23/01/2000. 1120
Whilst the ILB was on it’s normal Sunday exercise, 11 rigid inflatable boats were observed at the boathouse,on a shakedown passage from the Wirral,up the river Clwyd,to Rhuddlan bridge. When opposite the boathouse,1 RIB was seen to lose power,and the 2 crew attempt to restart their engine.The other RIBs had proceeded into the harbour at Rhyl,so the ILB was alerted and proceeded the 1/2 mile to the vessel..The ILB waited with the boat until one of the other RIBs arrived to tow it,and escorted both boats into Rhyl harbour.The ILB then resumed the exercise at 1205.

5/2/2000. 1352
Service to missing children at Llandulas.See AWB report above.

18/2/2000. 2110
Standby for reported suicide,see AWB report above.

11/3/2000. 1440
Whilst the ILB was on exercise,a report was given to the Coastguard that 2 people were in the sea off the Suncentre.The ILB was in the harbour at that time,and proceeded to the area.A search revealed nothing,and the ILB resumed it’s exercise. (2 other Crew members were off the boathouse at the time,and it is assumed that the member of the public mistook them for swimmers).

23/4/2000. 1510
Request from Rhyl Coastguard mobile to assist with Coastguards and RSPCA staff to stand by to assist in getting a stranded seal back to the water off the old ruined house foundations opposite Robin Hood camp,1 mile East of the boathouse.Stood by until vets arrived,but seal refused to go back to water,ending up on a wooden groyne.It was sedated by the vets,and the ILB was returned to station,as the tide had receded too far.Returned to station at 1635.

24/4/2000. 1552
Requested to launch to search for a jetskier,overdue from a passage from Rhyl to Colwyn Bay.He was in a party of 12,but only 11 had returned to Colwyn Bay.Rhyl and Llandudno mobile Coastguard patrols were also despatched,together with Rhyl ILB.The ILB had only been launched about 1 minute when it was reported that the jetskier had been located,being escorted by another craft.The ILB was therefore requested to return to station,recovering at 1604.

1/5/2000. 1615
ILB brought to immediate readiness to assist police and coastguard searching for missing child.As ILB was proceeding down beach,report came that child had been found safe ashore.ILB recalled.

ILB requested by Rhyl coastguard mobile to launch to 5 persons trying to get off the rivetment wall marking the river entrance.Again,as ILB was proceeding down beach,the call came that the persons were within sight of safe ground.ILB recalled.

7/5/2000. 1536
ILB launched to report of 2 dinghies in trouble off the perch marking the river Clwyd entrance at Rhyl.2 persons on board each dinghy.The 4 people were transferred to the ILB,and the ILB towed the dinghies back to shore,returning at 1602.

22/5/2000. 1553
ILB and Rhyl Coastguard mobile tasked to attend an inflatable dinghy in Rhyl harbour,caught in a back eddy due to the ebbing tide.No oars on board. ILB came alongside the dinghy,transferred the 2 occupants to the ILB,and took them to the Coastguard mobile at the Quay street steps.ILB returned to station,closing down at 1625

25/5/2000. 1744
2 boys,aged about 9,cycling along Rhyl promenade,saw what looked like an adult swimmer,apparently in difficulty,about 100 metres from the shoreline opposite the Suncentre.The Coastguard mobile was tasked,and the boys were adamant that they had seen someone in the water,so the ILB was launched at 1754.The ILB was tasked to search the shoreline for the whole length of Rhyl promenade.As nothing was found after 20 minutes,the search was upgraded,and the All-Weather lifeboat was paged (see Lifeboat services above).Both boats searched the area and to the north-west of the boathouse,up to 1 mile out,together with aerial assistance from the police helicopter “Police 29″,and also the RAF Sea-King from Valley,”Rescue 122”.The coastguard also deployed their team for a shoreline search,together with the tractor used for launching the ILB.A search was conducted until 2200,when bad light severely hampered the search area.There were reports of seals in the area,in fact 1 of the crew spotted one about 20 metres from the boat.As there were no reports of missing persons,the search was called off with nothing found,and the Coastguard team resumed the search at first light on 26/5/00.Nothing further found.The boys were genuine in their belief that what they saw was a swimmer in difficulty,and they are to be applauded for their actions,dialling 999 and getting the Coastguard out immediately.The ILB and AWB were ready for service at 2345.

