18/2/2001 0240
ILB launched to assist searching for 4 fishermen,rod fishing off Talacre Beach some 8 miles East of the boathouse,who had become disorientated in the sea-mist,and requested assistance.AWB also prepared to launch as the ILB would be operating in restricted visability.Rhyl Coastguard mobile also tasked,and arrived on scene first.The mobile managed to locate the fishermen,and helped them return to the road.The ILB was turned back when it was about 2 miles from the scene,and the AWB was just about to launch when the abort message came through.The AWB stayed on the shoreline until the ILB returned,then boat boats returned to station,being ready again for service at 0300.

24/2/2001. 1900
ILB tasked to assist AWB in recovering 4 persons from 21ft motor boat in difficulty in the surf off Rhyl.See AWB report for full details.

5/3/2001. 1559
Crew paged to assist Coastguard mobile-person trapped by incoming tide on sandbank off promenade at Rhyl.ILB crew attended,but as they were getting the boat out,the news came from the coastguard mobile that the person was safe ashore,having waded back.ILB stood down at 1603.

10/3/2001. 1335
ILB and Rhyl Coastguard mobile tasked to help in search for young person missing off Ffrith beach,Prestatyn,last seen near water.ILB was just entering water when Holyhead Coastguard relayed that the person had been found.ILB returned to station by 1347.

14/3/2001. 1223
ILB launched to assist Police and Coastguard with 1 person and 2 dogs in vehicle stuck in mud at Talacre,5 miles east of station,as tide was engulfing the trapped car and occupants.ILB was just approaching the scene when it was reported that all were now safe ashore.ILB kept on scene until everything confirmed OK,then returned to station by 1330.

1/4/2001. 1403
Whilst this did not require a lifeboat to launch,the rescue of 2 young boys by the mechanic in the County tractor is still classed as a “service”.The mechanic was at the boathouse when a member of the public brought his attention to 2 young boys cut off by the tide on a sandbank near the boathouse.He contacted Holyhead Coastguard and the Honorary secretary,in case he could not get to the boys with the ILB towing tractor,and the ILB would be required.He was,however,able to get through the rapidly-deepening gulley onto the sandbank with the tractor,and got the 2 boys (aged 7 and 5) into the vehicle,and returned them to their parents,who were unaware of the peril of their offspring.

8/4/2001. 1130
ILB was on exercise in harbour when crew noticed a jet-skier waving to attract their attention near the mouth of the river CLwyd.He had broken down,and could not get to shore.ILB towed him and the craft back into the harbour,then continued with exercise at 1145.

25/4/2001. 0150
ILB requested by police to assist in search for person alleged to be in water in Rhyl Harbour.A splash was heard,together with a cry,by a member of the public.The North Wales Police Helicopter “Police 29” was illuminating the scene.The crew assembled and towed the ILB to the harbour behind the LandRover.The ILB was launched into the harbour at the Yacht Club slipway,and commenced searching the boats and moorings in the Harbour.A boat was found with lights on and the radio on,and the Coastguard requested the back-up of the Offshore boat due to the ebbing tide.The ILB together with Rhyl Auxilliary Coastguard team and local police officers searched the harbour and the river Clwyd entrance to the end perch beacon.Nothing was found.The boat with the lights on was actually locked up,so the owner could have forgotten to switch them off.The helicopter left the search area after 45 minutes,having completed a “FLIR” (Forward-Looking Infra-Red) radar and heat-imaging equipment search.The ILB continued searching close inshore,with the AWB searching up to 1/2 mile off shore,due to the ebb tide,until the search was called off at 0420.The boats returned to station,and were ready for service at 0510.

1/5/2001. 1443
2 teenagers had been trapped on a sandbank by the incoming tide,directly out from the boathouse.They were unsure of crossing the rapidly widening water to the shore,so they dialled 999 on their mobile phone,and Holyhead Coastguard immediately paged the ILB.There were 2 crew members in the boathouse area at the time,and so the ILB was proceeding down the beach within 3 minutes of the pagers going off.The ILB launched,and crossed the 50 metres to the couple,took them in the boat,and returned them to the boathouse,where the local coastguards were waiting to take details.The couple had the presence of mind to stay put and call for assistance.The ILB was rehoused and ready for service by 1502.

14/6/2001. 2230
ILB and Coastguard mobile tasked to Nova Centre Prestatyn. A member of the public reported seeing flashing lights and a boat not moving off the Nova Centre.The ILB launched and came up on a small fishing boat with 3 persons on board,who were drift netting,and the end of the net had a small flashing light on a DAN buoy attached.Everything was in order,so the units returned to station,being ready for service at 2315.

