22/1/2002. 1530
Holyhead Coastguard requested the launch of the ILB for a dog, swimming in Rhyl Harbour. It was unknown if it had an owner. The ILB proceeded by road and just as the crew got to the harbour slipway, it was found that some local fishermen had gone out in a dinghy and brought the dog ashore. The crew assisted the fishermen in recovering the dog from the dinghy, and then returned to station. The RSPCA later took ownership of the dog. The ILB returned to station and was ready for service at 1550.

23/3/2002. 0648
ILB requested to launch after a resident on Rhyl promenade reported a boat drifting off the Skytower at Rhyl. The AWB was put on standby. The ILB proceeded and searched up to 2 miles out. There were no boats in the immediate vicinity, except for 2 local fishing boats about 3 miles out. The Coastguard contacted them. All was well and the ILB returned to station, being ready for service at 0735.

31/3/2002. 1054
The ILB was already on a fortnightly exercise when Holyhead Coastguard received a 999 call from a member of the public, expressing concern for 2 children on the breakwater of the Garford Road sewer outfall between Rhyl and Prestatyn. The ILB proceeded to the scene, and arrived just as the children made it ashore. The ILB then continued with the exercise.

2/4/2002. 2130
ILB requested to assist police in getting a woman out of the water at Kinmel Bay. Police Helicopter in attendance with Rhyl Coastguard mobile. RAF helicopter Rescue 122 also on it’s way. The ILB had just launched off the carriage when it was relayed from the coastguard that the woman had been rescued by local police officers, and no further assistance was required. The ILB turned back and returned to station, being ready for service at 2148.

4/4/2002. 1330
The mechanic on station saw 2 persons and a dog cut off by the tide off the boathouse. The male had tried to get back, but was over his waist in the gutter, and waded back to the bank. There was already 3 crew at the boathouse, so the Honorary Secretary was notified, and the ILB was launched immediately. The 2 persons and the dog were taken on board and returned to the beach. The ILB was rehoused at 1335 ,the whole service only lasting 4 minutes.

17/4/2002. 2310
ILB put on standby at request of police as a car had been driven into the Marine Lake at the end of the promenade, and it was believed people were inside it. As the crew were assembling, the police reported that there were no persons in the lake. The ILB was stood down at 2316.

21/4/2002. 1030
Whilst the ILB was out on a Sunday exercise, Holyhead Coastguard received a 999 call from a distraught lady on Rhyl beach, that her dog had gone into the water. They were on a day-trip from Manchester, and they had only had the dog for 2 weeks, and it had just run off into the water. The ILB was summoned to go to the dog, and the Landrover went along the promenade to find the woman, while the County tractor went down the beach to contact the lady’s mother, who was keeping an eye on the dog. The dog was seen coming out of the water just by the ILB, and it made off down the beach, closely followed by the tractor. The dog then went onto the promenade, where it was successfully retrieved by the lady, who was being driven back by the crew in the Landrover. We seem to be making a habit this year of going for dogs!

17/5/2002. 1536
ILB launched to search for a missing windsurfer off Llandulas beach,6 miles to West of station. Conditions were pretty choppy, and the ILB proceeded to Rhos-On-Sea to search. When the windsurfer could not be immediately located, the AWB was also launched (see AWB services for report) The windsurfer was located 20 minutes later 1.2 miles off the beach, but in no danger. He had been resting on his board, and was now going closer inshore. He was a very experienced windsurfer, and had been out many times from the same beach, and was equipped with flares, etc. The ILB and AWB returned to station, being ready for service by 1800.

1/6/2002. 1255
ILB paged to a broken down jetski with 3 people in the water off Pensarn beach. They had been in the water for 20 minutes when the ILB arrived, being unable to mount and start the jetski. The ILB took them on board. They were checked to see if they were suffering from hypothermia, but they stated they were all right. The ILB returned to the jetski and towed it back to the beach. The ILB then returned to station by 1340.

ILB paged to another broken down jetski at the entrance to the River Clwyd at Rhyl harbour. He also was unable to restart his machine, and he too was taken on board the ILB and the jetski towed back into Rhyl harbour. The ILB returned to station and was ready for service by 1430.

