D604 relief Inshore Lifeboat “Marie Turner”.

13/12/2007. 1033
The ILB crew were paged to launch to a drifting boat off Prestatyn. As the crew were passing Barkby beach in Prestatyn, they noticed some people and police by an apparently unconscious person at the water’s edge. The crew immediately beached the ILB and one crew member started resuscitation on the male. It appeared that the man was going fishing in his boat, but somehow the boat was blown offshore away from the man, and he attempted to swim to the boat, failing to do so, and becoming unconscious. A member of the local sailing club went to his aid and dragged him ashore, but the boat was still drifting out to sea. The police helicopter NW1 also landed to assist, and the local coastguards and paramedic ambulance teams arrived soon after. Despite the valiant attempts to revive the man by the paramedics, they were unable to do so. As the ILB crew were no longer needed on shore, they re-launched the ILB to retrieve the boat, which was some 1/2 mile out. The boat was recovered, and the crew realised this was the same boat that we had been called to on 3 separate occasions over the summer of 2007.Unfortunately this last call had tragic consequences, and we extend our sympathies to the man’s relatives. The recovered boat was taken on the ILB’s carriage by road to the police compound for investigation, and the ILB returned by sea to the boathouse, being recovered at 1145. The sea temperature at the time was only 7° and survival in the sea, despite it being a sunny day with calm seas, would have been about 10 minutes without the proper protective gear.

26/10/2007. 1814
Rhyl local coastguard team and ILB crew paged to assist 4 people on 1 sandbank, and 2 others on another sandbank, trapped by the incoming tide off Robin Hood camp, between Rhyl and Prestatyn. When the ILB crew arrived on scene , the first 4 were wading across the gutter, so they were watched until they got ashore to the coastguards, then the ILB proceeded to the other 2 and did the same. Holyhead coastguard then requested the ILB to patrol to Prestatyn due to the incoming tide and fading light. This was done, and as no other persons were found, the ILB returned to station at 1701.

6/10/2007. 1325
Numerous people contacted Holyhead coastguard reporting 2 children in an inflatable, in difficulty, off the end perch marker at Rhyl harbour entrance. The ILB was launched, followed by the ALB. Nothing in the immediate area was found, and so the search was widened, including Rhyl coastguard team. the units searched for 3 hours, but nothing was found, and the boats returned to the boathouse at 1600. Classed as false alarm with good intent.

30/9/2007. 1254
ILB crew paged together with Rhyl coastguard team to investigate reported inflatable off Sunnyvale camp, Kinmel Bay. Coastguard team were on scene first and reported object to be a large log. ILB had not launched and so was stood down – classed as standby.

29/9/2007. 0148
The ILB was requested to launch to assist Police officers and the Rhyl coastguard team to recover a woman seen floating apparently unconscious in the surf opposite Rhyl Suncentre. When the ILB crew arrived on scene, the police and coastguards had managed to get the woman to the shoreline, but the helmsman decided it would be quicker to get her into the boat and back to station. this was done, and the ILB proceeded to the boathouse and the woman was transferred to an ambulance ashore. The ILB was rehoused at 0215.

Our station boat has been returned to the Inshore Lifeboat Centre, Cowes, for essential fabric repairs due to excessive wear and tear. Relief IB1 D604 on station from 30/8/2007.

D632 “Godfrey and Desmond Nall”

26/8/2007. 1510
Our Open day was well under way when the beach guard reported a lost child on the beach. The ILB was requested as back up by Holyhead Coastguard. They launched within 4 minutes and had been patrolling the water’s edge when the beach guard reported the child was found safe on the beach. the ILB returned to station by 1528.

The barbeque after the Open Day was just starting when the pagers went off, requesting ILB launch. A 4 year-old child had fallen into the river Clwyd near Rhyl harbour, and had been brought to shore unconscious, but a lady with the party had gone to the boy’s aid, and had fallen on the rocks, damaging her leg. the ILB arrived on scene, and the crew helped with the boy and also the lady. The boy was revived by one of the public, and was taken into a waiting ambulance. The Landrover from our station was requested to get a basket stretcher for the woman, and the coastguards and crew brought the lady also to an ambulance. All crew were back on station by 1930 and the BBQ got under way.

