6/1/2022.2016. AWB crew paged to assist coastguards, police and Search & rescue dog teams and the Coastguard helicopter, searching for a vulnerable person near ASDA Kinmel Bay. Teams searched the area but nothing was found. The lifeboat fired parachute flares and shone searchlights on the sand dunes to illuminate and help searchers on land. Nothing was found, and land teams re-started the search the next morning. The AWB returned to station at 2330. Nothing further to report from sea-based teams.

Search pattern of Rhyl AWB total route
Close screen shot of search area
Track of helicopter, searching en route back from Newcastle.

1/1/2022. 1738. Both lifeboats launched on New Year’s Day, to assist local coastguards and police officers searching for two females. The two had reported their position to the police using the ‘What Three Words’ app on their phones. This gave searchers a more accurate area to locate the girls. The lifeboats were requested to do a shoreline search using their searchlights between Presthaven Sands camp and Talacre lighthouse. The girls were fairly quickly spotted by both search teams on land and sea, and were escorted back to safety at Talacre. The lifeboats returned to station at 1930.

Track of AWB