6.06pm The ILB crew were paged to assist Rhyl coastguards return a small dolphin or porpoise which had been stranded on the beach at ASDA Kinmel Bay. The coastguards arrived initially and contacted the first informant. The ILB arrived on scene a few minutes later. A search was conducted for the mammal but there was no sign of it. The ILB crew questioned a nearby kite surfer, who confirmed the mammal had been returned successfully beyond the surf line by some people on the beach. The ILB was stood down and returned to station at 6.45.
At 7.20 some crew still at the boathouse spotted a porpoise on the beach off Sunnyvale camp, Kinmel Bay, and the local coastguards were re-tasked to find it. No further RNLI involvement was required and the crew left the station at 7.41pm.