4/12/2021. 1100. ILB launched on exercise, was diverted by HHCG and NWP to report of a possible person/body in the water off Butterton Road. 3 police vehicles and about 7 police were on scene after member of public reported. ILB searched and found a tree branch floating. ILB returned to exercise at 1112.

Complete track of ILB on exercise/service
ILB crew searching.

3/12/2021.2151. Multiple units including coastguards, both Rhyl boats, helicopters from police and coastguard, and Hoylake hovercraft, were tasked to assist a person stuck in mud at Talacre. The person was successfully recovered in a joint effort. Rhyl units returned to station at 0254.

Units off Talacre
Rhyl ILB track
Hoylake Hovercraft track

2/12/2021. 0506. ILB paged to Rhyl harbour to assist police and Coastguard with an incident on the blue bridge in Rhyl harbour. The ILB was towed by the Landrover by road to the harbour, and waited until there was sufficient water in the harbour to launch, and then stood by away from the bridge. The incident was concluded at 0700 and the ILB crew returned by road at 0720.

Track of ILB.

6/11/2021.1122. ILB crew paged for immediate launch. A DLA walking his dog around the harbour heard a splash, and saw a man in the water. The man had been going from his dinghy to his boat when he fell. The DLA and a local charter skipper got in their boat and went across the harbour to assist. The ILB was delayed due to engine problems, so the man was pulled aboard the vessel ‘Suveran’ by the skipper Simon Parry and DLA Peter Robinson and taken back to the harbour pontoons. The man was transferred to hospital by his family on shore. The ILB arrived just as the charter vessel was discharging the man ashore, and helped coastguards carry out casualty care and warm the casualty up. Once the man had departed, the ILB returned to station. Classed as a shore-based service (for the DLA) and ILB service. The ILB returned to station at 1300.

1/11/2021. 0038. ILB crew paged to assist other agencies with an incident at the blue bridge in Rhyl Foryd harbour. As the Operations manager was paging the crew, the coastguard informed him the ILB could be stood down as the incident was resolved at 0041. Classed as a standby.

28/10/2021.1147. Both boats requested to launch by HM Coastguard, to assist land-based resources in a search for a vulnerable person. Both boats searched the local area to the east, until the Coastguard told them to stand down, the boats returning to station by 1306 with nothing found.

Track of ILB

19/10/2021. 1145 The initial call came in at 11.45am to UK coastguard co-ordinating centre at Holyhead. A member of the public reported what appeared to be an upturned boat off Llandulas beach, quite close inshore.
Both the inshore and all-weather lifeboats were launched, with Vinny at the helm of the all-weather boat.
The all-weather lifeboat arrived on scene first, and the crew were directed to the scene by local volunteer coastguards ashore..
On arriving at the location, the crew could see that the object was actually a red and white roadworks barrier. This was confirmed ashore as the object sighted. The barrier was recovered and both volunteer crews then returned to station.by 1.15pm.
Vinny, whose normal job is a North Wales Police traffic officer said ‘ I am used to seeing these barriers in my day job policing the roads, but to come across one out at sea was a bit of a surprise! I’m sure it wasn’t causing offence (a fence!??) but I have taken it into custody at the lifeboat station, and put it on the right road back! ‘
He continued ‘On a more serious note, we would rather people dial 999 and ask for the coastguard, if they think they see anything or anyone in trouble at sea. We would rather be tasked and find something like this barrier, rather than not be tasked at all’.
The pictures show Rhyl inshore lifeboat returning, and Vinny holding up the barrier after it was ‘rescued’.

15/10/2021. 1916. ILB crew paged to assist police with an incident off the boathouse at the water’s edge. As the crew were assembling, the page came to stand down, as the incident was resolved. Crew assisted with casualty reassurance and warming at the station until the person was able to go with police. Classed as standby.

4/10/2021. 2007. ILB launched after Holyhead coastguard co-ordinating centre received a 999 call from a member of the public about a possible body in the water off the sky tower at Rhyl. The ILB launched and carried out an extensive shoreline search with Rhyl coastguard team. Nothing was found. The ILB returned to station at 2051.

17/9/2021. 1754. ILB crew paged to assist people stuck on a sandbank off the boathouse by the incoming tide. As the crew were attending, Holyhead Coastguard were informed the people had waded ashore and the ILB was stood down at 1756. Classed as a standby.

