9/12/2011. 0900
The ILB crew was again tasked to search the river Clwyd for a person in the water, as a continuation of the search the night before. It was passed to the crew that a person had been reported missing in the St.Asaph area. The ILB was taken by road to the harbour, as winds were still gale force at the boathouse. The crew searched from Rhyl harbour, upstream for about 4 miles, but nothing was found as it was near to high water tide time. The crew did a final search of the moorings in the harbour, then recovered at the Yacht Club slipway, returning to station by road at 1030.

8/12/2011. 1635
The ILB crew were requested to launch to assist other emergency services to check the rivers Elwy and Clwyd after a member of the public reported seeing what they thought was a person in the water downstream of the St.Asaph bridge on the River Elwy, which joins the River Clwyd near Rhuddlan and flows into Rhyl harbour. As the wind was westerly force 9, the ILB was taken by road to Rhuddlan to launch and the crew started their search upstream towards St.Asaph. All the crew were trained Flood response team members from Rhyl crew, and they had to negotiate a small river with many trees and obstructions in it, together with fast-flowing water from the many days of gales and rain the week before. The night closed in fast and the crew had great difficulty in getting to where the rivers Elwy and Clwyd joined, but this was safely done, with nothing found. After 2.5 hours searching, the crew were recalled to search the harbour area, where a small number of crew members had been monitoring the river for anything untoward near the blue bridge. At 1925 the crew was stood down, and the ILB was returned to station by road. Classed as an ILB service, and also a shore-based service for the crew at the harbour.

6/11/2011. 1147
Both boats were requested to launch by Holyhead Coastguards after North Wales police had 999 calls reporting a set of clothing on the beach at Kinmel Bay. Rhyl coastguard team were also tasked. The boats searched between Rhyl and Towyn up to 1 mile offshore, until Holyhead coastguard were told the clothes had been there for 1 day, and local police knew of them. As no-one was reported missing, the search was cancelled and both boats returned to station at 1321.

28/10/2011. 1244
The ILB was requested to launch to assist a small day fishing boat 1 mile north of the boathouse, with engine failure. There were two persons were on board. The ILB launched and came alongside and transferred one crew member to the vessel. The boat with the 2 people was then towed back to Rhyl Yacht club slipway in Rhyl harbour, where Rhyl Coastguard met them.. The ILB then returned to station at 1345.

25/10/2011. 1005
The mechanic and other crew members saw from the Lifeboat station of an object thought to be a large log off Towyn. Holyhead Coastguard was contacted and requested ILB to launch to investigate. As the ILB wasmade ready to launch Holyhead CG contacted ILB that they had 2 further reports of two persons on an inflatable dinghy and required immediate assistance. The ILB launched and proceeded. On arrival on scene, they came alongside two inflatable rings with a 15 year old male in one, and his mother in the other ring. The position was 500 yards offshore. They had been trying for a long time to get back ashore. Other family members had been out on other rings with them, but had managed to make their way ashore, and raised the alarm. The ILB brought the two persons ashore onto the beach off Golden Gate Caravan camp Towyn. Rhyl, The Coastguard mobile was there with North Wales Police and Ambulance arriving. The casualties were passed to the ambulance showing signs of being hypothermic. The ILB returned to station at 1055.
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30/9/2011. 1228
A member of the public reported they could see a man in a kayak spinning round and apparently in difficulty near the harbour. The ILB launched and went into the harbour but found nothing. On leaving the harbour, the crew spotted the kayak near the water’s edge by the skytower on the promenade. The man in the kayak was asked if he had been in the harbour, and he stated he was just looking around the new shore works and groynes near the harbour, and was OK. The crew then checked there was nothing else in the vicinity, and returned to station at 1251.

An offshore breeze and ebb tide with brilliant sunshine proved just too much for some sea-going people today. In all, the ILB attended 5 incidents.

The first call came for a small inflatable dinghy with 3 persons on board, struggling to get back to shore. A beach lifeguard had swum out to them, but they were still only making slow progress. The ILB came up to them ,and took all 4 on board, returning them to the beach. The shout ended at 1614.

