7/12/2019. 0536. Both boats requested to launch to search for a missing person believed to be in the water off the Sky Tower. As the boats were about to launch, the UK coastguard reported the person was safe and well ashore, and the boats were stood down at 0550. Classed as standby.

27/11/2019. 1037. The ILB crew were paged to investigate 2 large objects in the sea off Sandy Cove. It turned out to be 2 large trees. They were towed back to the shore and handed over to local coastguards to get above the high water mark. In the light of the tragic light aircraft accident  in the previous days, it was right to investigate any report of objects in the water, even though they may be some miles from the site of the accident. The ILB returned to station at 1250.

23/10/2019. 1218. The ILB crew were paged at 12:13pm after a windfarm vessel reported a small boat drifting in the Mostyn Channel near the Point of Ayr Lighthouse. After a short search the crew located the boat and towed it back to station. Vessel’s adrift in shipping lanes can cause significant damage to boats if they collide so need to be attended to.

22/10/2019.1718. The ILB crew were paged at 5.10pm to reports of a broken down rigid inflatable boat just off the entrance to Rhyl Harbour. The ILB was launched and quickly took the boat with three persons on board under tow. They were safely taken back to their launch site on Rhyl Harbour. Also attending were Rhyl Coastguard Rescue Team.

21/10/2019. 0801. Both boats launched after police requested sea-going back-up to search for a missing male believed n the water off Rhyl. Also involved were coastguard units from Rhyl, Flint and Llandudno, also Search and rescue dogs and North-East wales search and rescue teams. All agencies searched for nearly 4 hours but nothing was found. RNLI assets returned to station at 1220.

……………………1503. ILB paged to immediate readiness after the UK coastguard at Holyhead reported a large dishing boat apparently in trouble off Prestatyn. The owner of the vessel was contacted and stated they already had a tow agreed by another vessel, so the ILB was stood down. Classed as a standby.

19/10/2019.0028. Both boats launched to report of a person in the water off the Sky Tower who had disappeared from sight of friends on the shore. The Boats and Coastguard searched until police reported the person had arrived safe and well at home. The boats returned to station by 0213.


……………0234. Both boats launched again to a report of a person on the rock armouring at Sandy Cove. Police and coastguards were also involved. After an hour’s searching, the person was found on the promenade nearby and all units were stood down, the boats being ready for service by 0500.

……………..1205. ILB launched to report of 2 people in a dinghy off Pensarn who were waving. ILB found they were fishing, so all was well. The ILB then returned to station.


15/10/2019.1517. ILB launched to report of an object in the water off Kinmel Bay. The ILB found an old boat fender which had been in the water a long time. It was recovered and the boat was back on station by 1550.

3/10/2019. 1219. ILB and Coastguard team paged to a report of a clothed person in the water at Pensarn, Abergele. The ILB arrived on scene first, and could see the person standing up to their knees in the water. The ILB stood off as the coastguard team arrived and assisted on shore. The person was helped out of the water and then all was safe and well, so the ILB was stood down, and returned to station at 1315.

21/9/2019.1641. Both boats paged to come to immediate readiness after UK coastguard at Holyhead received 999 calls regarding 2 people in a kayak in difficulty, with 3 people swimming to them. The local coastguard team arrived on scene at the Nova centre, Prestatyn, and found all were now safely ashore. 1 person had inhaled water and was advised to go to hospital for a check-up. The lifeboats were stood down at 1700. Classed as a standby.

20/9/2019. 1420. ILB launched to assist police search for a person who was in the water fully clothed, about 300 metres to the west of the station. The crew searched to the harbour and in the harbour confines, and were then informed the person was safe ashore and the ILB was stood down, returning to station at 1500.

15/9/2019. 2002. ILB brought to immediate readiness after UK coastguard at Holyhead received report from a passing motorist on the A55 expressway, reporting 2 people cut off on a sandbank between Llandulas and Abergele. The ILB was held in this state for 20 minutes until the local coastguard teams reported it was 2 fishermen and all was well. The location was nearly 5 miles to the west of the station……….. ILB stood down at 2028.

11/9/2019.1830. ILB and coastguard paged to report of person in a distressed state at the water’s edge to the east of the boathouse. The ILB crew were going down the beach when they spotted a kite surfer leading a person back from the tideline. The ILB met up with them, and the casualty was taken on board the lifeboat to receive some care from the crew. The ILB returned to the boathouse and the casualty was taken into the kit room to warm up and be comforted. The casualty was taken from the boathouse by police officers at 1915, and the ILB was made ready for service.