14/9/2021.0940. The ILB was launched to a police incident with a person in the water off the Sky Tower at Rhyl. As the crew arrived on scene, the person was out of the water and the incident was resolved. The ILB crew returned to station at 0955.

Track of ILB
…………………….1818. ILB crew paged after Holyhead Coastguard received reports of a person in difficulty off the Sky Tower at Rhyl. Immediately after the page, the coastguard received reports the person was OK and out of the water, all was well. Classed as a call out with good intent, and a standby.

13/9/2021.1334. The ILB crew were paged by the UK Coastguard co-ordinating centre at Holyhead, after a lady walking her dogs saw them swim out to sea, and she ended up on a sandbank, which was diminishing with the incoming tide. Aware of her predicament, the lady rang 999 on her mobile and spoke to the coastguard, who paged the lifeboat crew. The ILB launched within 8 minutes of being tasked, and were on scene some 14 minutes later. The lady was now out of the water on the rocks, and the dogs had just come ashore to be reunited with their owner.
Crew members waded ashore and met up with the lady, who was asthmatic and was worried that with her exertions, she would have an attack, and she did not have her inhaler with her. The crew used their casualty care techniques to administer first aid with the inhaler stored on the boat, and this alleviated the symptoms. By this time, Flint coastguards had arrived nearby and so the crew escorted the lady and her dogs to the coastguards back to safety, and gave her advice about the incoming tide. The ILB returned to station at 1456.

Press release .


Track of ILB.

10/9/2021. 2131 The AWB crew were paged, to launch to assess a yacht with two people and two dogs. The yacht was on passage to Rhyl harbour, but due to the still wind conditions, the skipper was using the yacht’s engine to get to Rhyl on the high tide to get into the harbour, when the engine stopped. One of the crew also had mild sea-sickness.
The skipper called the UK Coastguard co-ordinating centre at Holyhead, and requested assistance. The coastguard put out a radio broadcast for any nearby vessels to assist; but with no response, tasked Rhyl RNLI volunteers to launch and investigate the yacht’s plight. On arrival on scene , the vessel was found to be close to the stone loading jetty at Llandulas, and so the skipper of the yacht asked for a tow to Rhyl, out of danger.
The tow was undertaken, and with the assistance of the inshore lifeboat crew and local coastguard volunteers from Rhyl and Flint, was successfully moored on the outer pontoon in Rhyl harbour by midnight. The ILB returned to station at 0032. See also AWB report.

ILB launching
ILB in harbour. Copyright Dean Wood.
Track of ILB.

10/9/2021. 1411. ILB paged to launch to standby at the Nova Centre, Prestatyn for a police incident in the water. Just after the ILB launched, UK Coastguard at Holyhead reported the person was out of the water, and the incident was resolved. ILB returned to station at 1430.

24/8/2021. 1705. Both boats paged to a swimmer in difficulty off Pensarn beach, Abergele. As the crews were assembling, the launch was cancelled by H M Coastguard as the incident was resolved by 1712. Classed as standby for both boats.

20/8/2021. 0926. ILB crew paged to assist police and coastguards with a police incident at the blue bridge in Rhyl’s Foryd harbour. Just after the ILB was launched, a stand down was received from the UK coastguard at Holyhead as the incident had been resolved. The ILB returned to station at 0943.

11/8/2021. 1251. ILB paged to 2 persons in inflatable off Robin Hood camp, to the east of the station. The ILB had just launched when coastguards on scene reported the dinghy was now safe ashore. ILB stood down, returning to station at 1310.
……………… 2030. Both boats launched to reports of a small boat not apparently moving off the Rhyl Flats wind farm. The boats, under direction from local coastguards ashore, came across a single-manned boat heading East. The occupant said they were OK, and all was good, so the boats undertook a further search of the area. When it was confirmed that the boat was the one sighted, then they returned to station at 2224.

reported boat, all well.
AWB nearby.
Track of ILB.

5/8/2021.1937. ILB paged to assist coastguards with reports of 6 people in 2 dinghies in difficulties off Rhyl Golf club. As the ILB was going down the beach, the coastguards reported all were safe ashore and the ILB was not required. ILB returned to station at 1950. Classed as a standby.
………………..2308. Both boats requested to launch to a police incident at Millers Cottage camp beach near Abergele. As the boats were just launching, the police reported the incident was resolved and both boats stood down at 2311. Classed as standby for both boats.

