Michael VlastoThe RNLI’s Director of Operations, Mr. Michael Vlasto OBE, retired from the RNLI. Many crews posted wishes on a blog page.

his is a little ditty written by Paul frost, Press Officer, and quoted by The Chairman Mr. Paul Boissier, in his speech at Michael’s farewell party at Poole.

Dear Mike,

May I take this opportunity to personally wish you and yours all the best as you leave this great institution which we have been involved with for over 40 years! Nice to see the tradition of inspectors who managed to escape us on exercise, becoming Operations Directors, with the appointment of George. Happy retirement from Frosty, Dep 2nd Cox/LPO Rhyl, and his soon-to-be wife Mary.

An Ode to Mike Vlasto (apologies to Frankie Howerd)

So we’re so sad to see you go,

Hope that you’ll be happy though.

And your life is full of cheer,

Not without it’s fill of beer!

Now your wellies you’re hanging up

On Anglesey’s shores, put your feet up!

Now we wish you all the best

Furthermore, no crews to test.

Our gratitude for all your work,

Rough times you didn’t try to shirk.

Riding in our stormy seas

Holding on with trembling knees!

Your guiding hand we know that still

Left deep impressions on the crew at RHYL


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