26/12/12. 1903
Both boats were launched due to a strong wind and rough seas, to a male who had called the coastguard, to say he was cut off by the tide between Rhyl and Prestatyn. The local coastguard team was also called out to search the shore. After arriving on scene and searching for about 10 minutes, the coastguards discovered the man walking near the sea path, having managed to wade ashore. As the man was wet and cold but unharmed, all units were stood down, the lifeboats arriving at the boathouse at 2010.

8/12/12. 1611
ILB crew paged to launch to a woman threatening self-harm in the surf line about 150m out just west of the boathouse. Police units on scene were attempting to go in after her but she was too far out. The conditions on scene were just on the limits of the ILB, force 5-6 and 2-3m breaking waves. The helmsman got the boat within 2m of the woman, and 1 of the crew went overboard to grab hold of her. After some resistance, the woman was pulled on to the ILB, and the helmsman made straight to waiting police on shore, who took her to an ambulance crew. The ILB was recovered and returned to station at 1628.

2/12/2012. 0923
ILB crew paged to launch to go to Prestatyn where a dog was stuck on the rock groynes, with the owner saying they would go in the water to get the dog. The crew were just coming out of the boathouse when the coastguard were informed the dog had swum ashore, and all was well. Stood down at 0936.

7/10/2012. 0114
ILB crew paged to assist police with a male in the water off the Suncentre. As the boat was coming out of the boathouse, Holyhead Coastguard reported the police had the man safe ashore and the ILB returned to station, closing down at 0130.

9/9/2012. 1128
Holyhead coastguard paged Rhyl coast rescue coastguard team to assist 1 adult and 2 children who were stuck up to their knees in mud off Palace Avenue, Rhyl, near to the harbour entrance wall. The crew were at the boathouse and offered assistance. Holyhead Coastguard requested the ILB and crew go to the spot, as police were trying to get to the people and getting stuck themselves. The ILB crew were told by Holyhead coastguard to stand by and assist the mud rescue coastguards, who arrived on scene shortly after the ILB crew. The coastguards deployed their mud rescue sled and a coastguard took the sled across to the people and they were ferried across to the hard sand one-by-one. The 3 were all well, but they were taken on board the ILB and returned to station to be cleaned down and checked over. the 3 were all safe and well and left the station none the worse for their ordeal.
News release and pics

29/8/12. 1604
Rhyl beach lifeguards reported to Holyhead Coastguard that there was a small inflatable with 2 adults in it, drifting out as the tide was coming in, and apparently making no headway with the tide. The ILB crew were paged and the lifeboat was launched 6 minutes later. They came alongside the inflatable and spoke to the 2 males in the boat, who agreed they were having difficulty getting back ashore. The 2 men were taken on board the lifeboat and returned to the boathouse, together with the local beach guard who had tried to attract their attention without success. They did not require medical attention. the ILB was back on station at 1622.

27/8/2012. 2110
Both boats requested to launch to Talacre to assist police and local coastguards recover a man who had gone swimming near Talacre lighthouse. As the crew were assembling, Holyhead coastguard reported the man had come ashore and was in police custody, so the sea-based units were stood down. Classed as a standby.

26/8/2012. 1445
The crew were at the station’s Open day when they noticed 2 people cut off on a large sandbank by the incoming tide, just off the boathouse. The Beach lifeguards were also proceeding. The Boat was launched and recovered the 2 persons back to the shore safely.

Both boats were launched after Holyhead coastguard received a 999 call saying a male swimmer off Prestatyn’s Barkby beach had disappeared from view whilst swimming between the rock groynes. The local coastguard team, police, and the police helicopter were also tasked. The boats searched offshore for over 90 minutes whilst coastguard teams scoured the shoreline. A member of the coastguards was then informed that a male had been swimming in a wetsuit in the area, had dived under water, and then come ashore some distance further on. The coastguards were shown where the man was staying and he confirmed that the swimmer had been him. As all was well, all units were stood down, and the lifeboats were back on station for 2300.

