Thieves broke into the lifeboat station at Rhyl sometime over the New Year evening. They managed to get into the mechanic’s room and appear to have tried to get into the souvenir shop, but failed to break the reinforced glass. It appears that they also went on to the lifeboat but investigations revealed that nothing was taken. Tools in the mechanics room were gathered together, but it seems that the thieves must have been disturbed and fled empty-handed. Luckily none of the essential equipment; the boats and launching vehicles were damaged, and the lifeboat volunteers were able to make the boat and boathouse safe to continue the life-saving efforts of Rhyl lifeboat crew and fund-raisers. It was late realised that the DVD re-writer used to make the films for the crew was taken. It must be emphasised that no money or valuables are stored in the shop overnight, so the thieves would not have gained much for their efforts. Closed-circuit television footage was examined by the police, and identified the persons involved. They were successfully convicted and sentenced to prison.