3/12/2021.2151. Multiple units, helicopters, coastguards, both boats from Rhyl and the Hoylake hovercraft, were tasked to a person stuck in mud at Talacre. The person was recovered ashore with a joint effort by all involved. The incident was concluded by 0254 the next day.

units off Talacre
Track of AWB
Track of Hoylake hovercraft.

28/11/2021.1323. Just as the AWB was beaching after an exercise, the boat was tasked to assist West Kirby ILB to a police incident at Talacre. Just as the boats arrived on scene and prepared to hold back away from the shore, the coastguards reported the incident had been resolved. The AWN returned to station at 1430.

Track of AWB
Rhyl AWB and West Kirby ILB on scene.

6/11/2021. 1140. AWB crew paged to back-up ILB on service. The ILB had engine problems, so AWB crew paged to launch. However, the ILB crew managed to re-start their engine and continue on service, so AWB stood down. Classed as standby. See ILB page for narrative of service.

28/10/2021.1147. Both boats requested to launch by HM Coastguard, to assist land-based resources in a search for a vulnerable person. Both boats searched the local area to the east, until the Coastguard told them to stand down, the boats returning to station by 1306 with nothing found.

Track of AWB

19/10/2021. 1145. The initial call came in at 11.45am to UK coastguard co-ordinating centre at Holyhead. A member of the public reported what appeared to be an upturned boat off Llandulas beach, quite close inshore.
Both the inshore and all-weather lifeboats were launched, with Vinny at the helm of the all-weather boat.
The all-weather lifeboat arrived on scene first, and the crew were directed to the scene by local volunteer coastguards ashore..
On arriving at the location, the crew could see that the object was actually a red and white roadworks barrier. This was confirmed ashore as the object sighted. The barrier was recovered and both volunteer crews then returned to station.by 1.15pm.
Vinny, whose normal job is a North Wales Police traffic officer said ‘ I am used to seeing these barriers in my day job policing the roads, but to come across one out at sea was a bit of a surprise! I’m sure it wasn’t causing offence (a fence!??) but I have taken it into custody at the lifeboat station, and put it on the right road back! ‘
He continued ‘On a more serious note, we would rather people dial 999 and ask for the coastguard, if they think they see anything or anyone in trouble at sea. We would rather be tasked and find something like this barrier, rather than not be tasked at all’.
The pictures show Rhyl all-weather lifeboat launching, and Vinny holding up the barrier after it was ‘rescued’.

10/9/2021. 2131 The AWB crew were paged, to launch to assess a yacht with two people and two dogs. The yacht was on passage to Rhyl harbour, but due to the still wind conditions, the skipper was using the yacht’s engine to get to Rhyl on the high tide to get into the harbour, when the engine stopped. One of the crew also had mild sea-sickness.
The skipper called the UK Coastguard co-ordinating centre at Holyhead, and requested assistance. The coastguard put out a radio broadcast for any nearby vessels to assist; but with no response, tasked Rhyl RNLI volunteers to launch and investigate the yacht’s plight. On arrival on scene , the vessel was found to be close to the stone loading jetty at Llandulas, and so the skipper of the yacht asked for a tow to Rhyl, out of danger.
The tow was undertaken, and with the assistance of the inshore lifeboat crew and local coastguard volunteers from Rhyl and Flint, was successfully moored on the outer pontoon in Rhyl harbour by midnight.
As it was a very high tide that night, it was not possible to recover the lifeboat, and so the crew had to wait in Rhyl harbour until there was enough beach available at the station.
The lifeboat was finally in the boathouse at 0345 the next morning, and the tired crew sought their beds, some only having a few hours sleep until they went to work later in the morning.

in Rhyl harbour
Track of AWB
in Rhyl harbour . Copyright Dean Wood.
Recovering boat

24/8/2021. 1705. Both boats paged to a swimmer in difficulty off Pensarn beach, Abergele. As the crews were assembling, the launch was cancelled by H M Coastguard as the incident was resolved by 1712. Classed as standby for both boats.

12/8/2021. 1459. AWB requested to launch to reports of an inflatable drifting out to sea off Talacre, to the east of the station. As the crew were assembling, local coastguards on scene reported that they had been approached by the inflatable’s owners, and were told there was no-one on board. The AWB was stood down at 1503. Classed as a standby.