20/8/2012. 1538
Rhyl Beach Lifeguards reported a small boat about 400m out from the end-perch marking the entrance to Rhyl harbour. The boat appeared to be drifting offshore due to the ebb tide and South-Westerly wind. The ILB crew were paged, and were on scene within 10 minutes. The boat’s crew had been drift-fishing and and all was well. The ILB returned to station at 1605.

11//8/2012. 1457
ILB crew paged to assist coastguards and Beach Lifeguards looking for a missing child off the Sky Tower at Rhyl. As the crew were assembling, the coastguards reported the child had been found. Stood down at 1500. Classed as a standby.

10/8/2012. 1307
ILB crew launched to assist beach lifeguards and coastguards search for a missing child on the shoreline at Prestatyn. The ILB had only been on it’s way for 2 minutes when the coastguard reported the child had been found and the crew could return to station. This was completed at 1312.

ILB was requested to launch for another missing child at Talacre. Again, the crew had just got under way when the beach guards at Talacre reported the child had been found at the water’s edge. As the ILB crew were returning, they were diverted at ….

To help Rhyl beach guards and coastguards, after the beach lifeguards found an empty inflatable in the water off the Sky Tower. No-one had claimed the inflatable, even though the lifeguards were carrying it around. The services searched for about 10 minutes close inshore, but no-one was reported missing, and the ILB returned to station at 1531.

Although the wind was onshore, it was very light, and the over-riding factor was an incoming tide. Very sunny day with crowds on the beach. The beachguards, local coastguards, police and lifeboat crews were kept busy.

2 people were reported on the rock wall marking the entrance to rhyl harbour. The tide was rapidly covering the wall. The ILB launched and was on scene in 2 minutes. The crew escorted the pair back along the rocks to higher ground until they got back on to the beach safely. The ILB was then diverted by Rhyl beach lifeguards.

2 swimmers were seen in the entrance to Rhyl harbour, with a swift incoming tide, they were being swept further into the harbour. As the ILB crew were near, they were on scene in 2 minutes, picked up the 2 swimmers, and returned them safe to the beach where they had set out from. The ILB was again diverted by the beachguards.

2 people in a dinghy were reported 250 metres off Kinmel bay, struggling to get back to shore. The ILB was with them in 4 minutes, took them on board, and returned them to the beach, returning to station at 1405.

Rhyl beach guards reported a missing child from Rhyl central beach, last seen paddling in the water. The ILB launched and searched the shoreline, whilst coastguard, lifeguards and police searched the very busy beach. After about 25 minutes, the child was found safe on the beach and taken to police to return to the parents. The child had travelled about 500 metres along the beach.

Rhyl beachguards reported a dinghy with 1 person on board about 100 metres out, having difficulty getting back on the beach at Splash Point, Rhyl. When the ILB crew arrived on scene, the person had been assisted ashore by a passing kayaker and all was well. The ILB returned to shore at 1542.

Prestatyn Beach lifeguards reported 2 separate incidents of missing children on the beach. The ILB was paged to assist lifeguards and coastguards search 2 areas between the Nova Centre and Barkby beach, Prestatyn. The crew were about 400 metres from the Nova Centre when the beach lifeguards reported the first, and then the second, child had been found. The ILB was released and returned to station at 1810.

8/8/2012. 1534
Holyhead Coastguard received a 999 call from a lady at Kinmel Bay beach, saying she saw a dinghy with 1 person in it, waving. The ILB crew were paged and went to the position, guided by the local coastguards, who had met up with the woman on the beach. The casualty was found to be a kayaker about 200m off shore, and the woman had mistakenly seen his paddles and thought he was waving. False alarm, good intent. As all was well, the ILB returned to station at 1605.