22/8/2007. 1510
ILB crew requested to go to 5 people in the water, on body boards, swimming to the end perch at Rhyl. They were quite a way out. When the crew got to them, they initially refused assistance, but then 2 of the party asked to be taken ashore as they were showing signs of hypothermia. The other boarders were escorted back to shore, and by then, the other 2 had warmed up, so all were returned to coastguards ashore. The crew returned to station at 1530.

The crew had just returned to station when they were tasked to 3 people stuck on a sandbank by the incoming tide. All were returned to shore safe by 1602.

ILB crew again asked to launch to assist beach guard helping 2 people in the water getting back to shore through the surf line. The guard managed it himself and the ILB was stood down, classed as standby.

ILB again tasked to assist 2 beach guards who were swimming out to 4 adults and 1 child clinging to a small 1 metre inflatable ring, being swept over the wall of the river and out to sea. This water is mostly fresh water from the hills, and after the rain lately, was very fast. 2 of the party separated and clung to one of the marker poles at the mouth of the river, but the others were reached by the lifeguards and held afloat until the ILB arrived. The others clinging to the pole were also recovered into the ILB, so there were 10 in total in the boat, with the 3 crew. All 5 rescued were showing signs of hypothermia. The child lapsed into unconsciousness and all were given oxygen. The ILB returned to the beach where coastguards assisted to get the casualties to 4 waiting ambulances. The ILB crew then returned to station by 1725.

This was a great example of the close co-operation between the local volunteer coastguards; the council beach life guards; and the lifeboat crew. Without this teamwork, there could have been more serious consequences to this incident.

14/8/2007. 1259
ILB crew paged to assist Flint ILB in recovering 10 people from the sandbanks off Mostyn harbour in the River Dee. The people were protesting at Airbus industries plane division by targeting the vessel that brings the new Airbus A380 wings from Hawarden to Mostyn for onward delivery by boat to France. The ILB had got to Talacre when they were recalled as all people had been brought ashore by Flint ILB and Mostyn Pilot boat. ILB returned to station at 1235.

12/8/2007. 1814
ILB and Landrover requested to assist Rhyl Beach guards, Rhyl coastguards and local police to search for a 12-year old girl, missing for over 3 hours on the promenade. The units were searching for about half an hour when the girl turned up near the parents’ car. All units stood down at 1848.The ILB was returning to station when at…

The ILB was diverted to investigate 2 people in a small bat at the entrance to the harbour which was aground. As the ILB tried to get near, it also came aground, and so the crew waded to the occupants who said they were OK and going back into the harbour with the tide. The ILB returned to station at 1905.

The ILB was again requested to assist the Rhyl coastguard team with 2 Jet skis which were left on Kinmel Bay beach. As the coastguards reached the craft, they started to float off with the incoming tide. As the ILB approached, the owners appeared down the beach. They said they were OK and were returning to Colwyn Bay. The coastguards and ILB crew waited until they were safely on their way, before returning to station at 1959.

11/8/2007. 1823
2 adults and 1 child were reported stuck on a sandbank off the Skytower at Rhyl. The water was waist deep as the 3 tried to get back to shore but were unsuccessful. the ILB went across the water and recovered them to shore. The ILB returned to station at 1900.

10/8/2007. 1948
ILB launched to assist North Wales police and local coastguard teams to search for 3 missing boys last seen near the sand dunes at Talacre, about 6 miles East of the station. The ILB searched the shoreline whilst the shore teams patrolled the beach. The boys were located at the water’s edge by police and all units were stood down, the ILB returning by 2100.

9/8/2007. 1006
A fisherman at the entrance to Rhyl harbour reported what looked like an overturned dinghy off the harbour entrance. ILB launched and discovered very large log. Returned to station at 1025.

8/8/2007. 1543
ILB crew paged to standby for child lost on beach. As crew were preparing, the beach guard and Rhyl coastguard team located the child. ILB stood down at 1654.

7/8/2007. 1642
ILB requested to investigate upturned dinghy off Towyn, turned out to be the green sewer buoy with a cormorant on it, drying it’s wings. ILB returned at 1715.

5/8/2007. 1226
Rhyl beach guard spotted an inflatable off Towyn being blown out to sea. the ILB was launched 3 minutes later as the crew were on station already. The dinghy turned out to be a rubber ring and also 2 other empty inflatables were picked up. The local coastguard team who were on shore confirmed no persons missing and the ILB returned to station at 1225.