8/9/2019. 1554. ILB launched after UK coastguard at Holyhead received 999calls regarding 2 adults and 1 child on a sandbank off the boathouse, with the tide coming in. The 3 were attempting to cross the gulley rapidly filling with water, but waited until the ILB came alongside. They were taken into the ILB and returned to the boathouse at 1609. All safe and well.

3/9/2019. 2115. Rhyl coastguard were paged after Holyhead coastguard received a 999 call about a male walking out to the low water mark off Rhyl promenade. The ILB crew were paged for immediate readiness. The coastguard went down the beach to search, and  found the male, and ascertained that he was fishing on the waterline, and so the ILB was stood down at 2153. Classed as a standby.

28/8/2019. 1851. Rhyl coastguard team observed 2 people going into the sea fully clothed, and swimming out as the tide was coming in, so they requested the ILB crew to be paged. As the crew were assembling, it was noted that the 2 had swum back and were now safe on shore, so the ILB was stood down at 1854. Classed as a standby.

26/8/2019. 1040. Whilst the crew were cleaning the equipment after the Air Show, they were requested to assist a lady who had fallen off her bike just to the east of the boathouse. Lifeguards also attended. Lady was checked over and only suffered minor abrasions, and after a short period of monitoring, declared herself fit to carry on her bike ride. The crew returned to the boathouse at 1055. Classed as a shore-based service.

25/8/2019. Rhyl Air Show Day 2.
ILB launched after lifeguards had spotted 3 youths on the rock armouring at Rhyl harbour entrance with a fast incoming tide. Youths escorted until they were back on shore, met by local coastguards at 1611.
………………..1632. ILB launched after local charter fishing boat reported many people swimming in Rhyl harbour, causing a danger to themselves and also to passing vessels. ILB escorted people to shore where they were met by local coastguards and given safety advice. ILB returned to station at 1652.
…………………1729. ILB launched to assist lifeguards and coastguards search for youth who had walked off from his parents during the air show. After a while searching, youth was found on Rhyl promenade, about 2 miles west of where his parents were. Coastguards again gave safety advice and ILB returned to station at 1757.
Some photos of the air shows.

24/8/2019. Rhyl Air Show Day 1.
ILB crew asked to assist to control crowds in sea – particularly 3 people swimming off Rhyl Sky Tower. Ushered ashore, returned at 1602.
……………….1604. Again required to assist people off sandbanks and back to shore for safety during the airshow.
………………..1500-1630. Landrover LR102 used to 2 medical services on beach during the air show. Classed as shore-based services.

18/8/2019. 1538. Both boats were paged after the public dialled 999 to notify UK Coastguard at Holyhead, of 2 children being blown out to sea off Prestatyn. As the crews were assembling, the coastguard cancelled the launch as the 2 children had swum ashore safely. Lifeboats were stood down at 1545. Classed as a standby.

9/8/2019.1157. Both boats were paged to a report of 2 girls being swept out to sea west of Talacre lighthouse, with 2 people swimming after the inflatable. The ILB arrived on scene first, and was directed to the area and then spotted the girls about 500 metres out. They were taken on board the ILB just as the AWB arrived, and were taken back to shore just a s the Coastguard rescue helicopter arrived. The girls were cold but well, so did not want to go to hospital. Once all were safe ashore, the boats returned to station by 1430.

8/8/2019.1224. The ILB crew were paged to a report of 2 persons in the water off Barkby beach, Prestatyn, after their sports fishing boat had capsized. The one had been taken ashore by another vessel, and the other was recovered by another boat as the ILB arrived. The casualty was taken ashore, and the ILB crew returned to right the vessel and tow it to shallow waters, where the water could be removed so the sailing club could recover the boat on to the trailer. Both casualties were fine but wet, so once they had been handed over to the coastguards, the ILB returned to station by 1345.

7/8/2019. 0223. Both ILB and AWB requested to launch by UKCG at Holyhead, to assist North Wales Police to search for a person who had decamped from a road traffic incident near the harbour. The police had found footprints in the sand from the banjo-head on the harbour wall leading into the harbour / river Clwyd. Both boats launched , and together with local coastguard teams from Rhyl and Llandudno, and also the police helicopter, searched the river up to Rhuddlan, and to the east of the harbour. the search carried on for up to 3 hours with nothing being found. All units were then stood down.

5/8/2019. 1635.  Prestatyn RNLI lifeguards reported to their beach lifeguard unit that a lifeguard had entered the water to swim after a casualty who was some distance from shore, being swept out to sea by the wind and tide. The lifeguards tried to raise Holyhead UKCG on both channels 16 and 0 but were unsuccessful, so they dialled 999 to contact the coastguards. The LOM and coxswain were at station and immediately heard the radio messages on the lifeguard channel, but no request for ILB backup was forthcoming. The LOM and Coxn therefore decided to initiate a self launch of the ILB and activated the pagers from the station. The crew assembled and were just coming out of the boathouse when the lifeguards stated the casualty had been returned to shore, the lifeboat was stood down at 1650.