27/5/2000. 1554
ILB launched for a windsurfer reported in difficulty 1/2 mile north of Towyn.Due to weather conditions,the AWB was requested to back-up the ILB.When the ILB was off Sandy Cove,about 1/2 mile from the area,it was reported from Rhyl Coastguard mobile that the surfer had managed to swim ashore.The AWB was stood down,but the ILB proceeded to the site where the surfer was,and found out that he was using a knee board with a kite,and the hailstones in the storm had brought down the kite,so the surfer had to swim his board back the 3/4 mile to shore.He had been swimming for 35 minutes.He was now recovered safe on the beach,and the ILB returned to station,recovering at 1700.

10/6/2000. 1647
Request from Rhyl Beach Guard and via Holyhead Coastguard,for ILB to launch to woman entering the sea after her dog.A young boy was also in the sea.The crew assembled ,but the woman was assisted in waist-deep water to safety by the beach patrol.ILB crew stood down at 1649.The dog was dragged to shore by the boy.

17/6/2000. 1312
Immediate launch of ILB requested by Holyhead Coastguard to inflatable dinghy,1/2 mile out to sea off Presthaven Sands Holiday camp,Prestatyn. ILB launched,and was guided to inflatable by Police helicopter.There were 2 15-year old girls on the dinghy,which was 2m long,and was partially deflated,only the ends being buoyant.The girls had been immersed for over 1 hour,and were badly hypothermic,one girl lapsing into states of unconsciousness at times.The girls were taken aboard the ILB,1 crew member entering the water to assist them,and immediately returned to the shore,abandoning the dinghy.The Police helicopter had landed at Barkby beach,and the paramedic on board treated the girls until an ambulance arrived some 6 minutes later.The ILB returned to station,being refuelled at 1425,when…

Rhyl Beach guard requested the immediate re-launching of the ILB to a swimmer in difficulty off the Skytower on Rhyl promenade.The ILB launched 1 minute later,and proceeded to the position given.The girl had been assisted to the shore by members of the public and the Lifeguards,and no further assistance was required.The ILB returned to station,being ready for service at 1455.

18/6/2000. 1230-2000
The start of a hectic day! Glorious sunshine,crowds gathering for Royal British Legion fly- and march-past. Winds Southerly (Offshore from RHYL) force 3-4,sea smooth,High Water 1130. We knew we could have a busy day ahead,but didn’t know how busy! This was even though the beach lifeguards had their boat out,but that was kept equally busy with separate incidents to the following ones,which are abridged to save space.The crew were already assembled at the boathouse for normal sunday morning exercise,and had just put the boat back on service on completion of the exercise,when all hell let loose.

Inflatable off promenade being swept out to sea,2 persons on board.Rescued 2 persons and inflatable to beach.

2 dinghies off Towyn,3 persons on board,being swept out.Rescued 3 persons and 2 dinghies.

11 ft day boat off Splash Point,engine broken down.Recovered boat and 2 persons back to beach.

Standby for another inflatable- stood down before we launched-inflatable had managed to get back safe ashore.

Dinghy off Golden Sands holiday camp.dinghy and 2 persons rescued,and taken back to beach.

Reported missing child off Nova Centre Prestatyn.Police on scene found person making call,and confirmed this as a hoax.

Dinghy off Suncentre,Rhyl,being blown out.Beach lifeguard boat also responded,stopped inflatable (horse!) being blown out further.2 persons transferred to ILB and returned to beach with inflatable.

Another dinghy off Suncentre,2 persons on board,rescued and taken back to beach.

This was topped off with the AWB rescue (see above).Then,when the crew were attempting to go home,it was seen that 5 persons were being trapped on a sandbank by the incoming tide.The ILB was prepared for launch,but all persons managed to get ashore safely.The crew finally managed to get home about 2130.In total, we had 7 ILB shouts,and 1 standby;and 1 AWB shout.;in the space of 8 hours.18 people were rescued,making a total of 20 people assisted by the Rhyl Lifeboats over the weekend.

25/6/2000. 2035
Report from Coastguard of inflatable dinghy with 2 children on board being swept out to sea off Sunnyvale Camp,Foryd harbour at Rhyl.ILB and Rhyl Coastguard Mobile tasked,but children had returned to shore when the Mobile arrived.ILB stood down when 1/4 mile away,and returned to station at 2045.

22/7/2000. 1355
The ILB was taking part in the annual Prestatyn Carnival procession down Prestatyn High Street,when the Coastguard requested immediate launch to investigate report of a light aircraft coming down in the sea off Barkby Beach Prestatyn.AWB also put on standby,and Rhyl beachguards also requested to assist.The .ILB launched to search area,directed by Rhyl Coastguard mobile.Police helicopter 29 and RAF rescue helicopter 122 were also tasked to search.The ILB searched between Rhyl and Mostyn docks,with nothing being sighted,when a member of the public approached the Coastguard,and said that although the plane looked in difficulty,it had gone down to within feet of the water,but then the engine managed to fire properly,and the aircraft then turned inland,apparently OK.The search was called off at 1510,once confirmation from the air traffic controllers that all was well,and the ILB returned to station at 1530.

