18/3/2020. 1547. ILB crew paged to report of a person in the sea off Splash Point, to the east of the station. When the crew arrived, the person had been recovered to shore by a member of the public. The crew administered casualty care until; the ambulance arrived. The crew returned to station at 1620.

Our ILB D-770 was transported to Cowes Inshore Lifeboat depot in February 2020 for repairs. The decision to bring forward and carry out it’s 10-year refit at the same time was taken by the RNLI. WE now have relief ILB D-816 Eileen Murphy as temporary station boat.

5/2/2020. 1725. ILB crew paged, together with Rhyl coastguard  team, after North wales police reported a person in the water off Rhyl golf club. Just after the ILB launched, it was reported that the incident was resolved and the ILB could stand down, returning to station at 1740.

28/1/2020. 1044. The ILB was launched after the UK coastguard at Holyhead received numerous 999 calls from the public. A kite surfer had been seen in the water after becoming parted from his kite, off Splash Point, Rhyl. Local coastguards were also alerted. The ILB launched and proceeded to the area, finding the surfer at the water’s edge, safe. A crew member went ashore to check if the surfer was well, and that there was no-one else involved. Coastguards also arrived on scene at the same time. The casualty was taken care of by the coastguards, who then directed the crew to the position of the casualty’s kite, which had been blown towards the Nova Centre off Prestatyn. The kite was successfully recovered and the ILB returned to station. The surfer had been taken to the station by the coastguards, together with the crew member ashore. The casualty was reunited with their kite at 11.40 am.

19/1/2020. 1612. Both boats launched to assist police and coastguards recover a deceased person on the sands east of Prestatyn. The person was taken on board the ILB and transferred to the AWB, then both boats returned to station by 1805.

Track of ILB

………………1947. The ILB crew were paged and AWB put on immediate readiness to assist police and coastguards search for a person in the water off the Seaquarium. The ILB launched and arrived on scene just as the coastguards reported the person was found on the beach. The ILB returned to station at 2008.

17/1/2020. 1439. The fire service, police, coastguards, two RNLI lifeboats, and the Coastguard helicopter involved in search for person last seen entering the water between the road and rail bridges on the river Clwyd at Rhyl harbour. Following a 999 call, the pagers for the ILB were activated , followed by the AWB at 1520, to help in the search for a person who was reported entering the river Clwyd and swimming to mid-river, when the informant reporting the incident lost sight of the casualty.
The ILB was in attendance with North Wales fire brigade, local police, and coastguards from Rhyl, Llandudno and Flint on the banks of the river. The coastguard helicopter from Caernarvon was also tasked to cover the river from Rhyl to St. Asaph.
The ILB searched as far upstream to Rhuddlan, until restricted by the depth of the river, and back into the harbour, whilst the AWB searched the harbour area, assisted by Rhyl harbour staff on shore. All gullies, banks, and moorings were searched thoroughly by all agencies on scene, with nothing being found.
Due to the fading light, and with nothing found, all assets were stood down by the UK coastguard at Holyhead, with a view to re-tasking shore-based coastguards at low water later at 20.30. The lifeboats returned to station at 1745. Screenshot shows track of ILB.