The ILB was diverted to a dinghy off Sunnyvale camp, Kinmel Bay. The occupant was just getting into shallow water when the ILB arrived, so all was well. Immediately after,

The ILB was again diverted to 2 inflatables off Towyn, quite some way out. On arrival, the inflatables with 2 people on board were escorted back to the beach. Left scene 1626.

Rhyl boathouse called the ILB back to Rhyl to a small 16-foot cabin cruiser with 3 people on board, who were aground at the entrance to Rhyl harbour. The boat had engine trouble, and the secondary engine was not powerful enough to overcome the rapidly-falling ebb tide out of the river Clwyd. The ILB went alongside and it was agreed that the ILB would tow the boat and its occupants to Rhyl beach, where the local coastguard team assisted the owners in recovering their craft by the boathouse. The ILB returned to station at 1659.

The ILB was launched to search for a missing child who was last seen in the water just to the west of the boathouse. The family were very concerned for his welfare, and so the ILB crew immediately launched and started searching, and the AWB crew were paged . the police helicopter was also tasked as were local coastguard and police units. After searching fr about 10 minutes, the family came to the boathouse to say they had found the child safe and well on the beach, so the ILB returned to station at 1816.

28/8/2011. 0027
Both boats requested to launch to search shoreline for a man with learning difficulties, between Kinmel Bay and Towyn. The ILB launched first and got to the scene, and was just starting to search, when the coastguards reported the man had been located and all units could stand down.. The AWB was at the water’s edge, so had not launched, and the ILB returned to station. Classed as a standby for the AWB. All units returned to station at 0053.

26/8/2011. 1308
Rhyl beach lifeguard reported 2 teenagers in an inflatable dinghy, caught in the ebb current from Rhyl harbour, despite the onshore wind. They were very nearly at the perch marking the entrance to the harbour, some 300m out, and so requested the ILB. The ILB launched, but luckily the pair had managed to get in the lee of the new stonework on the harbour revetment wall, and so got into calm water, and were in shallow water when the ILB crew arrived. Thy were given safety advice by both the lifeguards and the ILB crew, then the ILB returned to station at 1324.

24/8/2011. 1735
The ILB was launched to rescue a youth who had been in the water for approximately 20 minutes. The boy had entered the sea at Golden Sands Holiday Park and got into difficulty, as he was a non-swimmer.
Holyhead Coastguard requested the launch of the lifeboat and the crew were at the scene in 10 minutes. A kayaker went to the assistance of the child and offered reassurance and kept him afloat until the lifeboat arrived. A man in an inflatable also went to the boy’s aid but got separated from the dinghy, when he attempted to swim to the casualty.When the ILB arrived, all three had made it to shallower water and the the crew gave first aid to the teenager. Coastguards requested an ambulance to take the child to hospital, as he was showing signs of hypothermia. As they were about to return, Coastguards also asked the ILB to bring the dingy ashore. The ILB returned to station at 1828 with the dinghy.

23/8/2011. 1739
ILB requested to conduct a shoreline search for a missing autistic girl, separated from her group for about 1/2 an hour on the water’s edge. The beach lifeguards, police and local coastguards were searching the promenade and beach. About 5 minutes after launching, the beach lifeguards found the girl on the beach, about 1 mile to the east of her party, trying to make her way back to the caravan camp where they were staying. All units were stood down at 1505, the ILB returning to station at 1515.

20/8/2011. 0051
The ILB launched to assist police with a man threatening to jump from the top of the blue bridge in Rhyl harbour, 1 hour before high water. The local coastguard team were also tasked. The ILB was asked to keep a low profile in the harbour, and so stood off, near to the yacht club slipway. The man was eventually talked down by a trained police negotiator and taken into custody, when the ILB was stood down, returning to station at 0125.

