23/4/2022. 0601. Crew paged top assist police and coastguards with a person on the blue bridge in Rhyl harbour. Crew stood down as the person was now in police custody. Classed as standby.

8/4/2022.0757. ILB crew paged to assist with a police incident at Prestatyn. Stood down as crew were assembling. Classed as standby.

6/4/2022. 1410. ILB paged by Holyhead Coastguard after they received reports of 2 adults and 2 children cut off by the incoming tide opposite Robin Hood camp. The ILB launched and as they arrived on scene, the coastguard reported all were safe and well back on land. The ILB was stood down and returned to station at 1432.

Track of ILB.

5/4/2022.2234. Both boats paged to reports of a male in the sea off Towyn, Abergele, some 3 miles west of the station. On scene, the male was seen in the lifeboats searchlights to be now standing up in the water, after coming closer inshore. As the crews stood by , local police managed to get the male to leave the water and he was taken in to custody. The boats stood by until all was safe, and then returned to station by 2341.

Track of ILB

3/4/2022.1019. ILB crew paged together with Rhyl coastguard for 2 people and a dog cut off by the tide off the events arena at Rhyl. Crew were already at the station so were kitting up when the coastguard cancelled the launch as the people had waded ashore. All were wet but OK, so the ILB was stood down. at 1022. Classed as a standby.

30/3/2022. 0337. ILB crew paged to assist police with a person in the water off the Kite surf café. As the crew were assembling, the police had entered the water and removed the person to their custody. The ILB was stood down at 0343. Classed as a standby.

7/3/2022.1452. ILB launched to go upriver of the river Clwyd at Rhyl to assist police and coastguards searching for a young person. As the ILB crew arrived on scene, the person was located nearby on shore and safe. The ILB was stood down and returned to station at 1520.

Track of Rhyl ILB upriver from Rhyl harbour.

20/2/2022.0201. ILB crew paged to launch to assist police and coastguards in a search for a person who had threatened to go in the sea by the Sky Tower at Rhyl. Just after the ILB had launched, the police informed the coastguard that this was a hoax, and all units could return to station. This was done by 0217.

Track of ILB.

14/2/2020.2016. ILB paged to assist coastguards from Rhyl, Bangor and Flint, search for a possible person either in the harbour or on the rocks, after a dog was found on the rocks. The ILB was taken by road to launch in the harbour, due to the tidal conditions at sea. The ILB launched in the harbour and carried out a search of the rock armour around the harbour, also providing illumination for the searchers on the rocks. The RSPCA were called by Holyhead Coastguard, to see if the dog was chipped for an owner. The search continued until the RSPCA team arrived, and found an owner’s details in the chip. The dog was taken by the coastguards from the rocks and the ILB was stood down, pending further enquiries at the dog’s owners’ address. The ILB returned to station at 2106.

Track of ILB

6/2/2022.2108. ILB crew paged to assist police and coastguards search for a person on Rhyl beach off the Sky Tower. Weather at sea was just on the limit of the ILB, so the AWB crew were also paged to standby. The ILB was taken along the water’s edge, and the crew spotted a person in the sea at the water’s edge to the East of the boathouse. The person was recovered to the ILB safe and returned to the boathouse where police took over the incident. The crew in the station Land Rover were also involved in the search. As the ILB crew did not launch, classed as a shore based-service and standby for both the ILB and AWB.

4/2/2022. 1258 ILB requested to assist a person in a dinghy without an engine. The occupant was going to a nearby yacht in Rhyl harbour, but due to the weather conditions could not return. The ILB was paged and the crew went to the harbour by road and launched in the harbour. A nearby jet-ski owner had managed to get a tow line on the dinghy and was nearly back on the slipway. The ILB crew escorted the casualty and jet-ski back to the slipway. The ILB then returned by road to station at 1330. Pictures show the conditions at the boathouse and the track of the ILB.

Track of ILB
Conditions at the boathouse
ILB on scene

22/1/2022. 0600. ILB crew paged to take ILB by road with the Land Rover to Rhyl harbour to assist police, ambulance and coastguard personnel on an incident at the blue bridge in the harbour. Just after the ILB and crew arrived on scene, the incident was resolved and the ILB was no longer required. The crew were stood down and the ILB returned to station at 0700.

3/1/2022. 1251. ILB crew paged by HM Coastguard at Holyhead to reports of small boat with engine problems at the harbour entrance. As the crew were kitting up, the coastguard reported the persons had managed to re-start the engine and had returned safe to the harbour. Crew stood down at 1255. Classed as standby.

1/1/2022. 1738. Both lifeboats launched on New Year’s Day, to assist local coastguards and police officers searching for two females. The two had reported their position to the police using the ‘What Three Words’ app on their phones. This gave searchers a more accurate area to locate the girls. The lifeboats were requested to do a shoreline search using their searchlights between Presthaven Sands camp and Talacre lighthouse. The girls were fairly quickly spotted by both search teams on land and sea, and were escorted back to safety at Talacre. The lifeboats returned to station at 1930.

Track of ILB