Rhyl beach guard requested back up as a woman was having an epileptic fit on the beach by their central station. Some of the crew proceeded in the LandRover and administered oxygen to the woman until the arrival of the ambulance fast response vehicle. Crew returned to station at 1425.Shore-based service.

4/8/2007. 1225
It was Rhyl station Flag Day and the boats were on show at the Sea life aquarium. Rhyl beach guards reported an inflatable being blown out to sea off Golden sands camp, Towyn. The ILB launched and was on scene in about 6 minutes. the inflatable was empty, and Rhyl coastguard team, who were also tasked, confirmed they had spoken to the owners on shore and all were safe. The ILB returned to the flag day at 1310.

3/8/2007. 1529
ILB launched to assist AWB which had picked up a yellow kayak off the entrance to Rhyl harbour. The crew had seen a man on the kayak as they returned from a previous AWB service, and so the ILB went close to shore as the AWB picked up the kayak. A man on shore contacted the ILB crew and said it was his kayak. As no-one was in danger, the ILB then returned to station by 1630.The kayak was taken by the AWB to the boathouse as it was very long and the ILB couldn’t manage it in the surf.

ILB launched after the station manager noticed a person fall out of an inflatable dinghy off Towyn. There was another dinghy nearby, but the original dinghy was seen going out to sea. On arrival on scene, the ILB crew found that the occupant of the first dinghy was now in the other one, and they were getting ashore safely. The ILB picked up the other dinghy , which was now nearly a mile offshore, and brought it back to the boathouse, returning by 1715.

1/8/2007. 2015
Coastguards from Rhyl; both of Rhyl’s volunteer RNLI lifeboats; and the rescue helicopter from RAF Valley were involved in a shoreline and offshore search for a missing swimmer off Rhyl. The alarm was raised by another person who had also gone for a swim, apparently to try to swim to the offshore windfarm. This man had returned to shore after 40 minutes, and his friend was no longer to be seen. Local coastguard teams from Rhyl searched the shoreline between Rhyl harbour and Point of Air; and the lifeboats and helicopter searched up to 2 miles offshore; but nothing was found. The search was called off just before midnight, after some 3.5 hours of searching. The actual location as to where the men were swimming was very vague, and so the search covered quite an extensive area, the whole operation being co-ordinated by the Coastguard centre at Holyhead. All that was known was that the pair had set off from Rhyl beach by the Suncentre to go to the windfarm. All units were stood down just before midnight.

31/7/2007. 0928
The ILB was launched to assist 5 people and 2 dogs back to shore after they were cut off on a sandbank by the incoming tide off the boathouse. All were returned safe ashore, and the ILB and crew returned to the boathouse by 0948.

Rhyl beach guard reported an upturned dinghy about 1.5 miles out from the Sun Centre. The ILB crew were paged and the ILB launched about 4 minutes later. the object turned out to be a small dinghy which had obviously been in the water a long time, and was badly damaged. The wreckage was brought ashore with the ILB back to station by 1510. It appeared that the other part of the dinghy had come ashore between Rhyl and Prestatyn in the morning.

23/7/2007. 1650
A member of the public dialled 999 reporting a person in a small dinghy apparently in difficulty off Golden sands holiday camp, sandy Cove. The ILB was launched and Rhyl coastguard team proceeded by road. The coastguards found the first informant and they then directed the ILB to the dinghy, which turned out to be a kayak with 1 person on board. Another kayaker had joined him, and they both said they were OK, so the ILB returned to station by 1730.

The skipper of the charter fishing vessel “Olivia Jeanne”, about 3 miles out and returning to Rhyl after a day’s fishing, reported he had lost steering and requested lifeboat assistance. The ILB was launched and the AWB put on standby. The ILB stood by until the boat was at the entrance to Rhyl harbour, when crew were put aboard, and the ILB tied alongside the vessel, to provide the necessary steerage until the boat was safely tied on to it’s mooring. Once all was safe and the passengers were safe ashore, the ILB returned to station at 2110.

19/7/2007. 1425
The beach guards at Prestatyn reported a small rigid inflatable boat with an engine problem off the groynes at Ffrith beach, with the occupants rowing to shore. The ILB crew were paged, but as the boat was coming out of the boathouse, the beach guards reported the boat was in shallow enough water for the occupants to wade ashore. ILB therefore stood down at 1435, classed as standby.