19/8/2011. 0900
The ILB crew were requested to launch by Holyhead Coastguard, to a person in difficulty in the water, initially off the Sun Centre, then off the Sky Tower. Due to the confused nature of the call to North Wales police, the lifeboat was requested to launch to search all of Rhyl shoreline to identify any persons in difficulty. Ambulance personnel were also on scene and looking for the person. They were joined by Rhyl coastguard team; Police patrols; and the North Wales police helicopter. Details of the casualty were very sketchy, so the lifeboat got to the water’s edge and made ready to launch until details were firmed up. An additional launching tractor from Rhyl, with additional shore crew on board, also went down to search the shoreline with coastguards, as it was nearly low water. Holyhead Coastguard initially stood down the lifeboat, on information that ambulance personnel had the person with them, but ambulance staff on scene denied this, so the boat was again tasked to launch. They were just entering the water when Holyhead coastguard reported that the mobile phone of the first informant had been traced, and 3 persons were being questioned, confirming this incident was a hoax. All units were recalled and the lifeboat crew returned to station by 9.50 am. This was an irresponsible act to call out any emergency service as a hoax. This prank involved resources from 4 emergency services for over an hour, and could have caused delays should a real emergency have occurred.

17/8/2011. 1536
ILB crew paged to assist beach lifeguards and local coastguards search for a 2-year old boy last seen at the water’s edge off the Nova Centre, Prestatyn. The crew were just getting out of the boathouse when the lifeguards reported the child had been found. Classed as standby.

12/8/2011. 1945
ILB crew paged to assist 5 adults and 3 small children cut off by the incoming tide off the boathouse. They had nearly made it ashore through 1-metre deep water to the shore, but were all soaked through, so the Softrac tractor was taken down the beach to get them to shore to warm them up, the smallest child being particularly cold and scared. They were then handed over to the local coastguard team to get warm and for some safety advice. The tractor was re-housed at 2001. Classed as shore-based service.

11/8/2011. 0949
Prestatyn sailing club reported to Liverpool Coastguard that they could see an upturned dinghy about 800m out from their premises. Liverpool passed it to Holyhead Coastguard, who requested the ILB to launch to check it out. On scene, the crew found the upturned dinghy had been blown into the surf line, and so they stood by until the dinghy came ashore, where local coastguards and the sailing club staff recovered the empty dinghy back to the clubhouse. The ILB returned to station at 1102.

2/8/2011 . 1023
ILB crew paged to recover 3 persons stranded by the incoming tide, on a sandbank off the boathouse. They were taken on to the ILB and returned to shore unharmed. The ILB was ready for service at 1048.

1/8/2011. 1416
The ILB was tasked to recover a tree trunk floating towards Rhyl harbour entrance. The log was recovered back to the beach and the boat was ready for service at 1435.

31/7/2011. 1036
Whilst the crew were out on exercise, a man came up to the boathouse and said there were 2 sets of clothes on the rocks at Splash Point, East Rhyl, but no sign of the owners. The ILB was diverted off exercise, and Holyhead coastguard, Rhyl local coastguards and the beach lifeguards were also informed. With the arrival of the ILB and the 2 guards vehicles on scene, a woman approached the lifeguards and stated the clothes were hers, and she had just gone for a walk on the beach. The units were therefore stood down, and the ILB resumed the exercise at 1050.

16/7/2011. 2136
The ILB was launched to assist local coastguards recovering 3 fully-clothed teenagers who had gone for a swim and appeared in difficulty. When the crew arrived on scene, the 3 had managed to get into shallow water, and so the ILB stood off until all were in the hands of the coastguards. The ILB returned to station at 2204.

11/7/2011. 2145
The ILB was launched to assist the AWB transfer 4 men and their RIB under the blue bridge in Rhyl harbour after they had been towed back to Rhyl by the AWB after their engine failed off Rhyl. See AWB service for fuller details.

9/7/201. 1516
Rhyl beach lifeguards requested that the ILB be launched to assist the lifeguards swimming out to a woman and girl in difficulty about 150m out from the shore off the Sky tower. As the crew were assembling, the supervisor reported the 2 people had been brought back to shallow water by the lifeguards and the ILB was not required. Stood down at 1524. Classed as standby.