…………1821. ILB and AWB crews paged to launch to a report of a small boat taking in water off Llandulas. As the crew were assembling, the coastguard at Holyhead reported the casualties and the boat had made it ashore, safe and well. All units were stood down at 1827.

…………1832. ILB paged to assist person trapped and with multiple cuts on rock groyne off the Nova Centre Prestatyn. Just as the boat was launching, the coastguard reported the person was now safe ashore and the RNLI assets were stood down at 1839.

25/7/2019.1522. Both boats paged to launch to reports of 2 children being blown out to sea on an inflatable, about 1 mile off Barkby beach, Prestatyn. The ILB arrived on scene and found an empty inflatable and a few other things like beach balls in the area. The AWB commenced a search of the area while the ILB returned to the beach with the inflatable. Local coastguards and RNLI lifeguards had conducted an investigation on the beach, and it turned out that the children had managed to swim ashore and were safe and well. All units were stood down at 1558.
………………….1600. The ILB was re-directed to Kinmel Bay to reports of a small inflatable off Towyn. The ILB found the boat and it was 2 males fishing happily. As all was well, the ILB returned to station at 1620.


7/7/2019. 1542. 7/7/2019. 1542. A party of 4 on a 21-foot speedboat had set off from Rhyl on Sunday morning, 7 July and were preparing to return after a day’s fishing just to the South-East corner of the Gwynt-Y-Mor windfarm off Rhyl. They discovered the starter motor had seized, and they were unable to start their engine by alternative means. They tried to call the UK coastguard at Holyhead on their VHF radio, but were not successful, so a 999 call on their mobile phone was made and the volunteers of Rhyl lifeboat station were paged. The vessel was about eight miles North of Rhyl, and so the coastguard put out an all-ships broadcast on the VHF radio, which resulted in a nearby windfarm support vessel ‘Windcat 3’ going to the aid of the vessel to prevent them drifting into the windfarm area. The boat was towed back to Rhyl, and met up with Rhyl’s All-weather lifeboat about six miles to the North of the harbour. The tow was transferred to the lifeboat, and the four casualties were taken on board the lifeboat, whilst a lifeboat crew member stayed on the casualty vessel. As the tide was going out at Rhyl harbour, it was a race against time to get the vessel back with enough water in the harbour to be recovered on the slipway. To aid the speed and to move in the shallow water, the inshore lifeboat from Rhyl was launched, and towed the casualty vessel from the outer harbour to the slipway. The lifeboats then returned to station by 1830. The casualty vessel was assisted ashore by the local Coastguard rescue team to ensure all were safely brought ashore.

5/7/2019.1926. ILB and Coastguard were paged after a 999 call from a member of the public reporting a person in the water off the Pavilion Theatre. The ILB and crew were proceeding down the beach and spotted a person running back up the beach. It was confirmed by the first informant that this was the same person, and so the casualty was escorted up the beach to the shore. North Wales police and ambulance services were also involved. ILB returned to station at 1953.

1/7/2019. 2123. The ILB was tasked to launch to assist North Wales police with a person in the water off Rhyl events arena. The ILB was launched and was immediately stood down as the police incident had been resolved. The ILB returned to station at 2134.

27/6/2019. 1731. ILB crew paged after a small 5m day boat reported to UK coastguard at Holyhead that their engine had failed. 3 persons on board. The vessel was located about half a mile north-west of the end perch marking Rhyl harbour entrance. The vessel was located and the ILB was alongside in 5 minutes. The boat was taken in tow back to Rhyl harbour, where they were met by the Rhyl coastguard team and the boat was recovered by the harbourmaster. The ILB then returned to station by 1830.

6/6/2019.1130. The crew were present for the D-day 75th Anniversary Commemoration on Rhyl beach, when they were alerted by a family member that a lady was unwell on the promenade to the west of the station. The crew carried out casualty care until the coastguards and ambulance personnel arrived, and handed over the duty of care to the ambulance team. The crew left the site at 1222. Classed as a shore-based service.

18/5/2019. 2022. The ILB crew were paged after 2 people on 2 PWCs (personal water craft – Jetski) phoned the UK coastguard at Holyhead to say they had engine problems at the entrance to Rhyl harbour. The ILB launched, and was on scene within 4 minutes of launching. It appeared that the craft were coming back in to the harbour, but struck a sandbank, causing sand and mud to enter the craft and stop the engine. The 2 were taken on board the lifeboat and the Jetskis were towed back to their launching slipway in Rhyl harbour to waiting coastguards. The last picture is courtesy Rhyl coastguard team. The ILB returned to station at 2130.