Prestatyn beach guards reported to Holyhead Coastguard that a baby had been taken to their base unconscious. Ambulance control reported that vehicles were on their way, but were some distance away. The Lifeboat Operations manager and mechanic were on station, and immediately proceeded with oxygen and first aid kit, after consulting with Holyhead coastguard. Rhyl coastguard team were also requested to attend. The crew arrived on scene some 5 minutes later, and found that an emergency response ambulance vehicle had arrived, and the baby was now revived, but distressed. The crew stood by with the beach guards and coastguards until the ambulance arrived, then departed the scene, being back on station by 1705.

17/7/2007. 2135
Rhyl coastguard team requested ILB back up to investigate large inflatable dinghy with 2 adults and 1 child in it, about 50 metres out to sea off Kinmel bay. there was an offshore wind and the tide was coming in, so the dinghy was drifting to the west and further out. When the crew arrived on scene, the occupants were hauling their craft between a sandbank and the shore, they were given safety advice and met by the local coastguards. The ILB returned to station at 2214.

Both coastguard and ILB crews were requested to assist 5 male youths from the water at the harbour entrance at Rhyl. 1 of their party had gone into the water and had got into trouble, so the others followed. The 5 were successfully recovered to shore by the coastguards with throwing lines, and the ILB crew assisted with first aid until ambulances arrived to ferry the 5 to hospital, as all were hypothermic. Some of the crew went by road in the station LandRover to assist with the recovery. The ILB and LandRover were back on station by 0027.

8/7/2007. 1110
During a violent thunderstorm, Rhyl beach patrol reported to Holyhead coastguard that a small fishing boat appeared to have run aground off the end perch at Rhyl harbour. The beach patrol went down in their vehicle; and also Rhyl local coastguard team were paged and went down the beach also. The crew were already at the boathouse for a normal Sunday morning meet, and so the ILB was launched to check if all was OK during the downpour. The boat was checked out, together with another day boat nearby. Both boats were now in deeper water, and proceeded on their way to Colwyn Bay, the ILB returned to station by 1140.

Rhyl beach guard reported to Holyhead coastguard that there were 3 people cut off by the incoming tide at Kinmel Bay. The ILB crew were paged and the boat launched 6 minutes later. the 3 people were on the sandbank, but were swimming ashore when the ILB approached them. They were assisted ashore and passed to the local coastguard team, the ILB returning to station by 1645.

1/7/2007. 2155
Both boats were launched after Holyhead coastguard received a phone call from 2 women at Sandy Cove, reporting their men folk were 1 hour overdue from a kayaking trip. The boats were launched and commenced a search to the West of the station. Rhyl coastguard team were also tasked. it was the coastguard team that spotted the 2 men about a quarter of a mile off Kinmel Bay and directed the lifeboats to them. They had struggled against wind and tide and were still over 1 mile from their destination as darkness came in rapidly. The men were advised to head for the beach and walk back, but were adamant they would continue. After another half hour, they had only progressed about 100 metres, and so they were told to go to the beach to the waiting coastguard officers. The boats were then released and returned to station at 2300.

27/6/2007. 0831
ILB crew launched at request of Holyhead coastguard to investigate an object about 400 metres out from the shore at Rhyl. The object turned out to be an upturned canoe. A short search revealed the canoe had been empty for some time, and the canoe was towed back to the boathouse. The ILB returned at 0903.

24/6/2007. 1613
Rhyl beach guards were observing a small inflatable with an outboard engine, making very little headway back to the beach off Kinmel Bay. The ILB crew launched and were on scene within 5 minutes. The 3 people were taken on board the ILB and the craft was towed back to the beach, as they were having problems with the engine. The ILB crew returned to station by 1710.

ILB launch requested to back up police ground and air teams and local coastguards, to search for a suicidal male who had threatened to go into the sea by the boathouse. AWB was also put on standby. The ILB was to search from the boathouse to the end of Rhyl promenade. The boat had been searching for about 30 minutes when the police stated the man had turned up at a relative’s house, so the ILB returned and the AWB was stood down. Confusion then arose as the man’s relatives told police he had left to go to the beach again. The ILB crew got prepared again, but again the man turned up at another address. All units were stood down again at 0045.