8/7/2011. 1903
It was reported to Holyhead coastguard that a large log was in the water near to the harbour entrance, and it appeared that there was a person swimming very near to it. The ILB launched and searched around the area where the log was settling on the sandbanks on the receding tide. The shore crew went to the log with the Softrack recovery vehicle and managed to get the log clear of the water for the council to recover. As nothing other was sighted, the ILB returned to station at 1950.

9/6/2011. 1202
The mechanic and 1 of the crew looked out of the boathouse window and saw a woman, fully clothed, face down in a pool by one of the groynes near to the boathouse. Her dog was struggling trying to get the woman to move. The crewman ran to the woman while the mechanic got the ILB launching Softrac tractor out. The woman was taken out of the shallow pool and she was found to be semi-conscious, and she and the dog were carried on the back of the tractor back to a waiting paramedic at the boathouse. The woman informed the paramedic she suffered from epilepsy. The woman was then taken back to her hotel by ambulance personnel, and the tractor was re-housed at 1224. Classed as a shore-based service.

4/6/2011. 1250
The crew were already at the boathouse for “999 day” when Holyhead coastguard requested the ILB launch to a child in an inflatable dinghy being blown offshore at Talacre. The crew had been going for about 10 minutes when the coastguard reported the child had been recovered by others, so the ILB was stood down, returning to station at 1310.

Rhyl beach lifeguards reported a missing child on the beach off the Nova centre, Prestatyn. The crew were assembling as it was reported the child was found safe and well, so the ILB was stood down. Classed as standby.

3/6/2011. 1510
Rhyl beach lifeguards reported a 12-year old missing boy from Rhyl beach. The ILB and local coastguards were paged and tasked to search along the waters’ edge and promenade, together with local police, to Splash point. The beach lifeguard reported after about 30 minutes that the boy had been located in the sand dunes near the beach at Prestatyn, about 3 miles to the east of where he was last seen. Police picked him up and he was taken back by coastguards to Rhyl. All units were then stood down, and the ILB returned to station at 1550.

30/5/2011. 1800
ILB crew paged to assemble, but incident resolved before the boat was launched. Stood down at 1738. Classed as standby.

28/5/2011. 1540
Rhyl beach lifeguards reported a missing child out from the Nova Centre at Prestatyn, by the water’s edge. A lifeguard was already searching and the ILB was requested as backup. As the crew were assembling, it was reported that the child had been found wet and cold on the beach, and the lifeguards and local coastguards went to that position. The ILB was stood down at 1550. The AWB was also put on standby due to the blustery conditions, with a moderate sea and strong westerly winds. Classed as standby.

21/05/2011. 1215
The local CCTV control reported to Holyhead coastguard station that 2 young girls were stranded on the rock groynes out from the Nova Centre, Prestatyn, and beach lifeguards and members of the public were swimming out to rescue them. The ILB crew were paged and the boat was launched some 5 minutes later, getting to Prestatyn 6 minutes after that.. On arrival on scene, one of the girls had been assisted ashore by the lifeguard and the public, and were in shallow water, but one girl was still on the rocks. The ILB approached and successfully got the girl off. She was suffering from hypothermia and had numerous cuts to her legs from clambering on the rocks. The crew took her ashore and met up with local coastguards and an ambulance crew. The girl rescued by the ILB was taken to hospital , and the crew returned to station at 1305.

17/05/2011. 2057
The crew were just leaving the boathouse after crew training, when they noticed the police helicopter hovering over a man at the water’s edge. Holyhead coastguard were contacted and they informed the coxswain that the man had reported what he thought was a body about 200m out from the events arena. The ILB was launched to commence a search along the surf line, with the police helicopter also searching along the shoreline. Twice the crews spotted an object in the water, but it proved to be a seal. After searching for some time, the police left the scene, and the ILB crew were stood down, returning to station at 2150, the boat being ready for service at 2200.

