(AWB = All-weather lifeboat .   ILB = Inshore lifeboat)

1 Martin Jones MBE


 – Full Time Coxswain
– Full Time Mechanic
– Senior Assessor-trainer

Martin is the full-time coxswain and AWB mechanic and can be found at the Boathouse on most days! He is the only member of the crew who is paid by the RNLI as a Rhyl crew member, though like everyone else he puts in hours of his own time every week. Puts his energy to good use trying to keep everyone else on the straight and narrow.  Martin was awarded the MBE by HRH Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace in March 2017.

Occupation: Full-time RNLI Coxswain and Mechanic.

2 Paul Archer Jones



– Deputy Coxswain AWB
– Emergency Mechanic
– RNLI full-time Systems engineer

Like many of the crew, Paul has grown up with the RNLI, as his father was on the crew for many years. As well as a well experienced lifeboatman, Paul is a technical whizz – he could talk to you for hours about how the radar works so be warned! He puts this to good use as an RNLI system engineer, travelling around the area repairing and maintaining lifeboats and associated kit. He is presently training to become an assessor-trainer on station.

Occupation: Full-time RNLI Systems engineer.

3 Paul Frost MBE

Frosty– Deputy Coxswain AWB
–  2nd Mechanic AWB
-Lifeboat Press Officer (LPO)
– Lifeboat Administration Officer (LAO)

‘Frosty’ is yet another crew member to come from a family of RNLI supporters since 1968. He is RNLI through to his bones and a fountain of knowledge about all things RNLI! In 2011 he was awarded the MBE for services to the RNLI by HM the Queen. Paul is a deputy coxswain and 2nd mechanic. He is also the station Press Officer and Administration officer.

Occupation: Retired telecoms engineer.

4 Jimmy Quinn

JimmyQuinn– 3rd Mechanic AWB

Jimmy is known throughout the RNLI, and is a regular visitor at many other stations where he undertakes ‘relief mechanic’ work when they have absent crew. However, his home station is Rhyl, and from time to time he returns to us before visiting our RNLI cousins at other stations near and far. Jimmy started his RNLI path in 1968.

Occupation: Driver

5 Derek Denton

DerekDenton– 1st Tractor Driver 
– AWB Crew
– Head Launcher
-Lifeboat Visits Officer (LVO)

Derek (or Dimmo) as most people know him, joined the crew in 1989 after being a beach lifeguard for many years. Derek was a crew member on the ILB for many years and is currently our main tractor driver on the large Talus tractor which is used to launch the All Weather Lifeboat. In this role Derek also helps train any new tractor drivers.

Dimmo is still a crew member onboard the All Weather Lifeboat and continues to go out on exercises and services when other tractor drivers are available to launch the boat.

Derek also has the role of Visits Officer at Rhyl, often showing large groups of school children and other groups around the station and boats as well as giving sea safety advice. Every year Derek shows over 1500 people, including school visits around the Station (although not all at the same time). He also goes into the community to give talks on the RNLI.

Occupation: Door Supervisor

6 Darrel Graham

j-nm-r217-293-darrell-graham– Emergency Mechanic AWB
– AWB Navigator
– ILB Helmsman
– National Flood Response Team

Darrell joined the crew in 1994 after seeing the boat being called out. As one of the helmsman on the stations inshore lifeboat Darrell is in charge of the boat during launching, at sea and when she is being recovered and made ready for the next rescue. The helm is responsible for the safety of the crew on board and for everything that happens during a rescue. Darrell sometimes stands in for Coxswain/Mechanic Martin Jones as an emergency Mechanic on the All Weather Lifeboat. In 2009, Darrell joined the RNLI’s National Flood Rescue Team and soon after(the next day) was part of the team that was deployed to Cockermouth in Cumbria.

Occupation: Sky Engineer

7 Mark Budd


– AWB Crew

Mark joined the crew whilst working for the local council leisure services on the promenade, including the beach lifeguards.

Occupation: Assistant harbour Master at Rhyl harbour

8 Andy Wilde

j-nm-r217-131-andrew-wilde-small– Deputy  Coxswain AWB
– ILB Helmsman
– Lifeboat Trainer/

Andrew joined the crew in 1998 after talking about the lifeboat with a local swimming club family friend Paul Frost. Andrew worked his way through from being a crew member on the All Weather and Inshore Lifeboats, to a Helmsman on the Inshore Lifeboat and Navigator on the All Weather Boat, and in 2011 became a Deputy Coxswain at the Station, standing in for Coxswain Martin Jones when he is unavailable. He is also an  assessor-trainer on the station.

Occupation: Marine Safety Consultant to the offshore wind industry

9 Reeve Turner


– AWB Crew
– ILB Crew

Definitely a colourful character, usually with a broad grin on his face, and usually busy winding up other crew members! Equipped with a strong pair of hands when needed.