11/8/2021. 2030. Both boats launched to reports of a small boat not apparently moving off the Rhyl Flats wind farm. The boats, under direction from local coastguards ashore, came across a single-manned boat heading East. The occupant said they were OK, and all was good, so the boats undertook a further search of the area. When it was confirmed that the boat was the one sighted, then they returned to station at 2224.

Track of AWB
AWB with reported casualty
Reported casualty, all well.

5/8/2021. 2308. Both boats requested to launch to a police incident at Millers Cottage camp beach near Abergele. As the boats were just launching, the police reported the incident was resolved and both boats stood down at 2311. Classed as standby for both boats.

15/6/2021.0218. ALB crew paged to assist police and coastguards, after reports of 2 youths in the water off Kinmel Bay. As the crew were assembling, the reports came back they were safe ashore. AWB stood down at 0226. Classed as a standby.

30/6/2021.0146. Both boats launched to assist coastguard teams from the Wirral, Flint and Rhyl, in locating 3 persons stuck in mud off Presthaven Sands camp, Gronant. The boats arrived on the scene, and 1 crew from the ILB went ashore to assist as the casualties had been located, only 1 stuck now in the mud. The AWB arrived to stand by for evacuation if necessary, and to illuminate the scene. The person was recovered from the mud by coastguards, and taken back to solid ground at Presthaven. The boats were then stood down, the ILB recovering at 0220. Due to lack of beach as it was high water, the AWB went to the harbour and was eventually recovered by 0510. Pictures show the launch and recovery.

Track of AWB
AWB recovering at sunrise
AWB waiting for tide in harbour at Rhyl
AWB waiting to recover at boathouse
AWB off boathouse
AWB on beach being recovered
AWB being hauled on to carriage
AWB being turned

26/6/2021. 1400. AWB launched to a small cabin cruiser with 4 on board, broken down off Kinmel Bay. The boat was taken in tow back to Rhyl harbour. Due to the fast ebbing tide, the ILB was launched to take the boat to the launching ramp where it was recovered by the harbour master on to its trailer. Boat boats returned to station by 1610.

Launch of AWB
Towing up river channel
into harbour channel
Track of AWB

23/6/2021.1420. AWB requested to launch after HM Coastguard at Holyhead received a radio message from a local leisure craft that 2 on board were not well. The AWB launched and was alongside the vessel within 7 minutes of launching. 2 people on board were assessed and found to be seasick. They were transferred to the AWB and returned to shore at 1545.

AWB returning to shore
AWB ashore, SLARS going out to meet it.
Track of AWB

22/6/2021.1837. AWB requested to launch to assist ILB with 2 persons in water off the Nova centre Prestatyn. As the boat was about to launch, HM Coastguard reported all persons were safe out of the water, and the boats were stood down. As AWB did not launch, classed as stand by.

Track of AWB

19/6/2021.1538. 3 RNLI lifeboats launched to assist a yacht and a catamaran which had got into difficulty in Liverpool Bay. Hoylake lifeboat was requested to launch by the UK Coastguard to reports that a 31ft yacht had broken down two miles north of the Liverpool Anchorage. A 30ft catamaran was also in difficulty in the area. The two vessels had been on passage from the River Ribble to the River Dee. Hoylake RNLI’s Shannon lifeboat launched and headed to the vessels’ location. When the lifeboat arrived on scene the yacht was still experiencing mechanical difficulties, so the lifeboat took the vessel under tow. Meanwhile the catamaran’s crew had got their engine running, but Rhyl Lifeboat had been tasked by the Coastguard to escort the vessel into the River Dee in case it broke down again. Rhyl’s Shannon lifeboat launched at 3.55pm to join Hoylake in assisting the casualty vessels. As the catamaran was struggling to make headway against the wind, Rhyl Lifeboat took the vessel under tow. Hoylake Lifeboat originally planned to take the yacht to its intended anchorage in the River Dee near the HE4 buoy to the west of Hilbre Island. However, due to direction of the wind the RNLI crew advised that this location was unlikely to be suitable and suggested that the vessels take up moorings at West Kirby Sailing Club instead. The yacht already had a mooring and the Hoylake Lifeboat crew arranged with the Sailing Club for an extra mooring to be made available for the catamaran. Hoylake Lifeboat also requested that the Coastguard task West Kirby lifeboat to assist with securing the catamaran on its mooring. West Kirby’s D class lifeboat crew launched and rendezvoused with Hoylake and Rhyl Lifeboats. Both the yacht and the catamaran were soon secured to their moorings and with the casualties requiring no further assistance; the three lifeboats were stood down and returned to their stations.