7/8/2012. 0407
The ILB was launched following a radio call from the skipper of the fishing vessel “Supreme” in Rhyl Harbour. He was preparing for the day’s fishing trips when he heard shouts for help from the opposite side of Rhyl harbour, near to the Blue Foryd bridge. The ILB was on scene within 10 minutes, and found a teenager clinging to one of the mooring buoys near to the bridge. He had been in a kayak in the harbour when he capsized, and had been in the water for 20 minutes. The ILB crew got him into the boat, and he was showing symptoms of being severely hypothermic. The ILB was taken back to the boathouse where the casualty was given first aid and kept warm until the ambulance arrived. He was taken to Glan Clwyd hospital. The ILB was ready for service at 0438. It is not known why the youth was in the harbour so early. The kayak was recovered by coastguards, and his 2 friends on shore were interviewed by police and local coastguards as to the sequence of events which led up to the service. The skipper of the fishing vessel is to be congratulated on his speedy actions to contact the emergency services.
RNLI webpage and pictures

4/8/2012. 0059
Both boats were launched after Holyhead Coastguard received a call from a person stating they had seen an adult entering the water, fully clothed, between the Nova Centre Prestatyn, and Splash Point, Rhyl. The ILB started to search close to the sea wall (it was high water) and the AWB searched up to 1/2 mile off between the 2 points. The first informant was known to both the police on scene and the coastguards, as having previously made calls to the emergency services. There was, therefore, some query regarding the information given. The North Wales police helicopter was on another job, and so the Merseyside helicopter was utilised to conduct an infra-red search of the shoreline. After about 90 minutes of searching, all units were told to do one final sweep of the beach, as the tide had receded sufficiently for the sand to start showing. As the ILB crew were about 1/2 mile East of Splash Point, they saw the figure of a woman lying prone on the beach. The crew immediately made for the spot, and the AWB backed up to provide 2 extra crew on the remote part of the beach. The woman had cuts to her face and hands, and was wet up to her waist. She was given first aid by the crew, who made her safe until coastguards and police and ambulance persons arrived on scene. The woman was taken to hospital. It is not known whether the initial call and the subsequent service were actually the same incident. All units then conducted a further shoreline search to see if there was anyone else on the beach. No-one else was seen, and so the boats returned to station by 0400.

21/7/2012. 0740
The coastguard team were paged to investigate a 15m beam trawler that was aground and dried out at the entrance to Rhyl harbour. The team tried to get to the vessel but were prevented from the by the river Clwyd flowing from the harbour. They therefore asked if the ILB could investigate. As the crew were assembling already for the air show, the ILB was launched within 5 minutes and went to the side of the river and talked to the crew. They had misjudged the ebb tide from the harbour, and had grounded early that morning. as all was well, the ILB crew returned to station by 0820. The crew subsequently refloated the vessel and successfully entered the harbour at the top of the flood tide.

14/7/2012. 1633
Rhyl beach lifeguards reported a man stuck in the mud near the rock groynes at rhyl harbour entrance, with the tide coming in and surrounding him. The local coastguard team and the ILB were paged. The ILB team went to the scene and the boat was launched and managed to pull the man out of the mud and into the ILB . The boat returned to the shore and handed the man over to the coastguard and beach lifeguard teams, returning to station at 1658.

7/7/2012. 0017
The ILB was launched to assist police and local coastguards search for a young woman who had notified emergency services she was going to jump off the blue bridge in Rhyl harbour. On scene, the crew could see no-one on the bridge, and so they conducted a search around the bridge supports and the immediate area, as there was still 1 hour to go before the tide started ebbing. After around 10 minutes of searching, the police reported the woman had been found safe ashore on the promenade, and so the crew returned to station at 0035.

12/6/2012. 1315
The crew were at the boathouse doing a first aid course, when Rhyl Beach guards requested ILB back-up to persuade 2 young men in a small inflatable dinghy to return to shore as the tide was coming in, and the 2 appeared quite drunk and were getting further from shore. Police and local coastguards were also tasked. The ILB crew stood by at the waters edge until police arrived, and then the ILB and carriage were taken to the men through the gulleys and sandbanks, until they were able to be spoken to by police. The men decided to walk ashore through the gutters, but the inflatable was taken on board the ILB. The men were taken back to the coastguard station under police escort and with the lifeguards, and the ILB crew returned to the boathouse at 1350. As the ILB did not launch, this is to be classed as a standby.