ILB crew page to a dinghy with 2 persons on board, making no headway back to shore due to the offshore breeze. The ILB found them 3/4 mile off Llandulas beach, took them on board, and returned them and the dinghy back to Llandulas beach. The ILB returned to Rhyl, and was ready for service by 1840.

3/6/2002. 1400
ILB crew and AWB crew paged to an 18ft cabin cruiser “Little Princess” which had 3 people on board. The ILB took a line from the casualty through heavy surf to the waiting AWB. Once the 2 persons on board had been transferred to the AWB, the ILB returned to station by 1645. See AWB services for a more detailed report.

8/6/2002. 1846
ILB crew launched to pick up 1 adult and 2 children (9 & 12 years old). The 2 children had been trapped on a sandbank by the incoming tide off the Skytower on Rhyl promenade, and were up to their waists in water by the time the adult got to them. They were all in normal clothes, and were all soaking wet when the ILB picked them up at 1857. the 3 were taken on board the ILB and returned to the boathouse by 1905, where they were dried off, having showed no signs of hypothermia. The adult was advised by both the local coastguard and the police on the need to be vigilant on a beach for the tide coming around the ends of the sandbanks, and trapping the unwary. The ILB was rehoused and was ready for service by 1915.

9/6/2002. 1700
ILB crew launched to assist fishing vessel “Jensen”, who had recovered a 7-year old boy, who had fallen out of his inflatable dinghy. The boy had been in the water for some time, when he was picked up 1 mile north of Talacre Lighthouse, some 5 miles East of the boathouse. The AWB was also launched, and the helicopter from RAF Valley, Anglesey was also tasked. The ILB came alongside “Jensen”, and 1 crew member was put aboard to help with first aid to the boy. The AWB arrived just after the helicopter arrived on scene, so the 2 lifeboats stood off until the boy had been winched into the helicopter. He was pretty poorly, and the helicopter took him to Glan Clwyd Hospital, just outside Rhyl. The 2 Lifeboats then returned to station, being rehoused at 1830. It appears that the boy and his uncle had been in the dinghy, but the adult went overboard and was unable to get to the dinghy due to him being out of his depth, and the force 5 South-Westerley wind was blowing the dinghy out to sea. The Uncle then swam ashore and raised the alarm.It is unknown at this time on the condition of the boy.

10/06/2002. 1655
The ILB was tasked to go to a position 1/2 mile out from the Nova centre, Prestatyn, after a member of the public reported to Holyhead Coastguard that he had seen a canoe with 2 people on board, in difficulty. Because of the weather conditions, the AWB was also launched. Both boats searched the area around the exposed sandbanks about 1 mile off shore, between the Mostyn inner and outer channels. They searched for about 90 minutes and found nothing. Conditions were too rough for a canoe to be there, and the ILB found it quite difficult to search in the shallow waters around the sandbanks. The coastguard called off the search at 1802, the person could well have seen one of the ships anchored waiting to go into Liverpool. Only the tops of the ships could be seen over the sandbanks, so perhaps this is what the man saw. The Lifeboats returned to station at 1850.

12/7/2002. 1503
The crew were just putting the boats away after the official boathouse naming ceremony by HRH the Duke of Kent, when Rhyl Beach guard requested immediate assistance. A 4 year-old child had fallen in the river Clwyd at Rhyl harbour. The child was in a party of schoolchildren from the midlands, and was being swept out to sea from the river. The Inshore Lifeboat was launched within 2 minutes and proceeded to the harbour. The ILB just got to the scene when the beach guard managed to recover the child to the shore, and the child was transferred to a waiting ambulance, to be transferred to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd. The Inshore Lifeboat then returned to station by 1523.

15/7/2002. 1500
A member of the public at Barkby beach, Prestatyn, thought they saw a small speedboat in difficulty offshore. The ILB launched and the coastguard mobile was tasked. The crew arrived on scene, but the only boat nearby was beached and when interviewed, the occupants said they were OK. All other boats in the area were checked. All were fishing and OK, so the ILB returned to station by 1555.