24/6/2001. 1115
ILB was on normal Sunday exercise,going around local fishing/tourist boats off Rhyl,when their attention was attracted by the crew of the Rhyl fishing trawler “Mercury”,2 miles out off Rhyl.1 of the 3 crew had got a fishing hook through the palm of his hand,and requested to be taken off the boat.The ILB took him on board and returned to the boathouse,where an ambulance took the 17-year old to hospital.the boat was ready for service by 1145.

26/6/2001. 1405
Inflatable dinghy with 2 persons on board,noticed by beach patrol from Rhyl,drifting out to sea from Towyn.They notified Holyhead Coastguard,and the ILB crew were paged.The ILB launched and was alongside the dinghy in 5 minutes.The 2 teenagers were taken on board,and they and the dinghy were returned to their waiting family on shore.ILB returned at 1445.

04/07/2001 1233
Holyhead coastguard received a call from a person on a mobile phone,saying that a surfer was in difficulty off Towyn.The ILB was paged and launched to the area.The call was traced to a location in Swansea Coastguard’s area,some 200 miles away,so the ILB was recalled and the shout classed as false alarm (Malicious).

05/07/2001. 0305
ILB requested to launch in Rhyl harbour to assist Police locate a person from a car which they were following,who had jumped over the sea wall into the harbour.ILB launched and searched mudflats and boats in harbour but found nothing,and was recalled to station and ready for service by 0400.

20/7/2001. 1654
ILB crew paged to dinghy with 1 person aboard,waving arms,off Towyn.ILB was just at water’s edge when Holyhead Coastguard reported the situation had resolved itself.ILB returned to station,being ready for service at 1715.

28/7/2001. 1230
Due to their boat not being operational,Rhyl Council Beach Patrol requested launch of ILB to search water’s edge for a missing child off Rhyl promenade.They had been searching for about 10 minutes when it was reported from the Beach Patrol that the child had been found safe ashore.ILB ready for service at 1245.

ILB requested again to assist in search for missing child seen at water’s edge 30 minutes previously.Searched for 10 minutes until call came from coastguard that child had been located safe ashore.

Rhyl Beach Guard reported persons apparently in trouble off Kinmel Bay.ILB launched.Swimmers had made it safe to shore,but there was an inflatable dinghy with 3 children on board having difficulty returning to shore.ILB took them on board and returned them to the beach.

It was reported to Rhyl Coastguard mobile patrol that 2 children were missing over 90 minutes from the beach.Both were attracted to water,and one child had a mental problem.ILB launched and searched coastline.They were assisted by the AWB which had launched to another incident which had resolved,searching all along the shoreline of Rhyl promenade until 1750 when it was reported that the 2 children had again been found safe ashore behind the paddling pool on Rhyl promenade.Police helicopter NW1 also made a sweep of the promenade during the search.See AWB services for Offshore boat report.

29/7/2001. 1115
The ILB crew were just getting ready for an exercise when Holyhead Coastguard came on the radio,asking for immediate launch of ILB. Report of 2 children in an inflatable dinghy,waving their arms ,between Pensarn and Sandy Cove.ILB launched and was on scene in 5 minutes from launching.The children were on the beach,and when interviewed,said they were waving to their mother on the beach.The ILB crew instructed them that by waving,they had made people on the shore think they were in trouble.This message was repeated by the local Coastguard mobile which had arrived just after the ILB.The ILB returned to Rhyl to continue with the exercise.

Rhyl Beach Patrol requested ILB to launch to take 3 people off sandbank,cut off by incoming tide.ILB went to people and assisted them ashore,returning to station at 1450.

999 call received by Holyhead Coastguard of yellow inflatable dinghy with 2 people on board,off Miller’s Cottage holiday camp,Towyn.Dinghy having difficulty getting back to shore.ILB launched,and arrived on scene just as the dinghy made it back to where the people could stand up in the water.Everything was checked to see if this was the original dinghy,and having confirmed all was well with Rhyl Coastguard Mobile patrol,the ILB was just starting back to station when…

The ILB crew’s attention was made by a jetskier who was towing another jetski.The 2 persons were on board the first jetski,and were making very little headway.The ILB came alongside and took off the pillion passenger,and progress then became a lot easier for the towing jetski,which was the patrol jetski for Conwy Borough council.Good progress was then made back to Colwyn Bay pier slipway,where the person in the ILB was reunited with his jetski on dry land.The ILB then returned to station by 1720.

1/8/2001. 1605
ILB requested to launch to assist beach patrol and coastguard mobiles to search for 14 and 9-year old children who had been missing on the beach for 3 hours.Police also were attending.Search was called off when the youngsters were located at their caravan site.ILB returned to station at 1645.

