D604 relief IB1

22/12/2005. 1958
ILB requested after reports of a dinghy drifting off the end perch at Rhyl, possible person on board. It was nearly low water. The ILB was launched, and the County tractor and LandRover were used to search the sandbanks off Rhyl harbour, whilst the local coastguard mobile unit was also deployed. Parachute flares were used to illuminate the area, but after 1/2 an hour of searching, nothing was found. Holyhead coastguard ceased the search after an hour, and all units were returned to station by 2100.

1/12/2005. 1056
Both AWB and ILB requested to launch after reports of a boat or body in the water off the stone boat jetties at Llanddulas, about 8 miles to the west of the station. The coastguard mobile team was also tasked, and the police helicopter NW1 was also on its way. The ILB had launched and was about 3 miles off when the helicopter crew reported that the object was a large piece of timber with seaweed and/or nets around it. No persons on the object, so all units were stood down. The ILB was back on station by 1122.

22/11/2005. 1152
Rhyl beach guard supervisor (who is full time); and the boathouse were informed by Holyhead Coastguard that they had received numerous 999 calls from the public about an object 1/2 mile out in the water off the perch at Rhyl, marking the river Clwyd entrance. Seagulls were diving on this object, making people suspect a body. The ILB launched and searched the area where the birds were for about 10 minutes, but nothing was found, and the ILB returned to station at 1216.

ILB was again requested by Holyhead Coastguard to further 999 calls to an object off the boathouse, again looking like a body. The ILB crew launched and as they approached the location, observed a seal slowly slipping under the water. It had been lying on it’s back, looking like a body. The ILB crew saw all was well and returned to station at 1255.

21/11/2005. 1147
The mechanic and DLA (Deputy Launching Authority) were at the boathouse when they observed a small microlight and it’s occupant, flying very low near the beach. The engine cut out, and the microlight made a heavy landing near the water’s edge. Holyhead Coastguard were informed and a shore party went to the microlight in the station LandRover LR74. The occupant was shaken but unhurt. he had run out of fuel on a journey from Pensarn (only 4 miles to the west). The shore party made sure the man was OK, then took him to get some fuel from a nearby petrol station. With the crew’s assistance, the microlight was refuelled and took off back to base. As the coastguard stated “This could only happen at Rhyl !” The LandRover returned to station at 1215.

29/10/2005. 1940
The fishing vessel “Mistral 23” was reported aground 500m west of Talacre beach lighthouse, about 7 miles to East of boathouse. there were 3 people on board being battered by the surf on the beach. The AWB was also tasked to assist. The ILB arrived on scene at 1958 and the crew assessed the situation. When the AWB arrived on scene, the ILB took a tow line from the offshore boat to the casualty through the surf, and the crew helped to fasten the tow line to the boat. The AWB then started to tow the casualty out of the surf. The ILB returned to station, and re-launched when the AWB was near Rhyl harbour towing the casualty. The ILB crew then assisted the casualty on to a mooring in the harbour and transferred the crew to shore to coastguards. The ILB was back on station by 2310. See also AWB report.

22/10/2005. 0635
Holyhead coastguard requested ILB to launch after cries of help were heard coming from the beach at Rhyl near the water’s edge. The ILB launched and searched an area up to 3/4 mile East of the boathouse, and up to 1 mile offshore. Local coastguard teams and the RAF rescue helicopter 122 from Valley, Anglesey, also searched the water and shoreline, but nothing was found. The search was called off at 1810 and the ILB was back on station by 0818.

25/9/2005, 1729
ILB requested to assist police, ambulance and coastguard personnel in recovering the body of a man, which was trapped in the rocks at Splash point, Rhyl. The ILB anchored and veered down to the rocks, and 2 crew entered the water and scrambled to the rocks. The man was recovered into the ILB and the crew returned to the boathouse, where the police, ambulance and coroner were in attendance. ILB was ready for service by 1830, once the coroner had completed his task.

18/9/2005. 1830
ILB requested by North Wales police to investigate report of a body off Penmaen Head, Old Colwyn. As it was low water, the ILB was taken by road to launch at Colwyn Bay slipway. The units had reached Pensarn village (about 4 miles of the 8 miles journey) when NW1, the police helicopter, reported that the “body” was actually a rock. All units were stood down and the ILB was rehoused at 1710.

13/9/2005. 1353
Various members of the public had called Holyhead Coastguard expressing concern about the welfare of 3 men in a small day boat off Garford road, between Rhyl and Prestatyn. The boat had been drifting for a few hours, with sporadic bursts from the outboard engine. The ILB launched and proceeded to the boat and came up with it about 7 minutes later. The men in the boat said they were Ok, but they were advised about the worsening sea and wind conditions, and so decided to go ashore early. The ILB recovered at Garford road and the crew helped the men to recover their boat back up the beach. The ILB was returned to station along the beach by 1445.


11/9/2005. 1325
The AWB had already completed the Medivac (medical evacuation) of the owner of the yacht “Catchem” off Rhyl, but 2 AWB crew members were left on board the yacht as it completed it’s passage from Anglesey to the Wirral. It was arranged for West Kirby ILB to meet the yacht when off the Point of Air lighthouse and complete the re-mooring of the yacht. The ILB from Rhyl launched and went to the yacht, rendezvousing with the yacht and West Kirby ILB off Talacre. Crew members from West Kirby were put on the yacht and our 2 crew members then went on to our ILB, and returned to station by 1442. The yacht was successfully placed on it’s mooring by west Kirby crew at 1535.