2/8/2021.1516. ILB requested to launch to assist numerous persons cut off by the tide on a sandbank off Kinmel Bay, to the west of the station. In all, over 60 people were assisted, some taken in the ILB for their own safety, back to the shore. The ILB returned to station at 1600.

Track of ILB.

1/8/2021.1023. ILB requested to launch to assist fire, police ambulance and coastguards to a report of a person in the water at the Marine lake, Rhyl. As the crew were assembling, the coastguards reported the person was found at the side of the river Clwyd, and not in the Marine Lake. As the person was on the land, the ILB crew were stood down at 1033.

25/7/2021. 1323 A member of the public raised a query to the shop personnel regarding what appeared to be a jet ski without an occupant, drifting about 1 mile off the boathouse. The crew were paged and the ILB was launched. On scene the object turned out to be a large log with branches resembling handlebars. This was reported to HM coastguard at Holyhead, and the ILB returned to station at 1350.

Track of ILB.
ILB launching
ILB on way

18/7/2021.1400. As per yesterday, the RNLI crew were requested to assist RNLI lifeguards due to shortage of lifeguards due to Covid regulations. 120 people assisted or advised of incoming tide. Local coastguards also assisted. Units stood down at 1600 as all sandbanks were now covered.

Track of ILB.

17/7/2021. 1210. Due to a shortage of RNLI lifeguards at Rhyl due to Covid shielding, the Coxswain sought permission from RNLI headquarters operations, to assist the beach guards by using the ILB as a patrol boat along the shore at Rhyl. The ILB was also available for other shouts if necessary. The crew launched at 1210 until 1430, with changes of personnel due to the very warm conditions, to patrol and assist the beach guards with people being cut off by the incoming tide. The shore crew also patrolled the shoreline with the station’s Landrover and the ILB launching tractor, warning people of the incoming tide surrounding them. The local coastguard team also assisted in the job. Altogether, over 60 people were assisted back across the gulleys as the tide came in. Classed as 1 ILB service and 1 shore-based service.

Total track of ILB
beach after clearing sandbanks
Coastguard helicopter passing on a different tasking.
sand banks just covering to the West. Every one cleared.
sand banks just covering to the East. Every one cleared.

1/7/2021.1354. Crew at station saw 2 people cut off by the tide opposite the boathouse, and just standing, not attempting to cross back. HM Coastguard at Holyhead were informed and the ILB crew were paged. The ILB was on scene within 5 minutes and recovered the 2 youngsters to shore, wet but OK.

30/6/2021.0146. Both boats launched to assist coastguard teams from the Wirral, Flint and Rhyl, in locating 3 persons stuck in mud off Presthaven Sands camp, Gronant. The boats arrived on the scene, and 1 crew from the ILB went ashore to assist as the casualties had been located, only 1 stuck now in the mud. The AWB arrived to stand by for evacuation if necessary, and to illuminate the scene. The person was recovered from the mud by coastguards, and taken back to solid ground at Presthaven. The boats were then stood down, the ILB recovering at 0220.

Track of ILB
ILB launching

26/6/2021. 1400. AWB launched to a small cabin cruiser with 4 on board, broken down off Kinmel Bay. The boat was taken in tow back to Rhyl harbour. Due to the fast ebbing tide, the ILB was launched to take the boat to the launching ramp where it was recovered by the harbour master on to its trailer. Boat boats returned to station by 1610.

ILB taking over tow from AWB
Track of ILB

26/6/2021.1030. ILB crew to assist RNLI lifeguards and police with a person in the water off the events arena at Rhyl. ILB launched and assisted until person was safe ashore. Returned to station at 1045.

Track of ILB

22/6/2021. 1836. ILB launched at request of HM Coastguard at Holyhead, in response to 999 calls regarding 2 swimmers in difficulty off the Nova Centre, Prestatyn. AWB also requested. On scene, ILB found all persons accounted for safe ashore, so the AWB was stood down and returned to station at 1924.

Track of ILB

19/6/2021. 1739. ILB crew and Llandudno AWB crew (because Rhyl AWB was on separate job), paged to assist 2 inflatables with 5 persons and 1 dog onboard, in difficulty off Pensarn. ILB launched and was then informed that a person had swum out to the inflatables and made it back to shore. ILB stood down and RTS at 1755.