5/8/2001. 1440
ILB crew paged after Holyhead Coastguard received a 999 call reporting 2 children on an inflatable dinghy in difficulties about 1 mile from Golden Sands,Towyn.The ILB launched and came upon an inflatable with 2 children and 1 adult on it in the general area of the first report.The ILB escorted them to the shore,and then checked with the coastguard whether this was the same dinghy.It was not certain that this was the same dinghy,and so a search was started together with the Rhyl Beach Patrol boat of the area between Rhyl and Abergele,some 4 miles total,up to about 1.5 miles out.They were joined in the search by Rhyl coastguard and Rescue 122 (the RAF Seaking helicopter from Valley,Anglesey).The search was continued for about 90 minutes,with various 999 calls being received by the coastguard regarding orange objects in the water of the search area.A lot of these were surmised to be our ILB,as the crew were going slowly,and standing up to search the area.The search was called off at 1645,as no children were reported missing,and the ILB returned to station,being ready for service at 1705.

14/8/2001. 1417
ILB launched to inflatable with 2 persons on board aged 14 and 18,about 1/2 mile off Pensarn,4 miles to west of boathouse.ILB came up on dinghy and transferred the 2 teenagers to the boat.The young boy then went into shock and showed signs of hypothermia,and required wrapping in blankets and given oxygen.The ILB went to shore and transferred the children to their parents and a waiting ambulance for delivery to hospital.The ILB returned to station and was ready for service by 1530.

15/8/2001. 1425
Holyhead coastguard requested launch of ILB to assist police on ground and in helicopter to locate a missing 6-year old boy,missing from the events arena on the promenade next to the boathouse,where the “Blue Peter” Roadshow was being staged for the TV cameras of BBC.The ILB launched and had been at sea for 5 minutes when the child was found ashore.The ILB returned to station by 1450.

16/8/2001. 1530
ILB launched to 3 inflatables,each with 1 adult on board,being swept out to sea off Abergele.ILB launched,and as conditions were fairly boisterous (wind SW5,sea moderate),the AWB was requested by the Coastguard as back-up.The ILB arrived on scene just as the 3 inflatables had made it close enough to the shore so that the occupants could wade back,and so the AWB launch was stopped and the ILB returned to station by 1605.

19/8/2001. 1402
North Wales Police informed Holyhead Coastguard of a person jumping off the wall into Rhyl harbour.The police helicopter “Police 29” was already over the harbour when the ILB was tasked,together with Rhyl coastguard mobile.The ILB proceeded to the harbour,but found the person had been recovered OK but cold from the water by the local beach patrol lifeguards.The person was very lucky as he had jumped into the harbour where there were underwater obstructions,together with a fast-flowing ebb tide.He was able to be caught as he passed the loading steps for the fishing boats,or he would have been swept out to sea.The ILB was reurned to station,being ready for service by 1535.

22/8/2001. 0145
ILB crew paged to recover 2 adults and 1 child from Landrover which had become engulfed by the incoming tide at Rhuddlan,3 miles upstream from Rhyl on the river Clwyd.They had been fishing in the river,having parked the Landrover on a track next to the trees by the river, and were just leaving when the highest tide of the year overflowed the riverbank and surrounded the vehicle with 3-4 feet of water.The police helicopter “Police 29” located the vehicle,and the ILB was transported by road to Rhuddlan where it was launched across the river from Rhuddlan Castle, getting to the vehicle about 3 minutes later.The 3 occupants were taken on board and taken back to the launch point where the Coastguards from Rhyl looked after them until a ride arrived to take them back to home,leaving the vehicle stranded until the next low tide.The ILB returned by road to Rhyl,being ready for service at 0300.

ILB crew paged to go to an inflatable dinghy with 2 persons on board,being swept out to sea with a rising tide and offshore breeze,at Kinmel Bay,1 mile to West of the station.The ILB took them on board and returned them, and the dinghy to the shore,being ready for service by 1245.

26/8/2001. 1340
Rhyl Beach Patrol requested to Holyhead Coastguard for launch of ILB to go to 2 children who were playing in the surf about 1/4 mile out,and were oblivious to the tide coming in behind them,so were out of their depth when they finally realised they were far out from the shore.The ILB launched immediately as a crew was at the boathouse and picked up the 2 children and returned them to their family at the boathouse.The ILB was ready for service by 1400.

27/8/2001. 1415
Rhyl Beach Patrol requested immediate launch of ILB to 6 children on 1 inflatable,on a sandbank about 1/4 mile out from the shore off the Skytower at Rhyl.The tide was coming in,and they were having difficulty getting back.The ILB launched and was on scene in 2 minutes.The children,aged between 6 and 14,were taken on board the ILB with the inflatable towed alongside,and returned to their parents at the boathouse.The parents were unaware that their children were even in the water,but are now well aware of the dangers of an incoming tide now.