7/9/2005. 1019
The Lifeboat Operations manager (LOM) looked out of the crew room in the boathouse and saw a young man up to his neck in water, clutching a plastic bag, and walking further out from the shore, having been cut off by the incoming tide. The LOM immediately activated the ILB pagers and the ILB launched in 5 minutes. The man was by now walking parallel with the shore, still up to his neck in water. He was taken on board and returned to the boathouse into the care of the local coastguards. It appears the man was disorientated, and could not swim. He was returned to his party on the beach, the ILB returning to station by 1033.

4/9/2005. 1305
ILB launched to request from Holyhead coastguard to an inflatable off Golden Sands caravan camp, Towyn. The crew came up on an inflatable paddling pool 2m x 1m with no-one in it ! They were also tasked to another incident off Pensarn, and were called to the shore by a man who said he had seen an inflatable with what looked like 2 children on it, about 1 mile out. The ILB went to the scene and on the way came across an inflatable dolphin. Due to the hazy conditions, the ILB helmsman asked for assistance. Rescue helicopter 122 from RAF Valley was in the vicinity, and offered help, and the AWB was also called. when the AWB arrived, the 2 inflatables were passed onboard, and a large-scale search was started. Whilst on this search, the ILB was diverted at —

to go to the assistance of a man off Sandy Cove camp, who was swimming after his dog (which was blind) and was getting into difficulty. The helicopter was also diverted. The man had just been assisted ashore by onlookers when the ILB arrived. Details were taken, and the man checked over, then the ILB went to go back to the original search and at

their attention was drawn to an inflatable dinghy with 2 people on board, about 1/4 mile out. They were having difficulty getting to shore due to the strong offshore wind and ebbing tide, and requested the ILB to take them ashore. This was done, details were taken, and the ILB re-joined the search.

The ILB was again diverted to pick up 2 people in an inflatable dinghy off Golden Sands Camp, Towyn. This was done, details taken, and the ILB resumed the search. At 1528, the coastguard at Holyhead were satisfied that the area had been fully covered by the rescue services, and probably what the man on shore had seen was the inflatable dolphin turning over in the wind, looking like a child waving. All units were told to return to station, the ILB being back at the boathouse at 1540.

ILB requested by Holyhead coastguard to go to the river Clwyd upstream from Rhyl harbour, reports of a man fallen in the water. Due to low water being near, the ILB was taken by road to the harbour. When the crew got to the harbour, the police helicopter had just landed on the river bank, and had apprehended a man on the river bank, who seemed rather intoxicated. As the ILB was no longer required, the crew returned to the boathouse at 1835.

The skipper of the local fishing boat “Olivia Jeanne” requested assistance from ILB as he needed to get ashore quickly to attend to a relative who had been rushed into hospital. The boat was 5 miles out and could not get into Rhyl harbour due to it being low tide. He was skippering the trip for our mechanic, who owned the boat. The mechanic was then taken out by the ILB and swapped with the skipper, who was brought back to Rhyl and taken by one of the crew to Glan Clwyd hospital. The ILB returned to station at 2100.

3/9/2005. 1302
ILB launched after Holyhead coastguard received 999 calls about 2 children in an inflatable dinghy being blown offshore at Pensarn. The ILB was about 1/4 mile off when it was learned from Rhyl coastguard mobile that the children had made it ashore. During this time, the engine on the ILB experienced problems, and the AWB was put on stand-by, but the problem was soon fixed and the ILB returned t9o station by 1400.

ILB requested to assist police in recovering a suicidal person from the water’s edge on the promenade off the Skytower. As ILB was coming out of boathouse, the crew could see the police escorting the person off the beach. It was then confirmed no assistance required and crew were stood down at 2006.

2/9/2005. 1145
ILB brought to standby for a dinghy off the skytower with 2 on board, but they managed to get back to shore before ILB was required.

ILB launched to assist search for 2 missing children last seen by water’s edge, but they were soon found safe ashore. ILB returned to station by 1545.

30/8/2005. 1250
Fishing boat “Jensen”, 7 miles out from Rhyl, reported he had a sick man on board and requested ILB to evacuate the man to shore. Ambulance requested to boathouse. Man had gone unconscious on boat and was very pale. The ILB met up with the boat about 2 miles off Rhyl, and returned to shore to waiting paramedics at 1340.

Rhyl beach guard spotted 5 people and 3 dogs cut off by the tide off Golden sands camp. ILB launched and recovered them to shore. Returned to boathouse at 1655.

Rhyl coastguard mobile patrol reported 8 people cut off by the tide just to the east of the boathouse. ILB launched and recovered all of them back to shore.

29/8/2005. 1445
Rhyl Beach guard reported 2 people on a sandbank, cut off by the tide. The crew went to them in the Landrover and attracted their attention so they were able to be assisted ashore by wading back. The Landrover and crew returned to station by 1510

Beach guard reported 4 people on a bank off Palace Hotel, Rhyl promenade. Rhyl coastguard mobile also tasked. The ILB launched and arrived on scene just as the people were getting ashore. ILB crew prepared to return to shore when at

The ILB crew saw a man and child cut off by the tide about 300m to the east of the last incident, so proceeded to the next sandbank. The 2 were brought ashore none the worse. The ILB returned to station by 1534.

ILB requested to 2 people on a sandbank cut off by the tide off Sunnyvale camp, Kinmel Bay. Launched and was on scene in 5 minutes, 2 people assisted ashore and passed to Rhyl coastguard mobile for details. Returned to shore by 1700, but called out again to–

2 persons cut off by the tide off Golden sands camp, about 1/2 mile to West of previous job, escorted to shore and returned to station by 1715.

28/8/2005. 1404
Rhyl Beach guard reported 2 inflatables being blown offshore off Kinmel Bay. The weather was force 6-7 strong offshore wind and flooding tide. The ILB was requested to investigate the inflatables and so launched. The 2 inflatables were picked up with no-one on board, but people on the shore indicated the rings were theirs. the ILB returned to station at 1540.