Track of ILB

13/6/2021. 1035. ILB crew paged to assist Rhyl RNLI beach lifeguards with a person wading in the water on the far side of a sandbank off the boathouse, with an incoming tide, and not responding to the life guard’s shouts. The lifeguard went across to the casualty, to find they had got earphones in, and were oblivious to the outside world, and did not see the gulley filling behind them. They were given safety advice by the beach guard, escorted back to the shore, and the ILB was stood down at 1041. Classed as a standby for the ILB.
………………. 1454. ILB crew launched to assist RNLI lifeguards and coastguards search for a missing 6-year-old child on Rhyl beach, last seen near the water’s edge off the boathouse. The crew searched the shoreline towards the harbour wall, and located the child at the water’s edge by the revetment wall, some 400m west of where they had gone missing. Lifeguards and coastguards went to the child and reunited the child with the parents. The ILB returned to station at 1526.

9/6/2021. 2308. The ILB was launched to assist the AWB with mooring a casualty in the harbour alongside the pontoons in the outer harbour. The boats returned to station at 0005.

track of ILB

9/6/2021. 0926. ILB requested along with police, fire, ambulance and coastguards, to a person on the top of the blue bridge in Rhyl Foryd harbour. The ILB launche4d from station as it was just before high tide, and stood off in the harbour for safety cover. After a while, the person was persuaded by land-based agencies to come off the bridge, and all maritime units were stood down, the ILB returning at 1025. Pictures by Karra Jones copyright.

person on bridge Rhyl harbour 20210609
Emergency services at bridge Rhyl harbour, 20210609
ILB standing by in harbour 20210609.
Track of ILB 20210609

8/6/2021. 0358. Both boats launched to assist in the search for an elderly casualty who was missing from near the beach at Abergele. Police helicopter, coastguards and others also searched near the shoreline. Unfortunately after a few hours, nothing had been seen, and the maritime assets were stood down, the lifeboats returning to station at 1008.
Update 8/6/21 2000. Person has been found safe and well on land. good news.

2/6/2021. 1333. ILB paged to report by Prestatyn RNLI beach lifeguards to 2 inflatables being taken out by the wind. ILB located them and found they were empty. Subsequent enquiries by the lifeguards found that inflatables had blown off the beach unoccupied. ILB returned to station at 1428.
……………….1400. ILB tractor requested to help in search Rhyl beach for a missing child. Child was located and returned to parents by life guards. Classed as shore-based service, ending at 1435.
………………..1428. Numerous people cut off by incoming tide at Rhyl. ILB had just recovered from previous incident, so diverted to incident and assisted many people off the sandbank, and having to transport 2 in ILB back to safety. ILB returned to station at 1435.
………………1454. ILB and AWB launched to assist coastguards and ambulance crews in recovering an injured casualty from the rocks at Sandy Cove. The casualty could not be recovered by land as the rocks hindered the rescuers. The casualty was put on a basket stretcher and recovered by the ILB to the AWB, and taken to Rhyl harbour for easier transfer to ambulance. Both boats recovered at 1630.

1/6/2021. 1235. Inflatable dinghy off Towyn. ILB launched and found no-one onboard. Enquiries ashore found the inflatable was empty as it left the beach. ILN returned at 1400.
………………. 1540. Inflatable dinghy as above. Returned at 1620.
………………. 1640. A member of the public alerted crew near the station of a person who was bleeding near the Pavilion theatre, on the beach. The crew and beach lifeguards went to scene and provided casualty care until an ambulance crew arrived at 1655. Classed as shore-based service (SBS).
………………. 2249. Both boats launched to locate 2 overdue kayakers near the windfarms. They were found as the lifeboats went to the search start position. They were transferred from the ILB to the AWB and returned to station by 2350.

Kayak 1
Kayak 2
inflatable flamingo
coming alongside

31/5/2021. 1322. 2 shouts from 1322 to 1420. The second shout involved a small child who was located not far from the original casualty (empty inflatable). The child was over half a mile out but had stayed with the inflatable. She was taken to shore to be reunited with her family.
See the media release here.

moment of finding the dinghy
Track of ILB.