Report from a member of the public to the Coastguard,of an upturned dinghy with sounds of cries for help coming from it,off Golden Sands Holiday camp,Towyn.ILB and Rhyl Coastguard mobile tasked.On arriving at the scene some 6 minutes later,it was found out to be the Kinmel Bay sewer outlet marker buoy with seagulls sitting on it!.The buoy is conical in shape,but for some reason it is lying on it’s side,looking like a boat.This won’t be the last time we or the mobile go to this one!ILB returned to station at 1958.

23/7/2000. 1750
ILB requested to launch to help in search for missing girl off Nova Centre,Prestatyn.Girl was last seen at water’s edge.Rhyl Coastguard Mobile already on scene.Location is 4 miles East of Rhyl.ILB was 1/2 way there when mobile located the girl on the beach.ILB returned to station by 1810.

Crew had just put the ILB back in the boathouse,when the Coxswain’s attention was drawn to a dinghy with 3 children on it,being swept out to sea on the ebb tide at Kinmel Bay,1 mile West of the boathouse.This was confirmed through binoculars at the boathouse.The Coastguard was informed,and the ILB launched at 1828.The crew came alongside the dinghy.It had made it back to about 1.5 metres depth of water,so 1 crew member went over the side,and pulled the dinghy back to the shore,to the Coastguard mobile.ILB returned to station at 1900.

28/7/2000. 2155
Rhyl Coastguard mobile tasked to investigate possible upturned boat,1/2 mile off shore at Castle Cove,between Abergele and Llandulas,4 miles west of Rhyl.Due to the failing light,and because the object was too far off shore to discern completely,the ILB was launched.It located the object,which turned out to be a tree trunk,with branches sticking up,looking like arms.ILB and Mobile returned to station,being ready for service at 2300.

30/7/2000. 1903
ILB requested to inflatable Li-Lo being blown out to sea with 1 child on board,off Knightley’s Funfair,Towyn;3 miles West of boathouse.Rhyl Coastguard mobile also paged.There were also 2 people swimming out to the dinghy at that time.The Rescue 122 helicopter ,returning from Liverpool area,was over Rhyl at the time,and was also requested to attend.The helicopter got there first,and reported all now safe ashore.The ILB proceeded to guide Rhyl mobile to the casualty,then returned to station at 1940.

2/8/2000. 1423
Honorary Secretary and Mechanic were at station when they observed an inflatable with 3 persons on board,being blown out to sea at the river Clwyd entrance to the harbour at Rhyl.The ILB launched,and was on scene within 3 minutes of the pagers being activated.All 3 people taken on board the ILB and returned to beach

8/8/2000. 0851
ILB launched to assist AWB in rescuing yacht “Plus Vat”.See AWB Service page for full details.

ILB tasked to help look for 2 missing children on beach.As ILB was going down beach to launch,it was reported that the children had been found safe and well.

Yes,we were out once again to “Plus VAT”.He had been trying to shift his boat in Rhyl harbour when his rudder became entangled in a mooring rope.He was unable to free the line,and was beam-on to the flow of the river,so the ILB was tasked with the Coxswain and Mechanic and Head Launchman on board.The line was subsequently freed and the boat was towed to a safe mooring near the yacht club slipway.A national newspaper journalist who was also on board the yacht was landed at the yacht club,and because a large crowd had gathered due to the press interest,the yachtsman was taken across the harbour to a waiting Coastguard auxilliary,and transferred to the boathouse.The service completed at 2130.

13/8/2000. 1303
ILB requested to assist the AWB in taking a fishing vessel into Rhyl harbour due to ebbing tide.The AWB was not able to proceed into the harbour as it dries out 2.5 hours after high water.See AWB report for fuller details.

16/8/2000. 1550
Rhyl Beach Patrol requested launch of ILB via Holyhead Coastguard.3 children on an inflatable dinghy being blown out to sea off the Suncentre on Rhyl promenade,just east of the boathouse.ILB was going down the beach when the Beach Patrol radioed that the children had been brought ashore.ILB returned to station without launching.

17/8/2000. 1535
Coastguard requested launch of ILB to 3 children in inflatable dinghy off Towyn.. ILB got to Towyn,just as Rhyl Coastguard mobile reported that the children were safe ashore.ILB returned to station by 1605.