Occupation: Facilities Manager

10 Callum Robinson

j-nm-r217-291-callum-robinson2small– Full-time Mechanic (6-month temporary contract)
– ILB Helmsman

– AWB Navigator, Emergency mechanic and crew
– National Flood Response Team
-Deputy Lifeboat Press Officer (DLPO)

Callums dad served as crew and coxswain for over 20 years, and Callum grew up on the station. He started helping out cleaning the boats and station when he was about 11, and couldn’t wait for his 17th birthday to be allowed to join the crew. Callum is also Deputy Press Officer on station.

Occupation – self employed

11 Vinny Jones



 Emergency Mechanic AWB
-Deputy Coxswain

– AWB Navigator
– ILB Helmsman

Vinny first came to the station on an open day in 1995 when he was just 14 years old. He realised then that it was something he wanted to be a part of and started coming down regularly helping to clean, polish and maintain the boats. Vinny became a Deputy  Coxswain in May 2019, and is one of the Helms in charge of the Inshore Lifeboat, and a  navigator and emergency mechanic on the All Weather Lifeboat. .

Occupation: Police Officer

12 Colin Jones

ColinJones– AWB Navigator
– ILB Helmsman


Colin is one of the first to get to the Boathouse for a shout, working just across the road, and living not much further away. Spectacularly failed on one of his first exercises as an ILB helmsman by launching into a gulley, which we remind him about from time to time, though of course he insists it was the tractor drivers fault!

Occupation: Company Director and Website Developer

13. The Rhyl crew do not use position 13.

14 Damian Cavanagh

j-nm-r217-131-damian-cavanaghsmall– AWB Crew
– ILB Crew

Damian joined the crew in 2007 after working with one of the stations crew members and becoming interested. Damian is one of the true characters on the station always making the rest of the crew laugh. He is currently a crew member on both the Inshore & All Weather Lifeboats. 

Occupation: Aircraft Fitter at Airbus.

15 Kevin Lawrence

KevinLawrence– AWB Crew

Kevin was working at a crew members house and got talking about the lifeboat station, after this he came down to the station to have a look around and joined in 2008. He is currently a Crew Member on the All Weather Lifeboat, all crew members have a huge amount of training in various tasks that they carry out on the station, including recovering the 14 ton All Weather Lifeboat back on the beach and onto the carriage. 

Occupation: In the caring profession.

16 Jamie Edwards


– AWB Crew
– ILB Crew

Following in his father’s (Derek Denton) footsteps as a crew-member, Jamie has helped out in the Boathouse before becoming old enough to join the crew. A great crew member to have aboard on a rough service as he’s always prepared and a good ILB boat-handler.

Occupation: Manual worker

17 Chris Stockport


j-nm-r217-292-chris-stockportwarmsmall– AWB Navigator
– ILB Helmsman
-Lifeboat Medical Advisor (LMA)

Being the station Medical Advisor, Chris takes a lead in all things health related and makes sure the Rhyl team is at the peak of RNLI First Aid ability. Like most of the ALB navigators, he has a love-hate relationship with the antiquated navigation equipment on the ALB.

Occupation: GP and Health Board Medical Director

18 Bob Baines

BobBaines– Tractor Driver
– Head Launcher

– AWB Crew

Bob has settled in North Wales. Like all good Yorkshire folk, he’s not afraid of hard work and can often be seen with his sleeves rolled up, getting his hands dirty.

Occupation: Public Health Practitioner with the local health board.

19 Tara Elliot

TaraElliott– AWB Crew

Tara joined the crew in 2009. Tara is a crew member on the All Weather Lifeboat, and is in training on a Navigator’s plan. Tara like all lifeboat crews, is fully trained in all aspects of the lifeboats operations, from deck work to casualty care, including administering pain relieving gas (Entonox) and using multiple types of stretchers.

Occupation: Post person.

20 Chris Williams

ChrisWilliams– ILB Crew
– AWB Crew

Chris joined at the end of 2012 after spending a lot of time at the Rhyl Yacht Club. Chris is currently working his way through his competence based training on both the Inshore Lifeboat and All-Weather Lifeboat.

Occupation: Police officer.

21 Dave Clark

j-nm-r217-291-dave-clarke-warm-Tractor driver
-Head Launcher

– AWB crew
-ILB crew

Dave is presently our maintenance crewman for the ILB

Occupation: Maintenance  surveyor with local Council services

22 Dougie Lonsdale

j-nm-r217-267-dougie-lonsdale2– AWB Crew
– ILB Helmsman

Dougie joined in 2013 on both the All Weather and Inshore Lifeboats. He passed his helm assessment for the ILB in February 2019.