22/6/2007. 1315
ILB launched to assist beach guards return a man to shore after being cut off by the tide off the boathouse. Man brought safe to shore and ILB crew returned to station at 1325.

12/6/2007. 0952
ILB launched to reports of a woman committing suicide at the Nova beach, Prestatyn. A search was commenced along the shore line while coastguards searched the dunes and local area. The woman was eventually found in the sand dunes, and the ILB was released, returning to station by 1100.

ILB again launched to report of a swimmer in difficulty off Prestatyn. on arriving at the area, the coastguards ashore confirmed the man had made it safe back to shore, and the ILB returned to station by 1430.

11/6/2007. 1650
It was brought to the mechanic’s attention that there were numerous people on the beach, being cut off at various locations, by the incoming tide. There was a crew available at the time. The local beach guards had ceased their patrols for the evening, and so the ILB crew and also additional crew in the Landrover, went to the waters’ edge to assist the people away from the sandbanks and back to shore. In all, 6 people were aided by the crew in the Landrover, and 2 people by the ILB crew. Classed as ILB service and also shore-based service for the Landrover.

10/6/2007. 2323
Both boats launched after reports of a woman entering the water in a suicide attempt somewhere off the west promenade off Rhyl. Local coastguards and police were already out, and the boats were requested as back-up. After searching the area off the skytower for about 15 minutes, the police confirmed the woman was now safe ashore and in their custody, so all units were stood down, the boats returning to station by 0035.

10/6/2007. 1637
Rhyl Beach guard requested ILB back-up as 2 of their lifeguards were entering the water off the boathouse to the aid of 2 adults cut off by the incoming tide. As the ILB was going down the slipway, the lifeguards successfully helped the 2 people back to shore through the waist-deep water. ILB returned to station by 1545. Classed as standby.

9/6/2007. 0541
ILB launched to assist police and local coastguard team, with a search for a possible casualty after a woman was found soaking wet at the edge of the shore, with 2 sets of footprints going into the sea. It was feared that a child was with the woman, so a shoreline search was carried out along the Rhyl beach. After about 10 minutes, the police confirmed that only 1 person was involved, and the ILB was stood down. The boat was back on station at 0600.

8/6/2007. 1414
Rhyl beach guard requested launch of ILB to assist with 4 children trapped on a sandbank off the Suncentre by the incoming tide. ILB went out to them and all 4 were put into the boat and returned to their parents on shore. ILB returned to station at 1428. Launched within 3 minutes as crew were already at station cleaning the ILB.

2/6/2007. 1423
ILB launched to report of dinghy with 2 people on board off Kinmel Bay. Turned out once again to be the sewer buoy with a bird on it. The ILB crew were returning to station when the coastguard requested they divert at —

to a kayak off Golden Sands camp, Sandy Cove. They came to the man who was struggling to paddle against the wind and tide, and on advice from the crew, decided to call it a day and paddled ashore, escorted by the ILB. Once he was ashore and met by the coastguards, the ILB returned to station by 1453.

30/5/2007. 1101
Holyhead Coastguard requested ILB launch to investigate object (reported as looking like a body) in the water off Towyn. A crew was at the boathouse, so the boat was launched within minutes. The object turned out to be a 2 metre long log with a bird perched on it. The crew returned to station by 1145.

28/5/2007. 2245
ILB launched to just off Rhyl Sun Centre to assist 4 members of the public who had gone into the water to try to rescue a juvenile porpoise which was floundering in the surf. The local coastguard team was on scene, and one of their team entered the water to support the mammal, whilst the people retreated back to the shore, waiting the arrival of the ILB crew. The ILB was on scene 5 minutes later, and the crew assisted the coastguard to get the porpoise into the boat, keeping it wet with the sea water, pending the arrival of the RSPCA. During this time, the mammal appeared to stop breathing, and the crew brought it back to the boathouse, until the RSPCA arrived. Unfortunately, the porpoise had expired. The boat was put back on service by 2345.

23/5/2007. 1726
ILB launched to assist police with woman threatening suicide off Prestatyn beach. As ILB was proceeding, it was reported the woman was now ashore and the ILB was stood down returning to station by 1745.