08/05/2011. 1410
3 members of the public went into the boathouse shop, worried about 2 males on a Li-Lo being taken out to sea with an offshore wind and ebbing tide. They had been in the water about 20-30 minutes when the alarm was raised. The ILB crew were paged and they launched to the males, reaching them 2 minutes after launch. The men were taken on board, very cold, with 1 showing signs of hypothermia. They were brought to shore, and the one man said they were not aware of the tidal conditions. They were both checked over by ambulance personnel on arrival at the boathouse, and after refusing hospital treatment, the men returned to their families, with the one still groggy. The ILB was ready for service at 1450.

06/05/2011. 1901
ILB crew paged to assist police with man threatening to jump off the blue bridge in Rhyl harbour. The ILB was taken by the LandRover by road to standby at the side of the bridge. Police and ambulance were already on scene, and the assembly was completed by the arrival of coastguards and fire service. The area was cordoned off, and the ILB crew stood on the bridge bank to affect a rescue should the man jump. It was low tide and so the man would have gone into a shallow pool, so the crew just stood by. After an hour, the man was persuaded to come down by another man, and all services were stood down as the man was taken into custody. As a large crowd had gathered, no doubt there will be loads of “Facebook” entries, but to give some respect to the man no photos were taken by the crew. The ILB crew returned to station art 2005.

02/05/2011. 1715
The ILB was launched to a kite-surfer, caught in his lines, about 500m out from Kinmel Bay. He had been in the water for about 20 minutes, and both the ILB and coastguard teams proceeded. As the crew neared the scene, the surfer had been blown near enough to the shore for his colleagues to affect a rescue, and he was ashore when the ILB crew arrived. The local coastguard team checked him out, but apart from being very tired, he was OK. The ILB returned to station at 1802.

28/04/11. 1623
ILB launched to 3 people on a 14′ jet boat towing a do-nut ring. The ring had become separated and it appeared from the shore that the boat had run aground on the sandbanks off the boathouse. It was 1 hour after low water. the ILB was launched and firstly checked out the ring. There was no-one on board, so the crew then went to the boat, which by now had re-floated and was speeding around, looking for the ring. The ILB crew escorted the boat about 1 mile to the east to link up with the ring, and then the lifeboat crew issued some safety advice as the jet boat had lifejackets but no VHF. The ILB returned to station at 1710 as the jet boat crew said they were now OK.

25/04/2011. 1320
The ILB, towed by the LandRover, was launched to 4 teenagers cut off by the incoming tide to the west of the station. They were escorted ashore by the ILB and crew.

The SofTrac launch vehicle was also deployed to assist over 20 people cut off on another sandbank opposite the boathouse. 6 people, including 2 young children, were put on the vehicle as the water was waist deep for the adults, and the children were quite frightened. They were brought ashore unharmed. Classed as shore-based service for launch vehicles.Both services were completed by 1352.

A strong offshore wind and a high tide after lunch, with brilliant sunshine, made all the ingredients for a busy time for the ILB crew. Due to the weather conditions, which usually means the ILB is busy, the crew were already at the boathouse in numbers to both enjoy the weather and to ensure a quick response. The first call was not very long in coming —

10 people cut off by the incoming tide off the boathouse. The people had managed to get back to shore by wading through waist-deep water as the crew were proceeding down the beach. As all casualties were safe the ILB was stood down at 1103.

The ILB launched to assist a male who was dozing on the beach off the Sun Centre, and didn’t realise the tide was coming around him on the sandbank. He was taken onto the ILB and returned to shore safe. The ILB returned to station at 1145.

The ILB was called by Rhyl local coastguard patrol who spotted a young lady stuck on the T-shaped rock groynes off the Nova centre, Prestatyn, with her father swimming out to assist. The ILB arrived on scene and picked up both casualties and returned them safe to the shore. The crew returned to station at 1435.