30/05/2021. 1300-1500. The ILB crew were paged 3 times to various inflatable toys being swept out to sea with a high tide and offshore wind. The ILB launched 1300-1335 to Kinmel Bay; 1343-1430 to Prestatyn, and 1455-1500 off Rhyl, retrieving numerous rings, balls, even an inflatable unicorn!. Each time the crew found no-one on board, but a quick sail past the beaches found the owners who confirmed all was well.

Track of ILB for all shouts.
ILB launching first shout

23/5/2021. 0515. The ILB, together with coastguard units from Rhyl, Flint and Llandudno, together with the coastguard rescue helicopter 196 from Caernarfon, were tasked to search the river Clwyd from Rhuddlan, down river towards the river estuary at Rhyl, and along the coast East towards splash point, for a person last seen on the river bridge at Rhuddlan. The units searched the area until coastguards informed all that the person was found safe ashore. All units were stood down at 0700, the ILB returning to station at 0710.

rescue 193 track 1 courtesy Marine traffic app
rescue helicopter track 2 courtesy marine traffic app
Rhyl ILB track courtesy Marine traffic app
Rescue 1986 helicopter over Rhuddlan castle credit Callum Robinson
Rescue helicopter 196 starts search credit Callum Robinson
Launching Inshore lifeboat credit Tommy Edwards
Crew boarding lifeboat credit Tommy Edwards
Search commences credit Tommy Edwards
Going downstream towards Rhyl credit Tommy Edwards

14/5/2021. 0611 ILB crew paged to search for a reported person in the water off the west end of Rhyl. The ILB launched and was instructed to go to the area of the end perch post marking the entrance to the harbour. As it was low tide, the ILB got to opposite the end perch when coastguards and police had located the person, who had been in the sea, but was now safe on shore. The ILB crew stood by until the incident was safely resolved, and then returned to station at 0705.

9/5/2021.0308. Both boats paged to assist police and coastguards with a person in the water between the Events arena and the Sun Centre. As the crew were arriving, police informed them the incident was resolved, so all RNLI assets were stood down at 0311. Classed as a standby.

2/5/2021. 1435. The ILB was requested by Rhyl harbour master, to assist a speedboat with 4 people on board. The boat had gone across the revetment wall at the entrance to the harbour, and suffered engine problems. The ILB arrived on scene to find the boat had managed to get to the centre pontoon in the outer harbour, but required taking to the harbour launch ramp. This was completed and the ILB returned to station at 1520.

26/4/2021.1338. ILB paged, and AWB put on standby to reports of a small power boat with 2 people on board, having engine trouble off Kinmel Bay. The ILB launched and was on scene within 3 minutes. A tow was commenced towards Rhyl harbour. Due to the ebb tide, there was not sufficient water in the entrance channel to retrieve the boat , so a tow was commenced back to the boathouse. The harbour master had brought the boat’s trailer to the boathouse, and the casualty was recovered to shore by the boathouse. The ILB was ready for service at 1450.

23/4/2021.1944. Both boats paged to assist Llandudno boats in a search for an overdue windsurfer between Rhos point and Pensarn. As the crews were arriving at the boathouse, the coastguard received a message from a member of the public, stating the person had come ashore at Sandy Cove, well but tired. All boats were stood down at 1947. Classed as a standby.

22/4/2021. 1836. ILB crew paged to assist Fire Service, ambulance and Coastguards, with a person stuck in the mud on the Rhuddlan-side of the railway bridge over the river Clwyd at Rhyl. As the ILB arrived on scene, the coastguards reported the person was now out of the mud and safely on the river bank. The crew stood by until told all was well, and they then returned to station by 1915.

5/4/2021.0146. ILB crew paged to assist police and ambulance with an incident at the Marine lake, Rhyl. A person had been recovered from the lake, but HM Coastguard at Holyhead requested the ILB launch to search the lake’s easterly area. Nothing was found, and so the ILB was recovered and the crew returned by road to station, returning at 0250.

18/3/2021. 1238. ILB tasked to report of person in the water off Prestatyn. Coastguard also tasked. As the ILB was about to launch, the coastguards reported the object had come ashore, and was a balloon!. All units stood down at 1252. Classed as a standby.

15/3/2021.2151. ILB requested to launch to support a police incident in the water off the events arena by the boathouse. The ILB launched and was on scene within 2 minutes. Police reported to Holyhead coastguard, the casualty had come back ashore and the incident had been resolved. The ILB was stood down, and returned to station at 2212.