8/5/2007. 1923
ILB crew were already at boathouse for training night when pagers were activated to attend a suicide attempt at Rhyl harbour. the ILB was taken by road to the harbour, also with police, ambulance and coastguard in attendance. On arrival at the harbour bridge, the police and coastguards already on scene indicated the man was safely ashore, and the ILB was not required, so the crew returned by road to the boathouse by 1945 and the boat was ready for service by 2000.Classed as standby).

4/5/2007. 1735
Rhyl mobile coastguard patrol were called by a council employee regarding a speedboat with 2 persons on board, going round in the Marine lake when it was not authorised to be there. On closer inspection, it was seen to be the same boat which had police interest and ILB involvement from 30th April. The people were seen to go on shore at the island in the middle of the lake, and then return to recover the boat. The people were just leaving the site when they were stopped by police again. The ILB was requested to assist police transfer sniffer dogs to the island. This was done, and the island was searched by police and then they returned to the shore in the ILB. The ILB was recovered and back at the boathouse by 1840.

1/5/2007. 1445
ILB launch requested by Holyhead coastguard, t a kite surfer apparently in trouble off Prestatyn. As the boat was proceeding down the beach to launch, it was reported the person was now safe ashore, and the ILB was stood down, returning to station at 1453.

30/4/2007. 2005
ILB launched to investigate a speedboat apparently at anchor, 100 metres outside the perch marking Rhyl harbour entrance, looking like there was no one on board. As the crew approached, 3 people were seen to emerge from the bottom of the Fletcher-type speedboat. As the helmsman moved the boat closer, one of the men started the boat’s engine and their boat rammed the ILB, so the helmsman stood off and shouted over to the 3. They were incoherent and appeared to be disorientated. They said they had come from Prestatyn and were trying to get into Rhyl. The ILB helmsman told the occupants that they would escort them in to the yacht club slipway to meet their friend with the trailer, and also waiting coastguards. An ambulance was also called as the woman was shivering and showing signs of hypothermia. The coastguards were suspicious of the way the boat was being handled, and soon after the boat was ashore, local police officers arrived. A sizeable amount of money and class A drugs were found, and the 3 were taken into custody, and the boat and trailer impounded. Police sources have since confirmed that 2 of the 3 have been charged with possession of class A drugs. The ILB crew returned by road towed by the LandRover at 2210.

28/4/2007. 1731
The mechanic was at the station when a woman pointed out 2 people on a sandbank with the tide coming in behind them. The crew were assembled and the ILB launched and took the 2 people back to shore, being ready for service at 1748.

21/4/2007. 1441
Whilst both ILB and AWB were on exercise, Holyhead coastguard received a 999 call from a person in Winkups camp, Sandy Cove, saying they could see a lime green boat about 2 miles out. initial reaction was it was the Kinmel Bay outer sewer buoy, but Holyhead asked the AWB to go to the outer buoy, and the ILB to the inner buoy. When the boats were at each buoy, the first informant confirmed what she had seen was the buoy that the AWB was alongside, so all units were stood down end returned to the exercise at 1502..

17/4/2007. 1032
ILB crew were paged to launch to follow up a 999 call regarding a dinghy with possible persons on board off Towyn. there was a crew at the station and so a quick launch was carried out. When the ILB crew got to the scene, they discovered a cormorant drying it’s wings on the sewer buoy, which was lying on it’s side. having confirmed with the first informant that this was what was reported, the ILB returned to station by 1052.

ILB crew again paged following a 999 call of a man swimming out to sea off the Nova centre, Prestatyn. It was reported he was a good way out, and still swimming away from the shore. The AWB was also brought to immediate readiness. The ILB launched and just as they got to the scene, they found the man getting ashore unaided, and so returned to station by 1412.

