7/8/2022 1643. The crew were paged together with local coastguards The incident was reported by the rescue co-ordinating centre at Holyhead, as a person with a broken ankle on the beach by the Nova Centre. Both boats were launched so that Prestatyn RNLI lifeguards could be assisted by the crews, together with the crew being able to administer pain-relieving Entonox until the ambulance arrived.
The air ambulance was also tasked from Caernarvon, as it turned out that the casualty was a male who had gone in the sea to assist two children in difficulty, but had sustained fractures to both ankles. There was a possibility of the other two casualties requiring treatment. The lifeboats arrived on scene, and together with the coastguards and lifeguards, made the casualty as safe as possible. Soon after, the ambulance arrived, and the casualty was taken to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, together with one of the others who had ingested a lot of salt water. The rescue services were then released and returned to station by 1845.

Track of AWB

21/7/2022. 1519. AWB crew paged to back up ILB if required to attend to a yacht which had struck the rocky revetment wall when coming out of Rhyl harbour. See ILB narrative for details.

19/7/2022. 1215.The first call on Tuesday was for the ILB to 2 inflatables which were being blown out to sea from the Kinmel Bay-side of the river Clwyd. On arriving on scene the inflatables were found to be empty, and so the helm of the lifeboat tracked back against the wind. Coastguards on shore also arrived, and the owners of the inflatables were found and confirmed no persons were on board the inflatables. The inshore lifeboat returned to station at 1230. The 2nd call for the ILB was made by Holyhead coastguard at 1251, about a person on an inflatable craft off Talacre drifting out to sea. The person was located by a passing windfarm vessel and taken on board. The inshore lifeboat then escorted the windfarm boat as they made their way to Mostyn docks where the casualty was met by local coastguards from Flint. The inshore lifeboat returned to station by 1400. The AWB was on standby from 1300 to 1315, to assist in this incident but was stood down as the windfarm vessel had coped. The next callout was for the AWB at 1430 to search for a kayak with 1 adult and 2 children on board, being swept out to sea again off Talacre. West Kirby ILB was also paged and launched. The lifeboats were nearly at Talacre when the local coastguard mobile on site, reported that the dinghy and occupants had managed to get ashore back at Talacre at 1453, and so the lifeboats were stood down. The lifeboat returned to Rhyl at 1600

Lifeboat launching
Lifeboat being recovered

3/7/2022.1422. Both boats launched to assist local coastguards, RNLI lifeguards and police, searching for a person who was last seen entering the water off the kite surf café, and was not seen again. The lady had family and children ashore, so there was concern for her safety. The boats searched for over 3 hours with nothing seen. At this time, the police on the Wirral had reported the person had been located on a train! Apparently this resulted after an argument on shore. The lifeboats were stood down at 1800.

Emergency services on scene.
Track of AWB

7/6/2022.2152. Both boats launched to assist coastguards extract a person who had a suspected fracture of the pelvis on the rocks near Knightley’s funfair in Towyn. The ILB crew went ashore to assist coastguards on scene, with the AWB ready to evacuate by sea if necessary. The decision was made on shore to transport the casualty by road. The ILB crew assisted with the recovery of the casualty to the road , monitoring the casualty all the way. Once the casualty was handed over, both boats returned to station by 0000.

Track of AWB

11.5.2022.. 1808. Initially, Holyhead Coastguard paged the ILB to launch to investigate a floating object off Llandulas Jetty to the West of the station. However at the boathouse, the officials deemed it too rough for the ILB, and the AWB crew also were paged. Just as the crew were getting kitted up, word came to the coastguard that the object was an unmanned survey vessel carrying out it’s task. The crew were stood down at 1816. Classed as a standby for the AWB.

7.5.2022. 1205. A local charter fishing boat radioed to the Coastguard co-ordinating centre at Holyhead. A male had been taken ill on board the charter vessel, and the skipper requested first aid and medical assistance. The crew were paged and launched to assist the vessel. Passage to the vessel only took a few minutes as it was just off the boathouse. The lifeboat was taken alongside the boat, and 3 crew were transferred to provide casualty care to the person, as the vessel returned to Rhyl harbour. The two boats moored alongside the pontoon in Rhyl harbour, where the casualty was transferred on to the lifeboat’s stretcher. The crew then took the casualty from the pontoon to the main harbour front, where an ambulance was waiting. The casualty was then transferred by ambulance to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd (Glan Clwyd Hospital).
The North Wales Air ambulance, land ambulance and local coastguards had also been tasked. A road ambulance took the air ambulance medical staff to the harbour ,and the casualty was monitored in the ambulance.

Assets at Rhyl lifeboat station
Rhyl lifeboat approaching casualty
Air ambulance landing at lifeboat station

5/4/2022.2234. Both boats paged to reports of a male in the sea off Towyn, Abergele, some 3 miles west of the station. On scene, the male was seen in the lifeboats searchlights to be now standing up in the water, after coming closer inshore. As the crews stood by , local police managed to get the male to leave the water and he was taken in to custody. The boats stood by until all was safe, and then returned to station by 2341.

Track of AWB

3/3/2022. 1553. AWB launched after a local windfarm boat spotted something in the water off Rhyl, a couple of miles out. Further info will be withheld for some time. The lifeboat returned to station at 1809.

Lifeboat returning
Track of lifeboat
lifeboat returns.

20/2/2022.0201. AWB crew paged to launch to assist police and coastguards in a search for a person who had threatened to go in the sea by the Sky Tower at Rhyl. Just after the ILB had launched, the police informed the coastguard that this was a hoax, and all units could return to station. This was done by 0217.
The AWB did not launch, so this was classed as a standby for the AWB.

Track of AWB

6/2/2022.2108. ILB crew paged to assist police and coastguards search for a person on Rhyl beach off the Sky Tower. Weather at sea was just on the limit of the ILB, so the AWB crew were also paged to standby. The ILB was taken along the water’s edge, and the crew spotted a person in the sea at the water’s edge to the East of the boathouse. The person was recovered to the ILB safe and returned to the boathouse where police took over the incident. The crew in the station Land Rover were also involved in the search. As the ILB crew did not launch, classed as a shore based-service and standby for both the ILB and AWB.

6/1/2022.2016. AWB crew paged to assist coastguards, police and Search & rescue dog teams and the Coastguard helicopter, searching for a vulnerable person near ASDA Kinmel Bay. Teams searched the area but nothing was found. The lifeboat fired parachute flares and shone searchlights on the sand dunes to illuminate and help searchers on land. Nothing was found, and land teams re-started the search the next morning. The AWB returned to station at 2330. Nothing further to report from sea-based teams.

Search pattern of Rhyl AWB total route
Close screen shot of search area
Track of helicopter, searching en route back from Newcastle.

1/1/2022. 1738. Both lifeboats launched on New Year’s Day, to assist local coastguards and police officers searching for two females. The two had reported their position to the police using the ‘What Three Words’ app on their phones. This gave searchers a more accurate area to locate the girls. The lifeboats were requested to do a shoreline search using their searchlights between Presthaven Sands camp and Talacre lighthouse. The girls were fairly quickly spotted by both search teams on land and sea, and were escorted back to safety at Talacre. The lifeboats returned to station at 1930.

Track of AWB