The ILB crew was paged to go to the aid of a young suicide attempt at Barkby beach, Prestatyn. The Police helicopter and Rhyl Coastguard were also alerted. Just after the ILB had launched, the helicopter reported that the person was now safe ashore. The ILB was just past Splash Point Rhyl, when the crew noticed a fully-clothed man in the sea. They informed the launching tractor, and the driver went to the shore by the man, who was about 30 metres out. The man gestured the tractor away, and the ILB crew came near him, but he tried to duck under the boat. The crew then went overboard to restrain the man, as it was feared that he would harm himself. He also was suicidal, and had been in the water over 1 hour, and was very emotional and shivering with hypothermia. The crew got him ashore and gave him oxygen. The police helicopter also landed nearby and a paramedic gave assistance, together with members of Rhyl Coastguard team. The man was then wrapped up and transported in the ILB on it’s carriage back to the boathouse. The helicopter landed alongside the boathouse, and all personnel helped to keep the man warm. The ambulance arrived soon after, and the man was transferred to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd (hospital). Pictures may be available soon. The man was kept in hospital for 2 nights.

16/7/2002. 1844
The ILB was brought to immediate readiness; then requested to launch; after a member of the public reported 3 children on an inflatable dinghy in trouble off Barkby beach, Prestatyn. The ILB launched, and the Coastguard mobile patrol from Rhyl also went to the scene. The mobile was there first, and the first informant told the patrol that the children had made it safe ashore, and then “did a runner”. The ILB returned to station, being ready for service by 1915.

Prestatyn. The crew arrived on scene, and with the help of the Rhyl Coastguard mobile patrol team, managed to return the car to the beach. The ILB returned to station by 1840.

27/7/2002. 1203
ILB crew were paged at the request of Holyhead coastguard to go to a dinghy 1/2 mile off Towyn beach. The crew arrived on scene to find the 10-foot long dinghy, with 4 persons on board, and a 4-horsepower outboard engine. The occupants were all OK,and were happily fishing. All had lifejackets and were well prepared. The ILB therefore returned to station, arriving at 1222.

28/7/2002. 1210
The crew were at the boathouse for normal Sunday maintenance when the Coastguard reported a dinghy with 2 children on board, in difficulty off Towyn. The ILB launched, and the 2 children were put on board the lifeboat, and they were returned to the shore, together with their inflatable, The ILB returned to station at 1225, when,

The ILB was requested again to go to another inflatable dinghy with 1 person on board, again off Towyn, The person was taken aboard the ILB, and he, and the inflatable, were returned to the beach. The ILB returned to station by 1255.

ILB was requested to launch to another inflatable off Pensarn, with 2 persons on board, As the ILB and tractor left the boathouse, Holyhead Coastguard told them to stand down, as all was now well. The ILB was rehoused by 1840.

29/7/2002. 1837
ILB crew were paged to launch to help in the search for a missing 8-year old child along the West end of Rhyl promenade. The launch was cancelled as the crew were going down the beach. ILB rehoused by 1841.

4/8/2002. 1839
ILB launched after a member of the public became concerned for an inflatable dinghy with 2 boys on board, drifting between Rhyl and Prestatyn, opposite Robin Hood Caravan camp. The ILB launched and was on scene within 3 minutes of launching. The boys were OK, and were only in knee-depth water. They were trying to paddle from Rhyl to Prestatyn. They were advised on the hazards of having a light inflatable on the sea, and after that, the ILB returned to station by 1900.

6/8/2002. 1620
The crew had just put the AWB away after a standby, when Rhyl Beach Guard reported a missing child on the beach by the water’s edge. The ILB launched and searched, together with Rhyl Beach guard units, Rhyl mobile Coastguard patrol, and the lifeboat LandRover. It was eventually reported by council staff that the child had been located by the paddling pool on the promenade, and all units were stood down, the ILB returning to station by 1545.

