned to station by 1805.

………………1947. The ILB crew were paged and AWB put on immediate readiness to assist police and coastguards search for a person in the water off the Seaquarium. The ILB launched and arrived on scene just as the coastguards reported the person was found on the beach. The ILB returned to station at 2008. Classed as standby for AWB.

17/1/2020. 1439. The fire service, police, coastguards, two RNLI lifeboats, and the Coastguard helicopter involved in search for person last seen entering the water between the road and rail bridges on the river Clwyd at Rhyl harbour. Following a 999 call, the pagers for the ILB were activated , followed by the AWB at 1520, to help in the search for a person who was reported entering the river Clwyd and swimming to mid-river, when the informant reporting the incident lost sight of the casualty.
The ILB was in attendance with North Wales fire brigade, local police, and coastguards from Rhyl, Llandudno and Flint on the banks of the river. The coastguard helicopter from Caernarvon was also tasked to cover the river from Rhyl to St. Asaph.
The ILB searched as far upstream to Rhuddlan, until restricted by the depth of the river, and back into the harbour, whilst the AWB searched the harbour area, assisted by Rhyl harbour staff on shore. All gullies, banks, and moorings were searched thoroughly by all agencies on scene, with nothing being found.
Due to the fading light, and with nothing found, all assets were stood down by the UK coastguard at Holyhead, with a view to re-tasking shore-based coastguards at low water later at 20.30. The lifeboats returned to station at 1745. Screenshot shows track of ILB.
Screenshots show tracks of ILB AWB and rescue helicopter 936.

14/1/2020.1251. AWB crew paged to assist police, Llandudno ILB and coastguards from Llandudno and Rhyl in search for a missing person off Old Colwyn promenade. As the crew were assembling the UK coastguard at Holyhead reported the situation was resolved and all units were stood down at 1300. Classed as a standby.