Occupation: Factory worker

23 Kevin Taggart


– AWB Crew
– ILB Crew

Was previously a Rhyl crew member until moving from the area. Now he’s moved back to Rhyl and rejoined the crew. Currently working through his competency based training to refresh his prior knowledge.

Occupation: Meat Inspector

24 Mathew Baines


– AWB Crew 
– ILB Crew 

Mathew is the son of Bob (see above) and started coming down with his father at every opportunity . Mathew has passed his Royal Life Saving Society beach lifeguarding competencies, and is employed as a RNLI  summer lifeguard on Rhyl or Prestatyn beaches when not attending University.

Occupation:  University Student and RNLI Lifeguard.

25 Cameron Rushton

– AWB Crew (probationer)
– ILB Crew (probationer)

Enrolled January 2018. Working on his final competencies to become a full crew member

Occupation: Factory worker

26 Charlie Williams

– AWB crew
– ILB crew

Charlie joined in January 2018 after spending a few summers as an RNLI guard. He is currently working his way through the many units of the RNLI’s Competency Based Training, this can take up to a year to complete.

Occupation: Council Lifeguard and Relief Leisure Centre Supervisor.

                                            27 Alex Cross

– AWB  crew (Probationer)
– ILB crew  (Probationer)

Enrolled January 2018. Presently completing his competencies to become a full crew member.

Occupation: Trainee Ambulance Technician with the local health board.

28 Evan Edwards

– Tractor Driver
-Head Launcher
-AWB crew (Probationer)
-ILB crew (Probationer)

Joined Jan 2018.

Evan is currently has become one of our tractor drivers, and in turn will train on the brand new SLARS rig used to launch our new Shannon Class All Weather Lifeboat when it arrives in 2019. In late 2018 he expressed a wish to become boat crew, and so is now a probationer.

Occupation: Maintenance manager at local private school

29 Mark Waterworth

– AWB crew (Probationer)
– ILB crew (Probationer)

Joined December 2018. In his probationary year, learning all the skill competencies to become a full crew member.

Occupation: Self-employed

30 Jakub Wisnieuwski

-AWB crew (Probationer)
-ILB crew (Probationer)

Joined December 2018. In his probationary year, learning all the skill competencies to become a full crew member.

Occupation: College student and Leisure services  lifeguard

31. Alex Day

-AWB crew
-ILB crew

Transferred from Conwy crew May 2019.

Occupation: Merchant seaman

32. Billy Brown

-AWB crew (probationer)
-ILB crew (Probationer

Joined July 2019


33. Paul Roberts

-AWB crew (Probationer)
-ILB crew (Probationer)

Joined July 2019


H29 Harry Mascall

– Honorary ALB Crew
– Honorary ILB Crew

We are absolutely delighted to have Harry as an honorary member of our crew. Harry accepted our invitation and joined our crew officially on 7th June 2015, after visiting the station on a number of occasions to support us.
Harry is on a mission to visit every RNLI station, raising money for the RNLI on his travels and so the crew are really pleased to be able to help him achieve this, knowing that we are one of his favourite stations (if not the favourite)!
You can follow him on Twitter at @HarryMascall1
and you can donate to his mission at http://www.justgiving.com/harrymascall

Occupation: Champion RNLI Fundraiser and Schoolboy





Retired Ex-crew
Gordon Williams, EX – TRACTOR DRIVERJ-NM-R217-131-Gordon Williams

Gordon is one of the station characters, having served with the RNLI since the 1970’s. Well known to voice his opinion on a wide range of topics, whether you want it or not! Sadly, Gordon passed away in September 2019. RIP.

Crew Photographs

A new photograph will be available towards the end of 2019, to mark our Mersey-class lifeboat finishing her service at Rhyl. Photo courtesy of Don Jackson-Wyatt, our Deputy Press Officer.

Rhyl Coast team 2014

Rhyl Coast team 2014


Crew photo 6th January 2008 – Left to Right:
Peter Robinson, Martin Jones, Paul Archer-Jones, Paul Frost, Jimmy Quinn, Jeff Dyson, Colin Clews, Darrel Graham, Reeve Turner, Gordon Williams, Marc Newman-Carty, Darrel Crowther, Callum Robinson, Vinny Jones, Derek Denton, Simon Rooney, Mark Budd, Mike Leitch-Devlin, Leigh Clayton, Colin Jones, Damian Cavanagh, Cameron Treadwell and Rick Jones-Abass.
Missing from photo were Andy Wilde, Kevin Taggart, Jess Myatt and Jamie Edwards.
Photo Copyright Tony Mottram Photography, 2008

Crew Photo 28/01/2001.

Crew Photo 28/01/2001.