16/5/2019 1447. Both boats were launched by UK Coastguard to reports of a person in the sea off Pensarn Beach, Abergele. The ILB launched first and arrived on scene before coastguards and ambulance had arrived. The AWB was also launched as a search may have been required to locate the person in the water. A crew member from the ILB located the first informant and was able to direct the ILB crew to where the person was. The casualty was located over half a mile out from the shore, and recovered on to the lifeboat, which returned to the beach. The casualty was given first aid on the beach as the air ambulance arrived. The casualty was assessed and the decision to take them to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd was made by ambulance staff on scene. They were transferred on a stretcher by members of all the emergency services on scene, and taken into the ambulance. All marine units were stood down, returning to station by 1730.

21/4/2019. 1245. A kayaker in the river Clwyd, near to the railway bridge upstream of the Foryd harbour bridge, spotted an unattended wind surfer board in the water and contacted the UK  Coastguard at Holyhead. The ILB and local Rhyl coastguards were paged and went to scene via Rhyl harbour. The board was located, and it showed signs of being in the water for a long time, covered in growth and cracked. The coastguards recovered the board and the ILB returned to station at 1325.

17/4/2019.1441. Both boats were launched after UK coastguard at Holyhead received 999 calls regarding a father and son rowing out to the windfarms off Prestatyn, and disappearing from sight. Due to the misty weather, offshore wind, and cross-shore tide, the people on shore reported the 2-metre long inflatable boat had been lost in the mist, so both of Rhyl’s lifeboats were launched in anticipation of a possible search for the boat.
Luckily, a member of the public spotted the boat again, and the local volunteer coastguard team were able to direct the lifeboat crews to the boat.
The man and his young son were in the middle of the busy shipping lane to the port of Mostyn, which is used by numerous windfarm transfer boats and the Airbus wing ferry, trying to row ashore but not making any headway. The pair were taken on board the lifeboat, as was their dinghy. Neither were really equipped for a 4-mile journey to the windfarm, not having lifejackets, flares, or a means of calling for help.
The lifeboat crew then took the casualties back to the Prestatyn shore, where they were then ferried to the beach on the inshore lifeboat, to be met by the coastguards.










9/4/2019.1015. Both ILB crew and local coastguard team were paged after a lady on the beach dialled 999 saying her dog had run into the sea and was not getting back. As the teams arrived on scene, the dog had come out of the water but was running on the sandbanks, so the coastguard member stopped the dog and the ILB crew assisted to get the dog back to its owner safe and sound. The teams got back to station at 1040.





…………………1859. The ILB and coastguards were tasked to another dog walker, this time at the Nova Centre, Prestatyn. The dog was swimming out to sea and the owner was attempting to go in the water. The ILB launched, and was just off Robin Hood camp when UK coastguard at Holyhead reported the dog had self- recovered and all units were stood down, the ILB returning at 1918 to station.

22/3/2019. 2309. ILB paged for immediate readiness to launch for a person in the water off the Sky Tower in Rhyl, after being alerted to help the police and the police helicopter and coastguards in the search. After discussions, the UK coastguard asked the ILB to launch, and for the remaining crew to undertake a shore search around the area. The ILB launched, and was on scene in 3 minutes. The crew spotted a person with wet clothing on the promenade, and beached the ILB to investigate. The person then fell off a wall on the promenade area, and had obviously hurt themselves. The ILB crew then undertook casualty care, assisted by coastguards from Rhyl and Flint and our shore crew, to stabilise the casualty until the ambulance arrived and took over. The crew returned to station at 0039 the next day.

16/3/2019. 2035 ILB initially paged, followed by AWB , to a report of possibly a person in the water in Rhyl harbour. ILB initially taken by road to the harbour and searched the immediate area with Rhyl coastguard team. Due to the ebbing tide, back-up was requested from Rhyl AWB due to the westerly force 7 wind and high seas. Llandudno and Flint coastguard teams, together with the coastguard helicopter, were also tasked. The search continued for about two hours with nothing found. The AWB searched west to Pensarn, ad the ILB again covered the harbour entrance  and the harbour itself, and coastguards searched from Abergele to Prestatyn. Nothing found, and all units were stood down.

Track of AWB 20190316

Track of ILB 20190316






4/1/2019. 2007. The ILB crew were paged by UK coastguard following reports of a person on upper structure of the blue bridge in Rhyl harbour. Coastguards from Rhyl were also paged. All units searched the harbour and the river Clwyd up to upstream of the railway bridge. Nothing was sighted and all units were stood down, the ILB returning to station at 2115.