5/6/2012. 1258
The ILB crew were paged after a fisherman on Kinmel Bay beach saw a dog enter the water and refuse to come back. The owners, 2 young girls, were frantic on the shore and were threatening to go in the water after the dog. The ILB launched, but immediately on launching, the engine developed a fault. The AWB was therefore tasked to the incident and the ILB was recovered to shore at 1304. See AWB report for further narrative.

4/6/2012. 2015
3 teenagers dialled 999 after they found they were cut off by the incoming tide about 0.5m out from the boathouse. The ILB crew were immediately paged as the boys said they were up to their knees in water. The ILB launched within 4 minutes and was with the boys a minute later. They were taken on board the ILB and returned to the shore and back to the boathouse where they were met by local coastguards. They were all relatively well after their experience, but had the forethought to stay where they were on the bank until the ILB arrived. The ILB was ready for service by 2035.

29/5/2012. 1215
A woman had fallen on Rhyl beach from one of the wooden groynes off the Sun Centre. As there were no lifeguards on duty, and no coastguards available due to the town being closed for the Olympic Torch Relay procession, the crew at the boathouse were requested to contact and find the woman. She was located from the boathouse about 300m to the East of the station, and so 2 crew went with the Softrac ILB launching vehicle to meet up with the lady and assess her. She was conscious but in much pain, and wet and cold, so she was taken back to the boathouse on the Softrac to await an ambulance, which had to come from Ruthin, 25 miles away, as local ambulances were also involved in the Olympic Torch route. She was assessed by the ambulance personnel and taken to hospital, and the Softrac was rehoused at 1225. Classed as a shore based service.

The crew still at the boathouse observed a large party of school children with their teachers; together with a family party of 4 adults and 2 babies and their pushchairs; were cut off by the incoming tide. A crew member proceeded in the Softrac to the shore line and informed the school party to return to the safety of the shore. This was done rapidly to get the children back, even though they had to wade in water up to 0.75m deep to get back to shore. The family were still unaware of their situation, and so the crew member took the Softrac through the gulley to the family and quickly got them on to the vehicle to return through the gulley, which by now was 1m deep. The family were returned to shore safe and well, and were given some safety advice by the crew. the one baby was only 1 year old. The Softrac was back on station by 1428. Classed as a shore based service.

The ILB crew were paged after Holyhead Coastguard had numerous reports of a red/deep orange parachute flare being sighted over the sea between Rhyl and Ffrith Beach, Prestatyn. Local coastguard teams were also tasked to search the shoreline. The crew searched both inshore and up to 1 mile out for any vessel, using the lights from the promenade as an aid to locating anything. After about 90 minutes a local coastguard officer radioed to say that someone in a local holiday camp had seen the flare fired from that camp. It was a genuine parachute flare, and with the offshore breeze, floated out to sea. This is why the informants stated it was over the sea. All units were therefore stood down, the ILB returning to station by 0104 .

27/5/2012. 1144
The ILB was launched to assist Coastguards, police and fire units trying to free a horse from soft sand at Talacre beach. The tide was coming in and the ILB was required should personnel be caught by the tide. As the ILB waited just offshore, the animal was freed and the crew returned to station at 1243.

The ILB was diverted to assist 9 people stuck on a sandbank by the incoming tide off Rhyl. They were taken on board the ILB and in stages were returned to the shore to coastguards. The ILB completed this by 1315.

The crew were tasked to a dinghy, 1 mile out from Towyn beach, with 1 person in the dinghy, and 1 person trying to paddle the dinghy ashore. The ILB took both on board and returned them to the beach to coastguards. The crew returned to station at 1335.

The ILB crew re-launched to an inflatable dinghy with 3 on board off Rhyl West End, 1 of the people in the water trying to swim ashore. They were all taken on board the ILB and returned to the beach to waiting coastguards. The ILB returned to station at 1428.

The ILB was launched to an inflatable dinghy being swept out to sea off Golden sands, Towyn. The 2 on board were taken on to the ILB and the dinghy was towed ashore to waiting coastguards. The ILB returned to station at 1524.

The ILB was re-launched to Golden Sands Towyn, for 2 people who had come out of an inflatable dinghy and were trying to swim ashore. The ILB took the 2 on board, recovered the dinghy and returned to waiting coastguards on shore. The ILB returned to station at 1548.

