Prestatyn beach lifeguards informed Holyhead Coastguard that there were 2 people in an inflatable, about 400 metres out from the beach. This is in the busy shipping channel to the Port of Mostyn, a busy waterway used frequently by windfarm support vessels and jack-up rigs. The Rhyl RNLI inshore lifeboat was paged and was on scene within 15 minutes. The 2 occupants were struggling to return to shore due to the ebb tide. They were taken on board the lifeboat together with their inflatable.

The crew were then informed of another person in an inflatable, further along the beach, who was going round in circles, having a hard time making any progress to shore. This person was also taken on board and he and his inflatable were returned to shore to the coastguards.

Both of these inflatables had ventured into the busy Mostyn port shipping lanes, used by all sorts of vessels and windfarm supply high-speed craft support vessels. They were given suitable awareness advice by the local volunteer coastguard teams on shore.

This was another co-operation between the council lifeguards, volunteer coastguards and volunteer RNLI crews, to successfully effect the rescue of 3 persons.