coming alongside catamaran ( credit Tara Elliott Rhyl crew)
Catamaran in tow with Hoylake lifeboat alongside
13-06 Hoylake, 13-34 Rhyl, D751 West Kirby
Track of Rhyl lifeboat
Track of Hoylake lifeboat
Track of West Lirby inshore lifeboat
West Kirby inshore lifeboat taking over tow from Rhyl lifeboat
Rhyl crew on casualty

13/6/2021. 1516. AWB launched to assist RNLI lifeguards, ILB and coastguards search for a missing child last seen at the water’s edge. Just after the AWB had launched, the ILB crew found the child safe ashore, and the AWB was stood down, returning to station at 1555.

9/6/2021. 2219. AWB launched to a 28-foot private fishing boat, with engine problems off Kinmel Bay. The casualty was located by radio direction finding from their VHJF radio, and also by the casualty giving their approximate GPS location. The boat with 2 people on board was taken in tow to Rhyl harbour to a pontoon. The ILB was also launched to assist with mooring the casualty in the harbour. The boats returned to station at 0005.

Track of AWB

8/6/2021. 0358. Both boats launched to assist in the search for an elderly casualty who was missing from near the beach at Abergele. Police helicopter, coastguards and others also searched near the shoreline. Unfortunately after a few hours, nothing had been seen, and the maritime assets were stood down, the lifeboats returning to station at 1008. Update 8/6/21 2000. Person has been found safe and well on land. good news.

6/6/2021. 1120. AWB crew paged to assist the recovery of a person who had suffered a suspected heart attack whilst fishing on a small boat out of Rhyl. There was insufficient water to get into Rhyl harbour, and so the AWB launched. HM Coastguard at Holyhead had requested other vessels to attend, and the windfarm support boat Excalibur had gone alongside with a defibrillator. This was put on the casualty vessel and the lifeboat crew boarded the casualty to assess the condition of the person. Rescue 196 helicopter had also been tasked. The casualty was transferred to the lifeboat, and the helicopter winchman was winched down on the lifeboat. The casualty was very poorly and was not fit enough to be winched into the helicopter, and so the decision was made to transfer at the lifeboat station.
Unfortunately, the paramedic winchman assessed that the casualty was now deceased. The lifeboat was recovered and taken into the boathouse to transfer the person to a vehicle under police supervision by 1650.
This was quite a harrowing and stressful service for the lifeboat crew, some of whom had very little service time with the RNLI.
Our thoughts go out to the family of the deceased.

2/6/2021.1454. ILB and AWB launched to assist coastguards and ambulance crews in recovering an injured casualty from the rocks at Sandy Cove. The casualty could not be recovered by land as the rocks hindered the rescuers. The casualty was put on a basket stretcher and recovered by the ILB to the AWB, and taken to Rhyl harbour for easier transfer to ambulance. Both boats recovered at 1630.

1/6/2021.2249. Both boats launched to 2 kayakers who had gone out to the nearest windfarm but found it difficult to paddle back against wind and tide. They phoned Holyhead coastguard who launched both boats. Luckily, the lifeboats’ track to the search start position took them to the kayakers, who were taken by the ILB to the AWB. They and the kayaks (and an inflatable Flamingo which the kayakers had found at sea) were then brought back safe to The lifeboat station by 2350.


30/5/2021. 1633. AWB launched to report of a small boat off Llandulas beach with 3 people on board, trying to row ashore. The lifeboat came up on them about 100m from the beach. All on board spoke little English, but it transpired they had gone out to the site of the recovery of the ‘Nicola Faith’ fishing boat, and found it hard to row back against the ebbing tide and offshore wind. The AWB crew stood by until the party reached shore, then returned to station by 1830.

AWB launching
Track of AWB

9/5/2021.0308. Both boats paged to assist police and coastguards with a person in the water between the Events arena and the Sun Centre. As the crew were arriving, police informed them the incident was resolved, so all RNLI assets were stood down at 0311. Classed as a standby.

2/5/2021.1145. The AWB was launched to assist a local boat which had suffered fuel bug problems about 10 miles north-West of Rhyl. As there were no other local boats in the vicinity, the AWB was requested and proceeded to the position of the boat. A tow was established back to Rhyl and the boat was safely back in the harbour at 1500. The AWB returned to station at 1520.

26/4/2021. 1338. AWB brought to immediate readiness to support the ILB in recovering a broken-down speedboat off Kinmel bay. The ILB could cope with the small vessel, so the AWB was stood down at 1350. Classed as a standby.