21/8/2005. 1028
The ILB crew were already out on exercise when Holyhead coastguard contacted them and Rhyl beach guard, after having had a mobile phone call from 3 people cut off by the tide opposite Rhyl golf club, between Rhyl and Prestatyn. The Lifeboat manager and mechanic and some other crew members also proceeded with the station Landrover. On arrival at the site, nothing was seen, but Holyhead coastguard then received a phone call saying that the 3 people had got themselves off the sandbank and all was well. All units were stood down and the ILB crew carried on with their exercise.

Crew had only just left the boathouse when the pagers were activated. Report of dinghy being blown out to sea off Miller’s Cottage holiday camp. ILB crew located dinghy, which turned out to be an inflatable ring. No-one on it. ILB crew went along shoreline, but no-one attracted their attention, and so ring was recovered with ILB back to station by 1330.

Launched to a small inflatable with 2 people on board off Miller’s Cottage again. Came up on them about 500m out, and struggling to get back to shore. Took 2 people on board and towed dinghy back to shore. No medical assistance required. Boat returned to station by 1502.

Lifeboat Operations Manager at the boathouse saw 2 people in an inflatable off Pensarn beach struggling to get back in to shore. Notified Holyhead Coastguard, and launched ILB. 2 people taken onto ILB and returned to beach. As boat was returning to station at ….

The Operations manager was alerted to another dinghy nearer to station, being blown out to sea. ILB was conned on to dinghy. It was empty and so crew went to beach to see if someone would claim it. To their astonishment, the dinghy belonged to the same people from the 1246 rescue, who had gone back out to sea, but this dinghy was being towed behind the original one with no-one on board, and the tie line snapped. The ILB crew dished out some sea safety advice and returned to station by 1620.

17/8/2005. 1455
Rhyl Beach guard reported to Holyhead coastguard that a woman had approached them and told them she had lost her son on the beach. The local coastguard team and ILB crew were tasked, and the ILB launched at 1500. The remaining crew also took the LandRover LR74 on the beach to assist the search. The beach guard then reported that the woman had run off without giving them complete details of the missing child, and also she seemed rather inebriated. the search was carried out for over half an hour, but with no contact again from the woman, and no sightings of the missing child, it was assumed that this was a false alarm. All units were stood down, and the ILB returned to station at 1540.

15/8/2005. 1502
Rhyl Beach guard requested ILB assistance to get 4 people off a distant sandbank. They were refusing to come back to shore and the tide was coming in. The ILB launched and also the coastguard mobile proceeded. The ILB crew met up with the people, who were unconcerned about the dangers, and insisted on making their own way ashore. This they did under the eye of the coastguards and lifeboat crew. Once ashore they then proceeded to go out to another sandbank ! The coastguards advised them of the dangers, but the people were completely in disregard for any safety implications. The ILB crew returned to station by 1530.

14/8/2005. 1429
Rhyl Beach guard had spotted 2 body boarders about 1/2 mile out from the Skytower at Rhyl. They were in the surf and due to the incoming tide, were 2 banks out from the shore. The beach guard was concerned for their safety due to the distance out and requested the ILB. The ILB was launched 5 minutes later and was along side 4 minutes later. The 2 body boarders were tired but refused any assistance, and so the ILB returned to station by 1450.

The ILB crew were paged after Holyhead coastguard received 999 calls of an overturned jetski and persons in the water, off Barkby beach, Prestatyn. The lifeboat arrived on scene at 1950, and found 1 person clinging to the perch marking the end of the rock groyne by the yacht club slipway; and 1 person in the water; clinging to an overturned Jetski. They had been in the water for over 35 minutes; both were showing signs of advanced hypothermia, and the first person was drifting in and out of consciousness. One crew member entered the water and swam to the casualty on the perch, and the ILB came round again and the man was pulled into the boat. An ambulance was requested immediately, whilst the second person was being recovered. The boat beached at Barkby slipway and both men were transferred to hospital in the ambulance. The ILB and crew then returned to recover the jetski back to Barkby beach, and the ILB returned to station by 9pm.

11/8/2005. 1256
The crew at the boathouse saw 2 adults swimming about 400m out from the shore by the boathouse, and 1 was obviously in difficulties. Holyhead Coastguard agreed for the ILB to launch and the ILB was alongside both swimmers within 3 minutes. Both had swum out and were in difficulty, 1 was exhausted. They were taken into the boat, and they were returned to the beach, where they soon recuperated. They did not realise how far they had swum out, and had found it very difficult to get back to shore. The ILB was ready for service by 1305.

The crew were still washing down the ILB when one of the crew noticed a fishing boat in difficulty at the entrance to Rhyl harbour. It was lying across the revetment wall and was disabled. The ILB relaunched and found the 26-foot long fishing boat “Pathfinder” stuck against one of the perches marking the channel into the harbour. The boat had damaged the propeller going across the wall. The mechanic on board the ILB immediately asked for the AWB and this was launched 10 minutes later. the “Pathfinder” with 6 children and 1 adult on board, was taken in tow and put on a mooring in the harbour. Both boats returned to station by 1405.

Holyhead Coastguard had received reports from at least 2 people that a girl was standing on the railings of the Rhuddlan by-pass bridge over the river Clwyd, and the police were trying to get her down. The ILB was requested to go to Rhuddlan and stand by. The ILB was transported by road to Rhuddlan with the Landrover, and when the crew got on scene, they were just in time to see the last police vehicle leave, as the girl had been coaxed down. Apparently this had been going on for over 2 hours, but no-one had considered water-borne units. The ILB was back on station by 1500.