The Beach Patrol again requested the launch of the ILB to 6 children and 2 adults in 2 inflatables,again over 1/4 mile out from the shore.The adults were actually taking the inflatables further out to sea when the ILB arrived on scene.the occupants of 1 inflatable were escorted ashore,but the other party refused to take heed of the crew’s warnings.Indeed,the occupants had earlier given verbal abuse to the crew on the previous launch when they were advised to keep near the shoreline.When they saw the other inflatable get to shore,they then started back to shore themselves.The ILB was then diverted to assist 1 adult and 1 child who were requiring assistance on the rivetment wall marking the entrance to Rhyl harbour.The child had slipped and had barnacle abrasions to his leg,so the ILB took them on board and delivered them to the Coastguard mobile patrol on the beach,bandaging the boy’s leg to prevent further bleeding and infection.The ILB returned to station at 1610.

14/9/2001. 1116
North wales Police requested ILB to launch and search inshore with Rhyl Coastguard Mobile for 30-year old man who had absconded from the local hospital.He had been known to go in the sea on 2 previous occasions.He had a mental problem and the police were concerned for him.His family lived near the boathouse,and so the ILB was launched.The ILB and Coastguards searched the shore and up to 1/2 mile out between Rhyl and Prestatyn,some 5 miles of shoreline.The search lasted until 1330 when,as nothing had been found,the search was discontinued.The ILB was ready for service by 1345.

28/9/2001. 1411
ILB crew paged to assist Rhyl Beachguard supervisor,who was passing on the promenade when he saw a dinghy with 1 child in it being blown out to sea off Rhyl beach.The ILB crew assembled,just as the child fell out of the dinghy,and was seen drifting further out to sea.The Beachguard was unable to get to the child,as he was about 1/2 mile out.The ILB proceeded with all speed,and went to the area where the dinghy was blowing over in the wind.A quick scan of the area showed the child to be about 300 metres away,with just his head above water.the ILB crew were on scene within a minute,and the child had slipped into unconsciousness and was going under when the crew reached down and got him aboard.This action brought him out of unconsciousness,but he was very ill,and required first aid and oxygen on the return trip.The 9 year-old child was immediately handed over to a waiting ambulance at the boathouse,where he was taken to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd Hospital. He was recovering the last we heard on the day.He had been playing on the shoreline with his family when the offshore wind got hold of the inflatable dinghy and rapidly took it away from the shore.The child’s other relatives who were in the boat managed to get ashore,but the boy could not.The ILB returned to station and was ready for service by 1455.

6/10/2001. 1410
Whilst ALB was on exercise off Rhyl,Holyhead Coastguard requested the boat to proceed to Pensarn,Abergele,beach,to investigate a report of a child on a Li-Lo being swept out to sea,and a member of the public swimming out to it.The Coxswain immediately ordered the ILB to launch as the AWB was in the harbour,and it would be 5 minutes before being able to go to sea,so the ILB was launched.When the boats had been going for about 7 minutes,the Coastguard mobile patrol arrived on scene,and some other members of the public said that the girl had been brought ashore by the person swimming to her,and had immediately “done a runner” to a nearby car,which sped off without even thanking the person for rescuing her.All units were then stood down,the ILB returning to station about 1450,and the AWB some 10 minutes later.

13/10/2001. 0803
ILB crew paged to assist police and ambulance crews recover body from water’s edge off Rhyl promenade.The body had been recovered by the police when the ILB arrived,but the police requested the ILB search close inshore to asceertain whether there was another person in the water.Nothing was found after half an hour,so the ILB was stood down.

Rhyl ILB and Coastguard mobile tasked to Towyn to investigate report of boat with 3 persons on board,in trouble just off the shore.Whilst the ILB was launching,another report came in of a boat with engine trouble off Rhyl.The ILB first went alongside the boat off Rhyl,and confirmed the engine was not working,so the AWB was tasked to this casualty whilst the ILB proceeded to Towyn (see AWB page for more details).The ILB searched the area off Towyn for 1 hour,but found nothing,and returned to station,being ready for service at 1635.

A member of the public reported that a dog was swimming out to sea off Rhyl beach,and was not returning.Holyhead Coastguard requested the ILB to launch,and this was done under the helm of the Coxswain,with the 2nd Coxswain and 2nd Mechanic as crew.The dog was 500 metres out when the ILB got alongside him and the crew pulled him aboard.The dog was very frightened,but was returned to shore somewhat confused,and was handed over to another local who offered to look after the dog until the RSPCA could collect the dog,as there was no name tag on it’s collar.The ILB was returned to station and ready for service by 1800.

21/10/2001. 1650
ILB launched to assist AWB in searching for male attempting suicide off Kinmel Bay.ILB had just got on scene when it was reported that person had been apprehended ashore.See also AWB page.ILB returned to station by 1708.