20/8/2000. 1145
Whilst ILB was on exercise,Rhyl Beach Patrol reported two elderly ladies in normal clothing,trapped on sandbank by ioncoming tide off the Coliseum theatre.ILB proceeded and picked up the ladies,and returned them to the boathouse,closing down at 1155.The ladies enjoyed their short trip in the boat,and repaid their gratitude at the sounvenir shop at the boathouse.

21/8/2000. 1655
Rhyl Beach guard reported 3 children on an inflatable,clinging to one of the perches marking the entrance to the river Clwyd at Rhyl.ILB launched and arrived on scene 2 minutes later.Children transferred to ILB and returned to the boathouse.An ambulance had been called because the children were suffering from slight hypothermia.ILB ready for service by 1720.

22/8/2000. 1215
Report of possible 2 children clinging to an upturned dinghy off ASDA supermarket in Kinmel Bay,1m west of station.ILB launched and discovered the “children” were 2 floats,and the “dinghy” was a fishing net on the surface.It was atrammel net left by unknown persons,anchored to sea bed,but was all tangled up.ILB retrieved the net,floats and anchor,and recovered it back to station,returning by 1250.

Report from Beach Patrol of dinghy drifting out off Suncentre.ILB launched.Dinghy was unmanned,returned to station with dinghy.

Report from Beach Patrol of lost child near Skytower,last seen near water’s edge.ILB launched and searched area together with Beach Patrol boat and Rhyl Coastguard mobile.Child was found safe on beach after 10 minutes and ILB returned to station at 1640.

23/8/2000. 1435
Report from Rhyl Beach patrol of inflatable dinghy with 2 children on it,being taken out to sea by the offshore wind off the Skytower,Rhyl Promenade.ILB launched and recovered boat and children into ILB,then returned them to the beach,ready for service at 1455.

Mechanic on station saw 2 inflatables with 3 children on board,being taken out to sea by the wind off Kinmel Bay,1/2 mile West of station.Beach Patrol confirmed this with the Coastguard,and the ILB launched,getting on scene 4 minutes later.Children taken on board ILB,and inflatables towed back to beach.ILB returned to station at 1610.

24/8/2000. 1520
ILB requested to launch to assist Beach patrol,Coastguards from Rhyl and Llandudno; and Police in looking for 7-year old autistic boy who had been lost on Rhyl beach by the paddling pool for about 1 hour,ILB searched,together with Police helicopter,RAF rescue helicopter,and Rhyl AWB until police reported finding boy at 1900 ,at holiday camp on opposite side of River Clwyd,about 1 mile to west of where he was last seen,All units returned to station around 1930.

25/8/2000. 1203
Prestatyn Beach guards reported to Holyhead Coastguard that an inflatable dinghy with 1 cjild aboard,was drifting out to sea off the Nova Centre.The ILB launched and recovered the child into the boat,and took the child and inflatable back to the beach,returning to station at 1243.

Report from Rhyl Beach guard of an inflatable dinghy drifting out to sea off the boathouse.ILB launched and recovered the inflatable.No-one was aboard,and no children were reported missing.

29/8/2000. 1715
Rhyl Coastguard mobile and Rhyl ILB tasked to report of 4 persons on board inflatable drifting out to sea off Towyn.When both units arrived on scene,it was found that the persons had managed to get ashore unaided.ILB returned to station at 1750.

3/9/2000. 1145
Rhyl Beach guard reported a large white/grey object in the sea about 1/2 mile out from the sewer outfall buoy off Rhyl harbour entrance,about 1 mile out.The ILB was requested,as the beach patrol boat was not at sea.It turned out to be a large flock of seagulls!The ILB was returning to station when the coastguard reported a boat broken down off Prestatyn.The ILB started to head off to that area,when it was reported that another boat had got the boat in tow,and all was OK.The ILB returned to station at 1230.

9/9/2000. 2040
Member of public walking on Rhyl Promenade thought he saw a body in the water off the Suncentre.The Coastguard could not see anything,and due to rain restricting visibilty,the ILB was requested.A search of the shoreline using a powerful “Dragon” lamp and also a night-vision monocular,revealed only 2 seals near the shoreline.The Coastguard assumed these were what the person saw,and they were very near the spot where he saw the “body”.The ILB returned to station,being ready for service at 2100.

11/9/2000. 1630
The Coastguard at Holyhead received a 999 call from a member of the public,reporting 3 dinghies in trouble off Rhyl Suncentre.It was very near to low water,so the tide was about 3/4 mile out.The ILB launched,and found 2 children and 1 adult on 2 canoes and an inflatable,trying to get back to the shore.The 2 children were taken on board the ILB,and the 1 canoe and inflatable taken in tow,and the adult in the other canoe was escorted to shore.All 3 were delivered safely on shore to the Coastguard mobile.The ILB returned to station at 1645.