10/8/2005. 0910
The crew had just arrived at the boathouse to prepare the all-weather lifeboat for passage for repairs. Holyhead Coastguard had received a call from the skipper of the Rhyl sport fishing boat “Jensen”. One of his anglers had received news that a relative was gravely ill and he needed to get ashore as quickly as possible. The tide was out so “Jensen” could not get back into harbour. The ILB was launched and met up with “Jensen” 1.5 miles to the west of the station. 3 people were taken on board the ILB and returned to the boathouse. The ILB was ready for service by 1020.

9/8/2005. 1317
Rhyl Beach guard boat was on patrol off Splash point Rhyl, when they reported to Holyhead coastguard that their engine had stopped and the boat was filling with petrol from a broken pipe. The ILB launched within 3 minutes as a crew was already at the boathouse, and was on scene within 4 minutes. The beach patrol boat crew had gone into the water as there was a risk of fire, and the ILB crew picked them up first. An ILB crew member went onto the beach patrol boat and secured a tow, and the boat was towed back to the boathouse. the ILB was ready for service by 1410.

8/8/2005. 1339
ILB crew paged to assist in search for 6-year old girl missing on Rhyl beach. The ILB, together with the beach guard boat and lifeguards and coastguard teams on shore, commenced search in the central beach area. After about 5 minutes, the girl was spotted near the water’s edge by one of the beach lifeguards and was returned safe to her parents. The ILB was back on station by 1410.

The crew were still at the boathouse when a girl ran to the station to say that there was a 3-year old girl on the beach who had lost her parents (different way round, this time ! ). She was seen running down the beach very near the water, and so the Landrover LR74 and the beach guard mobile started off after her. The girl seemed very agitated and would not let anyone go to her. At about this time, a coastguard was approached by a woman, looking for her child, and the description matched the young girl. The Lifeboat Operations manager then managed to calm the girl, and she was put into the Landrover and mother and child were reunited at the boathouse at about 1500.

ILB requested to launch by Holyhead coastguard after 2 children were seen to jump out of an inflatable dinghy about 1/4 mile out from Sunnyvale camp, Kinmel Bay. The dinghy was being blown away. There was still a crew at the boathouse, and the ILB launched within 3 minutes. The 2 children were scrambling ashore as the crew got there, so their parents were offered some sea safety advice, and the ILB returned to station by 1630.

Holyhead coastguard requested ILB to launch to help search for 6-year old girl missing on the beach at Rhyl. Coastguard teams were also tasked. The ILB launched and had been searching for about 3 minutes when a local coastguard officer and beach lifeguard spotted the girl at the water’s edge towards the harbour. All units were recalled as the girl was reunited with her parents. The ILB returned to station at 1512.

The boats were on show on the promenade for Flag day, and the ILB and crew were in the town collecting, when Rhyl Beach Guard boat reported that their engine had failed and they could not restart it. The boat had been pushed on to the sea wall outside the harbour by the tide and wind, and they could not get off. The ILB proceeded to the boathouse, with “Stormy Stan” in attendance. At the boathouse he was unceremoniously dumped and the ILB launched. The beach guard boat was taken in tow and brought back to the boathouse. Stan was put back on board and the crew carried on collecting. Stormy Stand

2/8/2005. 1325
ILB requested after 2 children were seen to come out of a small dinghy about 1/2 mile out from Golden Sands camp, Sandy Cove. The wind was blowing offshore and an ebbing tide, so they were being carried out to sea very fast. The ILB was on scene 4 minutes after launching and took the children aboard and returned them to the beach. No medical assistance was required. The ILB returned to station by 1400.

ILB requested again for another dinghy off Sandy Cove, 1 female occupant. She was again taken into the boat and returned to the beach, but was showing signs of hypothermia and was taken to Glan Clwyd hospital for observation by an ambulance. The ILB returned to the boathouse at 1435.

ILB relaunched to investigate a small dinghy off Pensarn beach. Arrived on scene 10 minutes later. No-one on board. Reports from the coastguard mobile ashore confirmed occupant was safe ashore, so ILB returned to station by 1510.

Rhyl beach guard requested ILB to launch to 3 objects off Splash Point at easterly end of Rhyl promenade. ILB found 2 beach balls, an inflatable ring, and a balloon in the shape of a cat ! Returned to station by 1610.

1/8/2005. 1732
Both ILB and AWB launched to search the shoreline for a 4-year old boy last seen in the water off Prestatyn. Local police and coastguard units were also going to scene, together with the North Wales Police helicopter NW1. The shore line was searched from Rhyl to Point of Air lighthouse, and the units were also joined by Rescue 122 helicopter from RAF Valley. The caravan the boy was staying had already been searched, but a secondary later search found the boy hiding in the caravan. With the good news that the boy had been found, all units were stood down and the lifeboats were back at station just after 1900.

30/7/2005. 2245
Both boats requested by Holyhead Coastguard, together with local coastguard units and Rescue Helicopter, to search for a male who had jumped in the sea at Llanddulas. The ILB launched first and arrived on scene just as a police officer was dragging the unconscious man out of the water. The helmsman beached the boat and went to aid the officer, just as the helicopter arrived, together with the AWB. The man was revived by the rescuers and was moved to a part of the beach ready for the helicopter, whilst the AWB illuminated the area. The man was then taken by helicopter to Glan Clwyd hospital, and all units were stood down, the boats arriving back at station at 0030.

26/7/2005. 1209
Rhyl Beach Guard reported to Holyhead Coastguard that they could see an object being blown out to sea, about 1/2 mile out to sea off Towyn beach, 3 miles west of the boathouse. The ILB was launched and retrieved the object. No-one was aboard, and the object was recovered to the boathouse by 1240.