15/4/2007. 1359
Both the ILB and AWB were requested to search for 2 jet skis and a small speedboat, with 5 persons in total, who had set out from Barkby beach Prestatyn, to go to the windfarm. A thick sea mist had come down, and as the party had no compass, flares or VHF radio, they phoned the coastguard to say they had been going in the mist for 1/2 an hour, but couldn’t find land. Rhyl coastguard team was also mobilised, as was spare crew in the station’s LandRover, to search the shoreline. The party had said they could hear the signal from the windfarm meteorological mast. Unfortunately, there were 2 met masts either side of the windfarm, and so after 2 hours, Holyhead decided to launch Llandudno and Hoylake lifeboats, and also the Rescue 122 helicopter from RAF Valley, Anglesey. Also involved in the search were support craft from the windfarm, also local charter fishing boats. The crew of Rhyl’s All-weather lifeboat were in touch with the party by mobile phone, asking if they could hear the lifeboat’s horn, but to no avail. As the helicopter was flying over the jetties a Llanddulas, the party phoned Holyhead coastguard to say that they could hear the helicopter. The Helicopter crew stopped and hovered, hoping the jet ski party could go to them, but this didn’t happen. The helicopter was some 5 miles west of the windfarm at the time. The Rhyl lifeboats diverted to the helicopter’s position, using radar to locate the machine, and then a small area search revealed 2 “Blips” on the radar of the all-weather lifeboat. the helicopter was diverted to this position, just as the Inshore lifeboat also got there. The 2 children with the party were cold and wet after falling in the sea earlier, and all 5 were taken on board the lifeboat. aided by the ILB crew. The eldest man was put on oxygen as he was not feeling too well, and the 2 lads were wrapped up warm, all in the party having a welcome warm drink, as they had been stranded for 5 hours by now, as the jet boat had broken down. One of the ILB crew got on to the jet ski which was OK, and the other jet ski was towed by the Inshore Lifeboat, with the big boat towing in the speed boat. They reached Rhyl about 1900 and the craft were taken to the boathouse and the party were check over by ambulance personnel, but all declared Ok after their ordeal. The boats were ready for service by 1950.The party were duly admonished for not having a compass and flares and a VHF radio, by local coastguards.

While the boats were at sea, and the coastguard were also searching for the jet skiers, the boathouse was alerted to possible persons disorientated by the fog at the Nova Centre beach, Prestatyn. the LandRover proceeded with 6 remaining RNLI crew and 6 coastguards and went to the beach and successfully managed to steer the people back to shore. This has been added to the ILB totals as a shore-based service (as a standby).

14/4/2007. 1445
It was reported to Holyhead Coastguard that a Canadian-type canoe with 3 people on board, had capsized by the stone boat jetties at Llanddulas. The ILB took 20 minutes to travel the 8 miles to the area, and found that the 3 had managed to get their craft and themselves t the rocky shore. As there was no exit from the beach there, the 3 were taken on board the ILB and the canoe was towed to Colwyn Bay to the public slipway there. The ILB returned to station by road at 1620.

12/4/2007. 1754
Holyhead coastguard requested immediate launch to go to the aid of a man going out to sea off Ffrith beach, Prestatyn, who was going in after his dog. The ILB launched, but had only gone about 1.5 miles when it was reported the man and his dog were safe ashore, and the ILB was stood down, being ready for service by 1820.

11/4/02007. 1410
It was brought to the mechanic’s attention at the boathouse, that there were 3 persons stuck on a sandbank near the boathouse. Authority was given by the LOM (Lifeboat Operations Manager) and the ILB launched within 4 minutes. The 3 were taken on board the ILB and the boat was returned to station 2 minutes later. The boat was ready for service by 1425.

7/4/2007. 1119
The ILB crew had just come back from exercise when the spoken words “Mayday off Prestatyn” were clearly heard on the calling VHF channel 16. The ILB immediately re-launched and searched the area from the Nova to Point of Air lighthouse with no results. The only other vessels were the windfarm support vessel “Celtic Wind”, so the ILB was recalled and back on station by 1225. Unconfirmed reports came to the station that a boat in the Conwy estuary had rung the coastguard and apologised for transmitting.

28/3/2007. 1846
Both boats, together with coastguard teams from Rhyl and Llandudno, were tasked to search offshore and shoreline between Abergele and Colwyn Bay after Holyhead coastguard received numerous reports of a red flare off Pensarn beach. The teams had been on scene an searching for about an hour, when the coastguards were approached by a police patrol, who had found a red parachute flare canister, still warm, near the woods by Gwyrch castle, about 1/2 mile inshore from Abergele. It was believed, therefore, that the flare was fired from land, and, with nothing sighted, all units were stood down. the lifeboats returned to station by 2045.