7/8/2002. 1845
Rhyl Coastguard mobile and the ILB were paged after a member of the public reported a fully-clothed man swimming in the water off the ASDA store, Kinmel Bay. The police helicopter NW1 was also airborne to the incident. The helicopter spotted the man in the surf first, and guided the ILB to the man, who was about 200 metres off shore. The ILB crew took him on board and passed him over to the coastguard patrol on the beach. The man was smelling strongly of alcohol, and refused any more assistance. He was handed over to a police officer on the shore, and all units returned to station, the ILB returning at 1932.

14/8/2002. 1530
The ILB and coastguard mobile were sent to locate an object 1/4 mile out in the water off Towyn. A member of the public thought it might be a boat. The ILB launched within 3 minutes as there was already a crew at the boathouse, and was on scene within 5 minutes. The object turned out to be a blue wooden pallet. Children had been seen playing on this for 2 days previously, and the member of the public was concerned that they might have fallen off the pallet today. The ILB and coastguards searched the surrounding area but there was no sign of recent activity on the pallet, and the units were stood down, returning to station at 1615.

15/8/2002. 2053
ILB crew paged for a person in the water at Talacre Beach. As crew were assembling, the coastguard at Holyhead were informed the person was now OK, and the ILB could stand down. The boat did not leave the boathouse. The coastguard mobile carried on, just to check everything. There was a group by the lighthouse who were having a barbeque, but everything seemed OK.

16/8/2002. 1645
The crew were just assembling in preparation for changing over the AWB with a relief Mersey lifeboat when Holyhead coastguard requested the ILB launch as they had received a phone call from a woman who was trapped on the rocks of the sea wall at Towyn. The ILB launched within 2 minutes and had been going for another 2, when the coastguard received another call from the woman, saying she was now Ok. The ILB was recalled and rehoused by 1655.

17/8/2002. 1200
The start of a busy day—- offshore breeze, incoming tide. There was a crew at the boathouse already, cleaning our new relief Mersey offshore lifeboat 12-11 “Lifetime care”

999 call received by Holyhead coastguard, of a small inflatable off Golden Sands camp, Towyn. ILB launched and found dinghy. No-one on board, so ILB returned to station after searching local area. Returned by 1255.

Another 999 call– child in inflatable off Towyn again, ILB was launching, but was recalled soon after as a person had swum out to the child and successfully recovered them to the beach. The ILB had not launched. ILB back on station by 1330.

ILB requested to inflatable dinghy, 1 mile off Prestatyn. The dinghy had been towed ashore by a local speedboat when the ILB arrived, so the crew returned to station by 1520.

ILB launched to a dinghy 1/2 mile off Garford road sewer outfall, to the east of Rhyl. The inflatable was found to be empty, and also 2 beachballs were also recovered nearby. ILB returned to station by 1650.

Dinghy off ASDA supermarket, Kinmel Bay. Also no person on board. ILB recovered inflatable dinghy and returned to station by 1744.

19/8/2002. 1437
Rhyl Beach guard requested the ILB crew launch to investigate an object in the water 1/4 mile out fro the Suncentre on Rhyl promenade. When the ILB arrived on scene, the crew found a deflated ring. They picked it up and returned to station by 1447.

20/8/2002. 1435
Holyhead Coastguard requested the immediate launch of the ILB to a child on a bodyboard who was stuck on a sandbank off Miller’s Cottage caravan camp, Towyn. When the ILB arrived, the boy had managed to get back to shore, but was in a poor state and suffering from mild hypothermia. He was given oxygen by the crew, and handed over to an ambulance crew who took him to Glan Clwyd hospital.

Holyhead coastguard requested immediate ILB launch to a boy on a bodyboard who had been swamped by the Irish ferry as it passed Prestatyn. The ILB launched within 2 minutes, as a crew was already at the boathouse for the exercise with the AWB, which was also tasked to the incident. Both boats had been going for 5 minutes when the Coastguard reported that the boy was now safe ashore. The ILB returned to station by 2030 and the AWB continued it’s exercise (see AWB launch page).