The ILB had just returned when it was tasked to an inflatable dinghy with 1 person on board off Kinmel Bay, being swept out to sea. The crew took the person on board, together with the inflatable, and returned to coastguards on the beach. The ILB was back on station at 1553.

The crew were launched again after Holyhead Coastguard were informed of a kayak apparently in difficulty off Pensarn, Abergele beach. On arrival alongside the kayak, the occupant informed the crew all was well, so the call was a false alarm with good intent. The ILB returned to station at 1646.

The crew had only just left the station when the pagers were activated by Holyhead Coastguard to 2 people in an inflatable dinghy who were half a mile out from Rhyl West end, but had drifted over the training wall at the entrance to Rhyl harbour, and could not paddle back due to the offshore wind. They were taken on board the ILB, together with the inflatable, and returned to coastguards on shore. The ILB returned to station at 1858.

Nearly all of these incidents were to inflatable boats, dinghies, etc. They can be dangerous if taken to sea on an offshore wind and an ebbing tide. Try to keep a line tied to the shore when young children are in this sort of craft, and always stay with the dinghy. Do not try to swim ashore. The other incidents highlight that when on the beach, it is always advisable to keep an eye on the beach behind you, as well as out to sea. The tide can come round sandbanks and rapidly become a deep gutter behind you. The beaches between Abergele and Talacre are beautiful areas of clean good sands, but it is always advisable to be aware of any pitfalls that might occur to the unwary beach-goer.

26/5/2012. 1147
The ILB was launched and the “Softrac” launching vehicle were used to recover 7 persons and 2 babies in pushchairs from sandbanks off the boathouse, trapped by the incoming tide. They were taken on board the boat and vehicle, and returned safe to shore. The crew returned to station at 1159.

The ILB was launched to 2 persons in an inflatable dinghy off the entrance to Rhyl harbour, being blown offshore by the wind and ebb tide. They were taken on board the ILB and returned to coastguards on shore. The crew returned to station at 1240.

The ILB was launched again to 2 persons on an inflatable being blown out to sea off Rhyl West end promenade. 1 person was in the water trying to paddle the inflatable. The 2 were taken aboard the ILB and returned to coastguards on shore. The ILB returned to station at 1408.

25/5/2012. 1129
The ILB was on exercise in Rhyl harbour when the crew noticed a small private fishing boat having difficulty with it’s engine, and hitting the new sea wall sheet pilings. The engine cut out twice, and so the helmsman offered to return the boat to the moorings. due to the fast tidal flow in the river, the ILB set up a tow towards the open sea, until there was sufficient room to turn round and head into the harbour. this was successfully completed, and the boat was put back on its moorings safely. The ILB returned to its exercise and was back on station at 1300.

The ILB crew were launched to an inflatable with 4 persons on board off Golden sands at Towyn, going round in circles and not making any headway back to the shore. The 4 were transferred on tot the ILB and the inflatable towed back to the beach to waiting coastguards. The ILB returned to station at 1448.

The ILB was launched to a report of an inflatable being blown out to sea off Kinmel Bay. The inflatable was recovered with no-one on board, and coastguards ashore confirmed the owners were with them, and all persons were accounted for. The ILB returned to station after returning the inflatable to the owners at 1616.

24/5/2012. 10.45
ILB launched to recover 1 person on sandbank, trapped by the incoming tide. Taken on board the ILB and returned to shore. Back on station by 1059.

The ILB was launched to assist coastguards near Talacre, searching for a missing dog, with the owner threatening to go in the water. An object was reported in the water, but on investigation it was not found to be the missing dog. A further search with coastguard teams on shore found nothing, and so the ILB was released and returned to station at 1635.

21/5/2012. 2018
the ILB was tasked to 2 men in an inflatable dinghy, about 2 miles offshore at Kinmel Bay. they had rowed about 3 miles to the Rhyl Flats windfarm, but were now finding it very difficult to row against an offshore wind and ebb tide. They were taken on board the ILB and returned to shore to local coastguards. As this was being done, another report of an overdue inflatable was received, but it appeared that the 2 incidents were the same, as the 2 men gave false names to the coastguards, but the person reporting them missing confirmed they were the same men.