A member of the public alerted the coastguard that a male was in difficulty in the soft mud at the foot of the landing stage at the entrance to Rhyl harbour. The ILB crew arrived to find the man rather agitated and brandishing a stick at them, trying to climb back up the wooden boards. The man then fell on some rocks, releasing the stick, and was then taken on the ILB and handed over to the coastguards and local police officers. The ILB returned to station at 1502.

The ILB was alerted by Holyhead coastguard to an inflatable with 1 person on board being taken out to sea off the Skytower at Rhyl. On arriving on scene, the dinghy and the casualty had been pulled back to shore by others and the ILB was preparing to return to station when at ….

The ILB was re-tasked to 2 inflatables about 250m west of the boathouse who were also in difficulty. They were escorted back to the beach, all safe, and the ILB returned to station at 1535.

The ILB crew were again paged to go to the aid of a small leisure boat with 2 people on board, about 500m out from Prestatyn. They had run out of fuel and required assistance to get back to the beach. The ILB crew took the boat in tow ans delivered them back to the beach, returning to station at 1834.

20/04/2011. 1135
Holyhead coastguard requested the ILB to launch to a lady cut off by the tide near Talacre beach, about 6 miles East of the station. There was a crew already at the station, and the ILB was launched within 4 minutes. Rhyl local coastguard team were also requested. When the ILB arrived on scene, the lady had managed to get ashore, but was treated for minor injuries by the crew and coastguards, no ambulance was needed. The ILB crew returned to station at 1224.

9/4/2011. 1500
ILB launched to assist local coastguard team search for a missing 4-year old child by the events arena. The teams had been searching for about 10 minutes when the child was brought to the coastguards from the beach area. The ILB returned to station at 1520.

ILB again paged to search for a missing child at Pensarn, but as crew were assembling, Rhyl coastguard mobile patrol reported the child had been found safe and the ILB was stood down at 1638, classed as standby.

22/03/2011. 1230
Holyhead Coastguard paged the ILB crew to a woman and her dog, cut off by the incoming tide, at Presthaven Sands, Prestatyn, about 5 miles East of the station. The ILB was guided to the woman by her partner and Rhyl mobile coastguards from their vantage point on Talacre sand dunes.. The woman and her dog were taken into the ILB and returned to the shore unharmed. The ILB returned to station at 1355.

03/03/2011. 0807
A passing motorist spotted some men in Rhyl harbour, attempting to secure a 27-foot private fishing boat, which was sinking on it’s mooring. Holyhead Coastguard and the local coastguard team and the ILB were paged. When local coastguards arrived on scene, the boat had sunk and all the men were safe ashore, so the ILB was cancelled. Classed as standby.

Holyhead Coastguard requested the attendance of the local coastguard team and the ILB at the harbour again, as the men were attempting to get the fishing boat from the previous standby, from it’s mooring to the harbour wall. The ILB was taken by road and stood by at the Yacht club slipway should they be required. The men, together with the coastguards and the ILB crew, successfully got the fishing boat tied alongside the harbour wall, and the ILB and crew returned by road to the boathouse at 2125. Again classed as standby.

14/2/2011. 1548
ILB requested to launch to investigate a small dinghy drifting about 600m out from Splash Point at the eastern end of Rhyl promenade. On scene it was found to be an unoccupied tender which had probably broken free from its mooring in the harbour. It was a tender from one of Rhyl’s sport fishing boats, and was towed back to the beach and brought back to the station. The ILB was ready for service at 1645.

30/1/2011. 0956
Holyhead Coastguard requested the ILB to launch to search the harbour and River Clwyd area, for a male who had been missing for 24 hours, and walked along the river to work. The Landrover and 3 crew also went to Rhuddlan, 2 miles inland, to search with the local coastguard team. Due to the ebbing tide, the ILB could only go about 1/2 mile up river, and so returned to station at 1026 with nothing found, the Landrover crew returning some 10 minutes later, leaving coastguards to search upstream, and also the North East Wales Search and Rescue team searching the narrows above Rhuddlan castle area. The man was subsequently found in Cumbria, over 100 miles away.