24/7/2005. 1231
The crew were at the boathouse for the normal Sunday meeting when a small boat off the end perch marker was brought to their attention. The boat had broken down and the crew could not re-start the engine. The ILB launched within 4 minutes and was on scene 2 minutes later. One of the ILB crew went on to the boat to supervise the tow, and the boat was towed back to Rhyl harbour. The ILB was recovered in the harbour and returned to station by road by 1310.

23/7/2005. 1943
Immediate launch requested after 999 calls received by Holyhead coastguard regarding 2 people in an inflatable dinghy struggling to get ashore about 1/2 mile out from Pensarn beach, Abergele. ILB arrived on scene after 15 minutes and took the 2 people on board and recovered them and the dinghy back to the beach. they had been trying to get back to the beach without success for over an hour. No medical assistance was required and the ILB was back on station by 2040.

17/7/2005. 1515
Rhyl beach guard noticed a small dinghy with 2 people on board, paddling in circles, some distance off the shore at Pensarn, Abergele. It was outside their guard area, and so they asked if the ILB could be launched. The ILB launched within 4 minutes and got to the location just as the children got ashore, and so some advice was given to the children, and the ILB was back at station at 1545.

Rhyl beach guard again noticed a small white motor boat which had been stopping and starting, 1 mile out from Kinmel Bay. The ILB crew were paged and the ILB launched. When they got up to the boat, the 3 men in it said they were OK, and they had been drift fishing. The ILB returned to station at 1710.

16/7/2005. 1315
Rhyl mobile coastguard patrol were keeping watch on a 30-feet long catamaran with 3 people on board, just off the boathouse. It was 1 hour before low tide and the boat was in amongst the shallows and sandbanks. One of the crew had attempted to start the dinghy’s outboard, but was not successful. The crew and not put an anchor down, and the yacht’s outboard engine was continuously coming out of the water due to the surf. The ILB was requested to investigate, and was alongside within 6 minutes. The yacht’s crew gave up with the engines and tried to raise the sails, but the foresail got stuck. They managed to free the sail and raise it, and sailed out of the surf with the ILB in attendance. The ILB escorted the craft in to deeper water then returned to station, leaving the crew to sail the yacht back to the Wirral. The ILB was back on station at 1410.

ILB paged for immediate launch as members of the public had found a small boat on the beach at Talacre, 10 miles to east of station, which had an outboard engine, fuel, fishing rods and tackle, and clothing on board; but no-one was on the boat. The ILB located the boat in heavy surf and managed to tow it out beyond the surf line to the waiting AWB which also had launched. A large scale sea and shore search then began from Llandudno to Flint (over 25 miles of shoreline) and also in the river Dee. Rescue helicopter RAF Rescue 122 was also tasked as it was returning from a medical evacuation mission to Liverpool airport. The rescue units started the search and the AWB towed the boat to Barkby beach in Prestatyn, where the ILB took it ashore. The search then commenced and the ILB crew changed after 3 hours at sea, to give the original crew a breather. About 2100 the AWB was off Llandudno, and the ILB was off Llanddulas, when the search was scaled down as no-one was reported missing. The ILB returned to station at 2035 and the AWB at 2105.

15/7/2005. 1450
Rhyl beach guard requested ILB assistance after 2 youths were seen waving, having been cut off by the incoming tide, off Central promenade. a crew was already at the boathouse and was on their way within 3 minutes. the beach guard had waded across to the 2 boys as the ILB got to the water’s edge, and was helping the boys wade chest-deep across the gully. The ILB crew then assisted them to the shore. ILB returned to boathouse by 1600.

14/7/2005. 1604
Rhyl beach guard contacted Holyhead coastguard regarding an inflatable dinghy about 400m out from Rhyl children’s village. The 2 youths on it were paddling farther and farther out, and concern was felt they would not be able to paddle ashore. The ILB crew assembled and launched to the boat. The 2 boys were unaware they were far out and admitted they were not able to get back so far, so the 2 were taken on to the ILB with the dinghy, and returned to shore. The ILB returned to station at 1620.

Liverpool coastguard received a radio call from the speedboat “Hatter that they had broken down off Llanddulas. The ILB crew were paged and launched 6 minutes later. After a passage of 17 minutes, the crew found the speedboat by Penmaen Head and took the 2 people on board, and towed the boat back to Colwyn bay slipway. The Landrover went to Colwyn bay to meet them, and the ILB was returned to station by 2210.

12/7/2005. 1015
Sufficient crew were at the boathouse when Holyhead Coastguard requested launch of ILB to reported person in water off Splash Point Rhyl. ILB launched within 4 minutes and was alongside casualty within 3 minutes. “Casualty” turned out to be a very large helium balloon in the shape of a teddy bear ! This was retrieved and ILB was back on station by 1030.

Holyhead Coastguard requested ILB to launch to a small boat off Garford road, about 1 mile out. Looked to be someone waving from it. ILB launched and came across a man in a kayak happily paddling to Prestatyn from Rhyl, and back. All was reported OK, with advice given to the man to report his intended movements to the coastguard prior to setting out. ILB was returning to station when they were contacted by Holyhead coastguard at….

to investigate a small white boat about 1/2 mile off boathouse which was moving and stopping erratically. The ILB came alongside and the 2 persons on board said they were OK, and immediately sped off towards Colwyn Bay. ILB returned to station by 1440.