27/3/2007. 1624
ILB launched at request of police to help search for a woman who had taken some pills and her family were concerned she had gone in the sea off Prestatyn. Rhyl mobile coastguard team were already on scene. The shoreline was searched between Ffrith beach Prestatyn and Talacre beach, but nothing was found and the ILB returned to station at 1725. (PS – the coastguard team returned at 1900 and had just got to Barkby beach when they noticed a woman matching the description, coming from the sand dunes. The woman was agitated and was being ill. The family were notified and they attended, and the woman was eventually taken into an ambulance, the coastguards returning to station at 2025).

24/2/2007. 0148
ILB together with police and coastguard units, were called to look for a person committing suicide at Splash point, the Eastern end of Rhyl promenade. The ILB launched and the scene was illuminated by the police helicopter NW1. Coastguards located the man in the water and the ILB crew managed to get him on board. He was very agitated and complained of severe chest pains. The man was brought back to the boathouse and transferred to an ambulance. The ILB was ready for service by 0220.

20/2/2007. 1352
The ILB crew were on assessment exercises when Holyhead Coastguard received a 999 call regarding an 18-feet open boat going out of the harbour, with possible persons around it. The crew were on scene in 4 minutes, and found an empty boat from the harbour, with branches all around it. No-one was on board. the boat had been left pulled out of the water but due to the exceptional high tide, had floated and gone out to sea with the ebb tide. The boat was taken in tow (helping the crew attain their assessment passes !) and the crew went back to their exercise at 1435.

3/2/2007. 1737
Both boat crews were alerted at 6.30pm on Saturday 3rd February, to go to the aid of a person on board the angling boat “Crusader” who had grounded his boat at Talacre, and was stranded by the ebbing tide. The crew were just about to attend their annual crew dinner. Rhyl’s Coastguard team were also alerted Visibility was less than 30 metres, and progress was slow as the lifeboats were continuously going into shallow waters to find the vessel and it’s owner. At the same time, the coastguard learned that up to 70 shore fishermen in a fishing competition; and up to 20 other fishermen; were also lost in the fog between Prestatyn and Talacre. Extra coastguards were brought in, and Hoylake’s All-weather lifeboat was also launched to search from the East.
After arriving on scene, the crew on Rhyl’s AWB heard shouts for help from the shore. The crew launched the small inflatable from the AWB, and rowed ashore to a single fisherman who had been bait digging, and was lost. About 250 metres down the beach, 2 more fishermen were heard, and they were brought to the lifeboat by the ILB. Hoylake’s crew managed to find the owner of the “Crusader”, just east of Talacre lighthouse. He was taken on board their boat. The “Crusader” was now high and dry, but the incoming tide was threatening to take the boat away. The owner was transferred to Rhyl; from Hoylake AWB, and Rhyl AWB stood by until the ILB crew could re-float it. It was then escorted to Prestatyn Sailing club and recovered. Rhyl’s crews returned to station at 1.30am on Sunday, being at sea for over 7 hours. At the same time, coastguards from Rhyl and Flint managed to assist over 70 fishermen to safety from the beaches between Prestatyn and Mostyn, all persons being accounted for. Llandudno’s AWB was also launched to search for an emergency beacon, somewhere between Rhyl and Abergele, but nothing was found.The beacon was found later, 6 miles inland from Rhyl, in a farmyard.

Unfortunately, the annual dinner was only attended by the crew’s wives and guests !

The “Crusader” and the angling party have been classed as 2 separate services for the records

19/1/2007. 1218
ILB launched to report of dinghy going out with ebb tide from the harbour. ILB was alongside in 3 minutes after launching. Found to be inflatable with no-one on board, probably come off the small fishing boat which had sunk in the harbour a few days previously. Crew took it on board and returned to station by 1250.

14/1/2007. 1047
Both boats requested to assist search for an elderly lady who was last seen at the closed end of Colwyn Bay pier the night before and had not been seen after. RAF rescue 122 helicopter was already searching. As the crew were at the boathouse for a normal Sunday meeting, the boats were at sea within 8 minutes. After searching for over an hour, the coastguard scaled down the search and all units were recovered, it was over 10 hours since the woman was last seen. The boats returned to station by 1300.

9/1/2007. 0248
Both boats requested to launch to search Rhyl shoreline for a young male involved in a domestic dispute and going into the sea. As the crew were kitting up, North Wales Police informed the station that the man had come out of the water and was in police custody. Both boats stood down and ready for service by 0300.Classed as standby.