13/3/2021. 1432. The ILB crew were paged after the UK Coastguard at Holyhead received a 999 call to say a kite surfer appeared to be in danger off Splash Point, Rhyl.

13/3/2021 14.32
Track of Rhyl inshore RNLI lifeboat

The ILB was launched within four minutes as some crew were already at the station after an exercise that morning. The crew launched and proceeded to the location, to find the kite surfer had returned safely to the beach, but had become detached from their board. Once local coastguard volunteers were on scene with the casualty, the lifeboat crew then returned to sea, and carried out a quick search for the missing board. Due to the large heavy surf near the beach, they were not able to do a comprehensive search. The coastguards were informed the board was still missing, but all were safe, and so the lifeboat returned to station at 1510.

13/2/2021. 0854. ILB launched to recover dog which was stuck on a sandbank off the boathouse with a rapidly-incoming tide. The owner had dialled 999. The ILB launched and helped the dog ashore back to it’s owner. The ILB returned to station at 0920.

5/2/2021.2254. Both boats paged to assist with a police incident in the water at Pensarn. The ILB launched and was en route when Holyhead Coastguard reported the incident was concluded. The AWB had got to the water’s edge and was stood down. Classed as standby for the AWB.

1/2/2021.1523. ILB launched to investigate numerous reports of objects in the water between Rhyl and Abergele. Lots of items and logs found, but these were not linked to the missing vessel . The ILB returned to station at 1715.

31/1/2021. 1531. Both boats launched to reports from members of the public about objects floating in the water between Colwyn Bay and Talacre. Both boats searched the area shown for nearly 3 hours, and some unknown fishing gear was recovered. The boats returned to station at 1815 due to failing light.

Track of ILB

29/1/2021/0806. 6 RNLI lifeboats continued search for missing fishing vessel Friday. HM Coastguard have now called the search off. Rhyl ILB was stood down and returned to station at 1600. Rhyl AWB was stood down and returned to station at 1800.The alarm was first raised yesterday morning for the missing vessel. Yesterday, 7 RNLI lifeboats joined the multi-agency search, with some lifeboats out for nearly 12 hours at sea. Llandudno, Rhyl, Conwy, Beaumaris, and Hoylake RNLI joined Coastguard teams and other emergency services in the search which lasted until 2200 last night. Crews from Llandudno, Rhyl, Hoylake, and Conwy all launched this morning to help search for the missing fishing vessel and its crew. Both lifeboats from Rhyl and Llandudno were requested to launch by HM Coastguard shortly after 8am this morning. Hoylake AWB launched shortly after 0850 and Conwy launched their ILB at 0907.he search coordinated by HM Coastguard has continued all day. That evening, HM Coastguard have now confirmed that the search for a missing fishing boat off the North Wales coast with three crew members on board has been stood down. Lifeboats from Rhyl returned to station at 1726.

28/1/2021.1109. A search got underway off the coast of North Wales this morning (Thursday) following concerns for an overdue fishing vessel with three people onboard. The AWB and ILB from Llandudno were launched around 1030. They were requested by Holyhead Coastguard to search an area off Llanddulas. The ILB from Conwy was launched at 1048 to assist in the search. The AWB and ILB from Rhyl launched at 1110 to assist in the search, which also includes a Coastguard Rescue Helicopter and a fixed wing aircraft. At 1430, Beaumaris ILB was launched to search around the Puffin Island area. Hoylake AWB were also requested to assist in the search. The Shannon class all-weather lifeboat launched just after 5pm. The search carried on until darkness, and all boats were stood down, Rhyl returning to station at 2159.

24/1/2021.2330. Both of Rhyl’s RNLI lifeboats were paged to assist police, ambulance and the local volunteer coastguard team, in searching for a person around the Horton’s Nose beach area at the entrance to Rhyl harbour. The inshore lifeboat was launched and arrived on scene just as the person was located in the area around the sand dunes at the rear of the harbour master’s office. A crew member went ashore to assist with the recovery of the casualty into the ambulance, and then went back to the lifeboat, which then returned to station.
Due to the tide rapidly going out of the harbour, the all-weather lifeboat remained at the waters’ edge ready to launch to assist at sea, but was not required. (Classed as standby for this boat).
Both boats were back on station by 1 am on Monday.