14/5/2012. 1800
Both boats were launched to assist in the rescue of a woman in distress on Kinmel Bay beach, at the entrance to Rhyl’s harbour, on an area known as Horton’s Nose. The local coastguard volunteer team were also called to assist police recover the woman, who was face down in the water, about 20 metres out from the shore. The coastguard team had arrived just before, together with police officers; and the lifeboat crew assisted in calming the woman and administering oxygen. The woman appeared to be hypothermic, and the best course of action was to take her on board the inshore lifeboat, and transfer her into the harbour to waiting paramedics. The all-weather lifeboat was also on scene, and escorted the inshore boat in to the harbour. The RNLI crew of both boats then helped coastguards, police and ambulance personnel get the woman into an ambulance and she was taken under police charge to Glan Clwyd hospital. This was the first time the RNLI crews had worn the new lifejackets supplied by donations to the Rhyl station over the last 3 months.

9/5/2012. 1404
Holyhead Coastguard requested the ILB launch after they received numerous 999 calls regarding 1 or 2 people clinging to a dinghy off Rhos-on-Sea breakwater. The crew were launched within 3 minutes and were proceeding at full speed, getting to just west of Pensarn beach (about 3 miles from Rhos) when Holyhead coastguard called them to say they had launched Rhyl in error, and Llandudno had launched their ILB to the incident, as Rhos is usually served by Llandudno’s boats. However, a local boatman had gone out from Rhos harbour and recovered the boat and people, and so Rhyl were released to return to station, and Llandudno proceeded as they were only 4 minutes away. Rhyl’s ILB returned to station at 1435.

7/5/2012. 1536
The ILB was launched to assist police with a person threatening self- harm on the new harbour wall at Rhyl. On scene, there were no person or police in sight, but a member of the public told the crew the police had the person in custody and had left the scene. The ILB returned to station by 1555.

24/4/2012. 1429
Both boats were launched after an 18′ foot cabin cruiser with 4 persons on board, reported their engine had failed off Kinmel Bay. As the crew were assembling, it could be seen that the boat was being blown to the shore, and so the ILB was launched first, backed up by the ALB. The ILB took the boat in tow until they were far enough offshore for the ALB to close. As there were so many on board the casualty, the offer of transferring to the ALB was given, to lighten the load when entering Rhyl harbour, due to the swift waters there during the harbour reconstruction. The offer was declined, and so the ILB towed the boat alongside, with the ALB following up. Due to the current, the ILB was only making about 4 knots, but managed to get the casualty on to moorings in the harbour, and then both boats returned to station by 1550.

2/4/2012. 0155
The ILB crew were paged to assist North Wales police for a missing person at Pensarn beach. As the crew were going to launch, Holyhead Coastguard reported the person had been found safe and well ashore. The ILB was stood down, returning to station at 0206. Classed as a standby.

10/2/2012, 0707
Holyhead Coastguard paged the ILB to launch after a member of the public reported a person in the water off Barkby beach, Prestatyn, waving their arms. the local Coastguard team from Rhyl were also alerted. The ILB was launched and en route when the coastguard arrived on scene and found a kayaker, about 400m out, paddling back to shore. It appeared the man had gone for an early morning paddle, and had not notified the coastguards, and had no radio communication. The actions of his paddles appeared to be arms waving from onlookers on shore. The ILB arrived as the man was being interviewed by the coastguards, and as no further assistance was required, returned to station, being ready for service at 0750.

Holyhead Coastguard were again contacted to report a man going into the water off the boathouse, to get his dog which was on a sandbank about 100m off shore. The pagers were activated as a precautionary measure. A crewman went to site in the station’s Landrover, and got on scene just as the man and a bait-digger were getting the dog, up to their knees in water. The crewman waited until all were safe ashore, and then took a local coastguard to scene to interview the man. The incident was closed at 0858, classed as a shore-based service.