23/4/2021.1944. Both boats paged to assist Llandudno boats in a search for an overdue windsurfer between Rhos point and Pensarn. As the crews were arriving at the boathouse, the coastguard received a message from a member of the public, stating the person had come ashore at Sandy Cove, well but tired. All boats were stood down at 1947. Classed as a standby.

Update to service of 29/1/2021. Sadly, the bodies of the 3 fishermen were discovered on beaches between West Kirby and Blackpool some 3 weeks later. The vessel also has been located , sunk to the north of Rhos-on-Sea. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the three crew of the ‘Nicola Faith’ RIP.

21/2/2021.1345. The crew were recovering the AWB on a sandbank after an exercise. The incoming tide had surrounded the bank when the head launcher noticed a group of children on the sandbank far end, who were hesitant about crossing the gulley back to safety. They were brought to the AWB and put on board after the boat was back on the launching unit. They were then ferried back to safety on the unit. They were all safely ashore by 1355.

2/2021.2254. Both boats paged to assist with a police incident in the water at Pensarn. The ILB launched and was en route when Holyhead Coastguard reported the incident was concluded. The AWB had got to the water’s edge and was stood down. Classed as standby for the AWB.

1/2/2021.1417. AWB launched to investigate numerous reports of objects in the water between Rhyl and Rhos-on-Sea. Lots of items and logs found, but these were not linked to the missing vessel . The AWB returned to station at 1715.

31/1/2021. 1531. Both boats launched to reports from members of the public about objects floating in the water between Colwyn Bay and Talacre. Both boats searched the area shown for nearly 3 hours, and some unknown fishing gear was recovered. The boats returned to station at 1815 due to failing light.

track of AWB

29/1/2021/0806. 6 RNLI lifeboats continued search for missing fishing vessel Friday. HM Coastguard have now called the search off. Rhyl ILB was stood down and returned to station at 1600. Rhyl AWB was stood down and returned to station at 1800.The alarm was first raised yesterday morning for the missing vessel. Yesterday, 7 RNLI lifeboats joined the multi-agency search, with some lifeboats out for nearly 12 hours at sea. Llandudno, Rhyl, Conwy, Beaumaris, and Hoylake RNLI joined Coastguard teams and other emergency services in the search which lasted until 2200 last night. Crews from Llandudno, Rhyl, Hoylake, and Conwy all launched this morning to help search for the missing fishing vessel and its crew. Both lifeboats from Rhyl and Llandudno were requested to launch by HM Coastguard shortly after 8am this morning. Hoylake AWB launched shortly after 0850 and Conwy launched their ILB at 0907.he search coordinated by HM Coastguard has continued all day. That evening, HM Coastguard have now confirmed that the search for a missing fishing boat off the North Wales coast with three crew members on board has been stood down. Lifeboats from Rhyl returned to station at 1726.

28/1/2021.1109. A search got underway off the coast of North Wales this morning (Thursday) following concerns for an overdue fishing vessel with three people onboard. The AWB and ILB from Llandudno were launched around 1030. They were requested by Holyhead Coastguard to search an area off Llanddulas. The ILB from Conwy was launched at 1048 to assist in the search. The AWB and ILB from Rhyl launched at 1110 to assist in the search, which also includes a Coastguard Rescue Helicopter and a fixed wing aircraft. At 1430, Beaumaris ILB was launched to search around the Puffin Island area. Hoylake AWB were also requested to assist in the search. The Shannon class all-weather lifeboat launched just after 5pm. The search carried on until darkness, and all boats were stood down, Rhyl returning to station at 2159.

24/1/2021. 2330.Both of Rhyl’s RNLI lifeboats were paged to assist police, ambulance and the local volunteer coastguard team, in searching for a person around the Horton’s Nose beach area at the entrance to Rhyl harbour. The ILB was launched and arrived on scene just as the person was located in the area around the sand dunes at the rear of the harbour master’s office. A crew member went ashore to assist with the recovery of the casualty into the ambulance, and then went back to the lifeboat, which then returned to station.
Due to the tide rapidly going out of the harbour, the AWB remained at the waters’ edge ready to launch to assist at sea, but was not required. (Classed as standby for this boat).
Both boats were back on station by 1 am on Monday.

Pictures are courtesy of Callum Robinson, Rhyl RNLI mechanic. They show the very poor conditions at the station when the lifeboats returned.