ILB crew paged after Holyhead Coastguard received reports of 2 youths on a rock groyne about 100m out at the Nova centre, Prestatyn. Rhyl beach guard also alerted. One of the lifeguards stationed at Prestatyn managed to swim out to the groyne and assist the casualties until the ILB arrived. Both were suffering from hypothermia and were taken into the ILB, along with the lifeguard. The 3 were taken back to the Nova beach and the 2 youths were transferred to an ambulance. The ILB returned to station by 1625.

10/7/2005. 1640
The ILB crew were called out by Holyhead Coastguard, to go to the aid of 4 persons in a 10-foot long boat off Llanddulas jetties. Persons on shore had seen the people paddling to try to get to shore, but the ebbing tide was carrying them further out to sea. The ILB was on scene within 12 minutes and managed to tow the boat back to its launching site at Llanddulas. The boat had run out of fuel, and local coastguards on scene gave advice to the owner of the boat regarding safety at sea. The ILB was back on station by 5.45pm.

9/7/2005. 0611
Request from North Wales police via Holyhead coastguard, for the ILB to attend the Marine lake at Rhyl, and locate and search a submerged car which had gone into the lake after being stolen by joyriders. It was not known if there was anyone in the car as only about 5cm of the car was above water. the ILB and Landrover proceeded by road to the lake, together with the Rhyl coastguard mobile team. The ILB crew entered the water and managed to get the driver’s door open and search inside the car. No persons were found, and the teams returned to station by 0702. The car was left for the local council to retrieve at their leisure.

6/7/2005. 1124
ILB taken by road to Rhyl harbour, after North Wales police requested ILB to search for a person believed suicidal, and had threatened to go in the water. The crew had already searched the promenade to Splash Point using the Landrover only, but it was then requested the ILB search between the road and rail bridge and the harbour, up the River Clwyd. After about 1 hour, nothing had been found under the bridges or around the boats in the harbour, so Holyhead Coastguard stood the ILB down. Weather was about force 6 Westerly wind, with strong gusts and a very rough sea, so the ILB could not carry out a shoreline search. It could be possible to carry out this search later when the tide goes out. The ILB was ready for service by 1330.

As a follow up to the previous service, the lifeboat crew were asked to carry out a search with Rhyl coastguards of the low water shoreline between Rhyl and Talacre, and also either side of the harbour entrance and the estuary of the river Clwyd. The County tractor (TW33) was used to search the harbour entrance and river banks and low water to the west of the station, the LandRover (LR74) used to search from the boathouse east to Prestatyn, and the coastguards searched the promenade including the spots where it is known the man frequented. the search carried on for over an hour until the tide started to turn, when all units were returned to station with nothing found.

30/6/2005. 1938
Launch of ILB requested by Holyhead Coastguard as they had received 999 calls regarding 2 canoeists off Splash Point at the East end of Rhyl promenade. One had come out of his craft and was having difficulty getting back in. The ILB launched by 1943 and was on scene by 1945. The man in the water was taken on board the ILB and taken ashore to a waiting Coastguard mobile team, who brought him back to the boathouse where an ambulance was waiting. The other man was able to get ashore unaided. The ILB crew then returned to the abandoned canoe and brought it back to the boathouse. The man was taken to hospital as he was very cold and hypothermia was setting in. The ILB was ready for service by 2025.



28/6/2005. 1444
The LOM (Lifeboat Operations Manager) was informed at the station of an object going out to sea about 1/2 mile off Towyn, about 4 miles West of the station. He looked through the station’s binoculars and could see the object, but asked Holyhead coastguard to ask for the ILB to launch. A crew was already at the boathouse, and so the boat was launched within 4 minutes. The ILB located the object, which proved to be a child’s inflatable ring. A shoreline sweep at low speed was then undertaken back to the station, to try to attract someone’s attention who might have lost the ring, but with no success. The ILB then returned to the boathouse with the ring on board at 1530.

Holyhead Coastguard called out the ILB crew at 1910, together with Rhyl coastguard team, to go to the aid of a man who was reported swimming out to sea from the Nova Centre, Prestatyn, towards the offshore windfarm site. The shore crew from the boathouse also attended by road with the station’s Landrover to assist. Once on scene, it was discovered that the man had managed to scramble on to the outer leg of one of the stone breakwaters, and was in a distressed state. A crew member on shore waded out to the man and with the coastguard team’s help, managed to pacify him so that he could be taken ashore in the lifeboat. On route to the shore, the lifeboat crew administered oxygen and protected the man with special blankets. He was handed over to ambulance paramedics on site and taken to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, shaken and barely able to speak, suffering from hypothermia.It appears that the man had been drinking for some time, and this, together with the cold water after a hot day, very nearly cost the man dearly.

24/6/2005. 1332
Rhyl police requested the launch of the ILB to search for an elderly lady who had absconded from one of the nursing homes near the promenade. It was not certain which way the lady had gone, and so the boat was launched as a precautionary measure. The local coastguard mobile team was also called out, and the shore crew from the lifeboat station also went along the promenade in the station LandRover LR74. Nothing was found, so after 2 hours, Holyhead Coastguard returned all units to their bases, the ILB being back on station by 1538.

22/6/2005. 1350
Some of the crew were already at the boathouse, cleaning the boats after last night’s exercise, when Holyhead Coastguard phoned to request the ILB launch to 1 person in an inflatable, 1/2 mile out from Sunnyvale camp, Kinmel Bay. The ILB launched and found a 20-year old man in an inflatable dinghy, with 1 paddle, who had gone to sea, not knowing about an offshore breeze and an ebbing tide, and so he could not get back to shore. The ILB crew picked the man up and took him and his dinghy back to the shore, offering some advice to him on the way. The man did not need hospital treatment, but was visibly shaken up by his experience.

