Our inshore lifeboat D-770 “Mary Maxwell” has developed a slight fault and has been taken to Divisional base West at St. Asaph business park for repairs, which will take about 1-2 weeks. Relief D-Class lifeboat D-768  “Robleen” will provide cover during that period.20150817_143639
Also, our All-weather lifeboat 12-24 “Lil Cunningham” will be taken by sea to Conwy marina on Monday 17th August, for onward transportation by road to Poole headquarters for its 5-yearly refit. A relief Mersey Class lifeboat 12-21 “Margaret Jean” 20150817_143655currently in Conwy marina will be brought by sea to Rhyl the same day to provide cover whilst our boat is away, possibly about 6 weeks.