23/8/2002. 1715
ILB crew and coastguard were paged after a child reported a person being swept out to sea, 1 mile off ASDA store, Kinmel Bay. This seemed strange as the wind was blowing onshore. The child telephoned from the railway station at Rhyl, which is also strange, as it is 1/4 mile inland in the centre of the town. The ILB launched, and the coastguard went to the railway station, where they found no-one there. The ILB also found nothing at sea, and Holyhead Coastguard concluded that this was a hoax call. The ILB returned to station by 1745.

26/8/2002. 1607
The ILB was launched after a crew member in the boathouse saw a red speed boat with 3 persons on board, apparently waving an oar, off Kinmel Bay. When the crew arrived on scene, they were told the boat had power but would not move in the water. An inspection of the propeller found that a split pin had sheared off. As there was no spare on board this boat, it was towed back to the beach, and the ILB returned to station by 1627.

27/8/2002. 1258
The ILB was launched at the request of Rhyl beach guard, who had received a report that there was a person in difficulties in the water in Rhyl harbour. The ILB was on scene within 3 minutes, and started to search the boats around the harbour. They were informed by the owner of 1 of the pleasure boats that a young girl had fallen in the water off the fishing vessel “Neptune”, but had been pulled back aboard by her father and sister. The ILB went to the boat, and found the 17 year-old shocked and cold. She was taken on board the ILB and taken across the harbour to the waiting Coastguard mobile patrol, who calmed her down and made her warm. The ILB returned to station by 1315.

2/9/2002. 1808
ILB crew and Rhyl Coastguard paged after a member of the public dialled 999. 2 children in an inflatable dinghy were being blown offshore about 800m off Golden Sands caravan camp, Towyn. The mother was swimming out to try to get the children back. The ILB launched, and arrived on scene just as the dinghy and it’s occupants had managed to get ashore with the mother. As all was well the ILB returned to station, being ready for service by 1845.

10/9/2002. 2236
ILB and AWB launched to swimmer in water off Pensarn, Abergele. Suspected hoax, see AWB page for more detailed report.

15/9/2002. 2012
ILB and AWB paged to search for missing man at Prestatyn. See AWB report for full details.

6/10/2002. 1310
It was reported to Holyhead Coastguard that there seemed to be a few boats drifting off Point of Air. The ILB launched within 3 minutes, as a crew was already there. They came on 3 inflatables, each about 5m long, tied together to a 6m Dory dayboat. there was signs of recent use, but no outboards fixed to the boats. As 4 boats was too many for the ILB to handle, the AWB was launched. All 4 boats were recovered to Rhyl boathouse where their owners picked them up the next day. For a fuller report, see the AWB page.

11/10/2002. 1947
ILB brought to immediate readiness at request of police as a woman had threatened suicide in the Rhyl Harbour area. It was unclear whether the woman was by the harbour or the Marine Lake, but the ILB would have to be taken by road as it was low water, and there was insufficient water at the harbour mouth to sail round. The call came at 1955 that the woman was safe in police custody, and the ILB was stood down.

17/10/2002. 1915
ILB launched to go to the aid of a man who had become disorientated on the sandbanks off Prestatyn when walking. The ILB together with the AWB and helicopter Rescue 122, searched the area between Presthaven Sands camp and the Grand Hotel, Prestatyn, but the man eventually managed to get to safety on his own, just as the rescue units closed in on him. He refused assistance any further, and every unit was stood down. The ILB returned to station at 2015.

6/11/2002. 1545
2 fishermen had been working on their boat in Rhyl harbour, and they found their dinghy had been washed away by the receding tide. It was not possible to wade ashore from their boat, as they were in mid-river and the water was too deep. They called the coastguard at Holyhead, and the ILB crew was paged. The ILB proceeded by road to the harbour, and launched into the river from the Yacht club slipway. The 2 fishermen were reached within 1 minute, and returned to the Yacht club. The ILB returned by road, being ready for service by 1620. It was as the crew were getting the Landrover out of the boathouse, that it was noticed that the radio from the Landrover was missing, and all the cables had been ripped out. This followed the theft of hand-held radios from the nearby Coastguard base. We seem to live in an age when even rescue services equipment is not safe.

20/7/2002. 1651
Yet another different job! The crew were paged to go to the aid of a car which was floating in the sea off Barkby Beach