The ILB launched to go to the windfarm support vessel “Top cat”, 1.5 miles North-West of Rhyl, who had picked up an unmanned dinghy. The position of the dinghy suggested it had come from the Abergele/Llanddulas areas. The ILB immediately started a sector search of the area, but due to a strong South-West wind and choppy seas, requested the back up of the All-Weather lifeboat. The 2 boats were soon joined by the rescue helicopter Rescue 122 from RAF Valley in Anglesey. The search continued for another 2 hours, but with no-one reported missing, the search was called off, and the ILB returned to station by 1745. See also AWB report.

20/6/2005. 1930
Immediate launch of ILB requested by Holyhead Coastguard, after they received 999 calls reporting people in the water from 2 canoes off Prestatyn. the ILB launched in 5 minutes and came across 2 canoeists who were practicing “Eskimo rolls” in their craft, but had not notified anyone ashore of their intentions. Once the ILB crew confirmed all was well, they returned to station by 2115.

15/6/2005. 2052
A woman had been walking her dog on the bank of the Marine lake when the dog got into the water and began to swim for the island in the middle of the lake. The woman had gone into the lake to get the dog, but was unsuccessful. Police requested the backup of coastguard and lifeboat personnel. The lake is closed to the public at the moment due to an outbreak of algae in the water. The woman managed to get back to the bank, but the dog was still swimming away. Police officers tried to restrain the woman but she tried to get into the water again. The Inshore lifeboat was launched and was alongside the dog within 3 minutes. A crew member successfully lassoed the dog and brought it alongside the boat. The dog was a Staffordshire bull terrier, and the woman said it could bite if it felt threatened, so the crew managed to get the dog into a survivors’ bag to restrain it, whilst they returned to the shore. The woman had been taken to hospital with hypothermia and a broken wrist, and so the dog was handed over to the local police, and the boat returned by road to station, being ready for service by 10.00pm, having a thorough wash down after being in contaminated water.

12/6/2005. 1110
Whilst on it’s regular Sunday morning exercise, the ILB was contacted by Holyhead Coastguard, to proceed to the local charter fishing vessel “Sea Gem 2”, off Rhyl, who had a fisherman on board, who was sick and hypothermic. The ILB was alongside within 6 minutes, and the crew gave him medical attention. It was decided to return the man to the boathouse, where an ambulance team were waiting to check the man over. This was done, and the ambulance men decided he didn’t warrant a hospital stay. The man was looked after at the boathouse and the ILB was ready for service by 1150. The man then waited ashore for his colleagues to return later in the day.

10/6/2005. 1340
Rhyl beach patrol had been informed that a person was attempting to enter the water in an agitated state, somewhere between the Seaquarium and the harbour at Rhyl. The ILB launched and searched, together with the beach patrol, Coastguards and local police. Nothing untoward was found, and all units were stood down, the ILB being ready for service by 1525.

31/5/2005. 2234
ILB crew paged and ILB launched to investigate flashing lights off the Nova Centre, Prestatyn. Police helicopter NW1 and Rhyl coastguard mobile also tasked. The ILB was guided to the vessel by the FLIR (forward-looking infra-red) of the helicopter, and came across a small fishing boat which had nets out with a flashing light on the end of the net. This was the same boat as the previous shout, and the ILB crew offered words of advice regarding the flashing light on the end of their nets. After confirming all was well, all units were stood down by Holyhead coastguard, and the ILB returned to station by 2315.

29/5/2005. 2327
ILB requested to launch after reports of a boat possibly in difficulty off Prestatyn. A person ashore had seen a flashing light. As the ILB was proceeding down the beach to launch, Rhyl coastguard mobile reported the boat was safe ashore. The crew on the boat were wearing head-lights and so to someone ashore would think their head movements were actually someone flashing for help. The ILB was stood down, as well as the AWB, which was on standby, at 2345.

28/5/2005. 2156
The crew were at the boathouse after the official naming ceremony of the ILB, when the pagers went off. Holyhead Coastguard had been informed of someone on the blue road bridge at Rhyl harbour was going to jump off. The crew went by road to the harbour. On arrival, nothing could be seen, but the police helicopter NW1 saw a man on the other side of the river. He was questioned, but there were conflicting reports from people on scene. with nothing untoward found, all units were stood down, the service classed as “False alarm, good intent” and the crew got back to the boathouse at 2235.

(Temporary station boat D620 from December 15th 2004 to 15th May 2005)

15/5/2005. 1025
The ILB was already on exercise when Holyhead Coastguard asked for the boat to go to the shore off Robin Hood camp, where white flares had been reported. After about 10 minutes on scene, nothing was found, and the crew carried on with their exercise.

14/5/2005 1710
Holyhead Coastguard received a report from a member of the public that there was a woman in the sea off Rhyl, fully clothed. The ILB was put on immediate readiness, then asked to launch, but as the boat was being taken out of the boathouse, Rhyl coastguard mobile reported the woman was out of the sea and the ILB was stood down.

13/5/2005. 1848
Holyhead Coastguard received a call from a man worried after seeing a woman enter the sea off the Skytower at Rhyl, but could not see her after 5 minutes. the coastguard mobile was also tasked. As the crew were going to the water’s edge when they saw a woman coming back up the beach. The coastguard contacted her and the ILB was told to return to station, doing this by 1857. The woman was well and under no threat, it was probably the sun low on the horizon that prevented the man from seeing her come out of the water.

10/5/2005. 1520
Whilst the ILB and crew were on an assessment training exercise, they were informed that a 14 -foot yacht with 2 people on board, had run aground off Kinmel Bay, and the occupants were having difficulty getting the boat off. the ILB proceeded to the spot, and had just arrived when the yacht’s crew had managed to get the boat into deeper water, and s the ILB stood by until the yacht attained deep water enough to sail onwards. The ILB and crew returned to their exercise at 1540.