12/9/2000. 0350
Report of 2 missing persons Presthaven sands holiday camp,Prestatyn,in conjunction with AWB.See Offshore boat report.

29/9/2000. 0325
Police requested ILB assistance for attempted suicide off Rhyl promenade.Woman was up to her neck in water.Crew assembled,but as ILB was preparing to launch,the Coastguard informed the Boat that the police had managed to retrieve the woman back to the beach.ILB stood down at 0340.

1/10/2000. 1157
ILB and Coastguard mobile tasked to assist in freeing a young girl whose foot had become stuck in the rock groyne by the Nova Centre,Prestatyn,and was in danger of becoming swamped by the incoming tide.It was 90 minutes before high water,and the girl was already up to her waist in water.The ILB arrived on scene to find a member of the public had gone to assist the girl,going under the water to move the rocks,freeing her foot.The girl was transferred to a waiting ambulance,and the ILB returned to station by 1230.

7/10/2000. 1847
A member of the public called Holyhead Coastguard,reporting a person on a sinking speedboat off the Skytower,Rhyl.The ILB launched within 4 minutes and proceeded to the spot.It came up on a submerged derelict boat which had broken from it’s mooring in Rhyl harbour the night before,and had been swamped by the incoming tide.There was no sign of anyone on board,but it was confirmed by the persons on the beach that parts of the wheelhouse looked like there was someone on board.As the boat could become a danger to swimmers/boats,the County tractor was called for to come along the beach and tow the boat above the high water mark.This was duly done,and the ILB and tractor returned to station,being ready for service at 1935.

6/11/2000. 0732
ILB requested to travel 22 miles inland to assist with flooding in the town of Ruthin.The River Clwyd had burst it’s banks with the recent rain and storms,and several streets needed to be urgently evacuated.The crew were assembled by 0745,and the mechanic’s own LandRover was utilised to take the ILB and crew the 1.5 miles to Divisional base West at Kinmel Bay,where an official RNLI Land Rover was available with blue lights and 2-tone horns.The ILB and crew arrived at Ruthin,and were immediately used in evacuating people from their flooded homes.The LandRover returned to Rhyl,where 2 inflatable dinghies were donated by members of Rhyl Yacht Club,to assist the evacuation.These were deflated and put in the back of the vehicle,with 2 extra crew members,and it returned to Ruthin. Flint ILB (which had been tasked to the town of Mold at 0530 that morning),was also tasked to Ruthin /Denbigh areas,together with Llandudno ILB and Rhyl Coastguard team and boat. Once the urgency had gone from the Ruthin area,all units were diverted to Mold again,some 10 miles East of Ruthin (over the mountains) to again evacuate people there.The units were once again utilised and were allowed to return to their respective stations at 1800,the Rhyl ILB getting back to Rhyl at 1915,with a very tired crew.The ILB and crew stood by for the night’s high tides,but were not required.Altogether,The Rhyl ILB crew assisted approximately 95 people to safety that day,Flint 70,and Llandudno 25.These returns are all approximate.

As a follow-up to this job,the Mechanic,Martin Jones,was called again by the Divisional base on Tuesday,7th November,to accompany the District Inspector (Andy Clift) and training inspector (Richard Wynn) to take a reserve LandRover and 2 “D” class ILB’s to Burton Upon Trent in Nottinghamshire,for flood relief there.Fortunately again,their services were not in great demand,and the staff returned to Rhyl the following morning.

27/12/2000. 1101
Holyhead Coastguard requested launch of ILB to investigate report of person in water of Splash Point,the Eastern end of Rhyl Promenade.ILB launched,and Rhyl Coastguard mobile proceeded to area.Nothing found immediately,so a search of the area was commenced.After about 10 minutes,the mobile was approached by a youth who stated that he had seen another person running away from the area a short while before.The search continued for a further 10 minutes,but as there was nothing seen,and the day was sunny with a calm sea and little cloud,it was assumed that the person had either seen a seal,or the call was a hoax.The units returned to station at 1135,being ready for service at 1145.

29/12/2000. 1355
ILB crew paged to launch request from Holyhead Coastguard,to a report of a woman in the sea off the Nova Centre,Prestatyn,4 miles East of the station.The Coastguard mobile from Rhyl was also tasked.The crew assembled,and while they were getting the ILB out of the Portakabin,it was reported that the woman had been recovered to shore.The RAF Rescue helicopter 122,which was in the general area,was diverted also,but was not required.The ILB was stood down at 1405.Reports indicate the woman did not survive the rescue.