3/5/2005. 1119
Rhyl Beach guard supervisor was contacted as he drove along the promenade by 3 people reporting what looked like an overturned boat about 3/4 mile out from the Skytower at Rhyl. he contacted the coastguard at Holyhead and the pagers were set off for the ILB. The boat launched about 6 minutes later and went out to the object, which proved to be a large piece of industrial foam in the shape of an elongated diamond, about 1 metre in length. it was recovered and the crew returned to station by 1145.

2/5/2005. 1630
Rhyl Coastguard mobile patrol reported to Holyhead Coastguard that there was a 20-foot yacht at the entrance to the River Clwyd at Rhyl, who was having difficulty starting his auxiliary engine to get into Rhyl harbour, and was going aground on the sandbanks. There was 1 man on board . the ILB launched within 4 minutes and was alongside the casualty 3 minutes later. the yacht was taken in tow and was put on a mooring in the harbour. the man was then taken off the yacht and passed to the coastguards on the promenade. the ILB returned to station at 1703.

1/5/2005. 0145
3 separate parties had stopped a passing ambulance and reported cries of help, and a person shouting that they were stuck in the mud, at the entrance to Rhyl harbour. This was passed to Holyhead Coastguard who paged their team and the ILB crew. The tide was low, but was coming in, and so the ILB & crew, with additional personnel, were taken by road to the harbour. The ILB launched at the yacht club slipway, and the Landrover and other personnel, together with Rhyl Coastguard team and the police, searched the river banks into the harbour. The one group of people were slightly the worse for wear of drink. After searching for over 90 minutes , nothing had been sighted, and the search was terminated by the coastguard at Holyhead, putting the job down to a prank. The ILB and crew returned to station at 0300.

29/4/2005. 1600
Holyhead coastguard had received numerous 999 calls regarding a small dinghy being swept out to sea from Rhyl harbour. It was not clear whether anyone was on board, and so the LOM (Lifeboat Operations Manager) authorised a self-launch of the ILB to investigate. The ILB was launched within 6 minutes and came up on the dinghy 3 minutes later. No-one was on board, and it was clear that the dinghy had come adrift from its mooring in the harbour. It was towed back to the harbour and secured on the quay wall, the ILB returning to station at 1625.

10/4/2005. 1229
Holyhead coastguard requested launch of ILB after they were informed that 3 people were cut off by the incoming tide at Presthaven sands holiday camp, Prestatyn. The ILB made best speed to site together with Rhyl coastguard mobile patrol. The 3 people were located still on the sandbank, but were crossing the gutter towards the beach, so the ILB stood by and the coastguards escorted them ashore. The AWB was also tasked and stood by also (see AWB -page). Once the casualties were ashore, the ILB and coastguard proceeded to search for another party seen cut off further down the beach, but some people were seen going over the sand dunes, and with no-one else around, it was assumed that they were the people who were on the sandbank. After a short search, the ILB returned to station at 1403.

2/4/2005. 1423
A member of the public ran into the lifeboat shop saying his 11-year old son was trapped by the incoming tide about 1/4 mile off the boathouse. The shop assistant phoned the boathouse and told a crew member of this. Holyhead coastguard were immediately radioed and the ILB was requested. Meanwhile, the crew member got the County ILB launching tractor out and proceeded the 100 metres to the shoreline, went across the gully, and put the child in the tractor, returning to the boathouse at 1435. The child was handed over to the local coastguard patrol, and the equipment was put away by 1440.

30/3.2005. 1409
A member of the public reported an object floating about 1/4 mile out from Rhyl Suncentre to Holyhead Coastguard, and the ILB was requested. The boat was launched and found a bunch of balloons ! they looked like a body from a distance, but the crew soon were ‘deflated’ ! They were taken on board and the ILB returned to station, being ready for service by 1425.

25/3/2005. 1110
ILB launch requested by Holyhead coastguard to a jet ski with 3 persons on board, which had capsized off Barkby beach, Prestatyn. On arriving at the scene, the persons had been recovered by a local boat and the jet ski also recovered. the ILB crew, together with the local coastguard mobile patrol, rendered first aid with space blankets and hoods until the ambulance arrived, as the 2 younger persons were showing signs of hypothermia. The ILB crew then returned to station by 1200.

5/1/2005. 2354
ILB launch requested by Holyhead coastguard to assist local coastguards and police in searching for a woman who had threatened to go into the sea by the boathouse. The police helicopter NW1 was also searching. The crew used the Landrover to go along the promenade and the ILB was being taken to the launch site at low water when Holyhead Coastguard reported the woman had been found in the events arena about 200 metres west of the boathouse. All units were stood down and the ILB was ready for service by 0015 Thursday.

3/1/2005. 1245
Operations manager was paged for ILB to assist jet-skier who had fallen off his machine off Colwyn Bay. The launched was cancelled 2 minutes later when it was reported that the man was now OK. Classed as standby

3/1/2005. 0130
Immediate launch of ILB requested by Holyhead Coastguard after 2 separate reports of a man jumping off the blue road bridge in the Foryd harbour at Rhyl. Coastguard, Police and Ambulance personnel were also on scene. ILB launched from the boathouse and proceeded to the harbour, and the Landrover with additional crew went by road. The police helicopter was not available, and so the coastguard requested assistance from the RAF rescue 122 helicopter from Valley, Anglesey. All units searched the area and up to 2 miles upstream of the bridge, but nothing was found. the search was terminated at 04.10, and the ILB was ready for service at 04.30. A further search by the police helicopter NW1 and coastguards the following morning also found nothing.