22/10/2016.1459. The AWB crew were paged for immediate launch to a small leisure fishing vessel with four persons on board. The initial report was that the boat was directly off Rhyl with engine failure. The lifeboat launched some 12 minutes later, and proceeded to a boat directly off the boathouse. This proved not to be the casualty, but another boat to the east of Splash point was spotted. Using the lifeboat’s VHF radio direction finder , the direction showed that this was the casualty and the lifeboat was redirected. The casualty was located about five minutes later at anchor. they were told to raise the anchor and the lifeboat came alongside in fairly shallow water. The boat was towed alongside until deeper water was attained, and the four persons were transferred on to the lifeboat. A crew member went on to the casualty and a normal tow was undertaken to get back to Rhyl, about two miles to the west. The harbour was reached without incident, and the lifeboat and tow were taken to the wall alongside the yacht club in the harbour, where the boat was tied up, and the casualties transferred ashore. The lifeboat then returned to station and was ready for service by 1700.

image1 image2

Video and photos kindly by permission of Paul Archer-Jones, Deputy second coxswain of Rhyl lifeboat.

21/9/2016. 0751. Both Rhyl and Hoylake all-weather lifeboats were brought to immediate readiness after an alarm and full alert were sounded at the Douglas platform, and oil and gas extraction rig, some 12 miles out. The crew had were kitted up and ready to launch when Holyhead Coastguard reported the alert was over and the crews could stand down at 0815. Classed as a standby.

27/8/2016. 2026. Both boats were launched, and the local coastguard team alerted,  after Holyhead Coastguard received 999 calls regarding a person swimming out to sea off Barkby beach, Prestatyn. The person was reported as being nearly a mile out. The ILB launched first, followed by the AWB some 10 minutes later. The ILB arrived on scene and began a search up to 1 mile out off the beach. The crew spotted the person in the water and came across a man who was clothed in proper distance-swimming gear and cap and goggles, happily swimming nearly a quarter of a mile out. It was very lucky that the crew spotted him, as he was in the shipping lanes used by the fast windfarm transfer vessels. He was asked to return to shore, as it was dark and he was not very easily seen in his apparel. Once ashore, the coastguards had a safety word with the man, who was a German and happily swimming. He was asked if he went in again to notify the coastguard of his intentions. As all was well, the boats returned to Rhyl at 2120.

26/8/2016. 1452 AWB brought to immediate readiness to assist ILB with persons in the water off Prestatyn. Stood down at 1500 as others assisted. Classed as standby.

22/8/2016. 1725. The master of the merchant vessel “AASLI” , at anchor 10 miles north-north East of the station, agreed to the evacuation of a sick crewman. The AWB was launched and was alongside within the hour. The crewman was taken on board and given casualty care with oxygen whilst the lifeboat made best speed back to Rhyl. On arrival on station, the man was handed over to the ambulance service and taken to hospital. The AWB was ready for service by 2110. Link to press release
Approaching Vessel         Track of lifeboat.
2016-08-22 18.28.00                 2016-08-23 13.53.55



21/8/2016. 1423. The crew were at the station’s Open day when the pagers alerted them to a person entering the water off Splash Point, Rhyl. Both boats launched to the tasking and made best speed to the area. On arriving at the location, the local coastguards informed them that the person was now ashore and in the hands of the police. Both units returned to station at 1510 to continue the Open day.

12/8/2016. 1625. Both boats were launched to a report of a stationary inflatable dinghy off Pensarn sewer outfall buoy with possibly a person alongside. The ILB was on scene first and found the dinghy apparently anchored to the sea bed. the anchor line was being recovered but snapped when the line became taut. The two lifeboats consulted with Holyhead Coastguard, and a search was undertaken up to a mile out, together with guard vessel MCS Levanto. Nothing was found, including shore enquiries by Rhyl local coastguards, except that some people on shore had noticed the dinghy some four hours earlier in the same location, just over an abandoned sewer pipe. The dinghy was recovered and a search undertaken, but nothing was found. The coastguards then terminated the search as no person was reported missing.

Track of AWB                    Track Of ILB                     Track of MCS Levanto




                                                                                                                                         24/7/2016. 1621. As both boats were returning from a very successful Rhyl RNLI harbour raft race day ( Link to press release ), Holyhead coastguard reported a man going into the sea at Towyn to retrieve his dog. Both boats made best speed to the area, and on scene, it was reported that the man had just made his way out of the water and had left the beach. As all was now well, the lifeboats returned to station at 1645.

22/7/2016. 2343.  A “Mayday” distress signal was received by Holyhead coastguard at about 2230 on the Great Orme aerial. Llandudno RNLI and coastguard teams were alerted, and a search off the Great Orme commenced. A short while later, the search area was expanded, and lifeboat crews from Beaumaris and Rhyl were paged and launched at 11.45pm, together with  coastguard teams from Anglesey Penmon Point and Rhyl. The search area was co-ordinated by Holyhead coastguard, and also involved the coastguard helicopter from Caernarvon, later joined by another from Prestwick in Scotland. A great expanse of water needed to be searched, and Holyhead Coastguard tasked each rescue asset with a specific area to search. Conwy and Beaumaris to the West of the Great Orme; Llandudno to the North, and Rhyl to the East, overflown by the two helicopters.
The area was comprehensively searched by all units, but no vessel in any distress was found, and so the search units were stood down about 0430. Rhyl lifeboat returned to station at 0500. The units had been at sea nearly five hours.
The attached picture shows the paths on www.marinetraffic.com of Conwy, Llandudno and Rhyl lifeboats.
It also shows the units after the search was called off.


23/6/2016. 1453. The AWB was requested to launch by Holyhead Coastguard to a broken down 25 foot boat just off Raynes Jetty, Llanddulas.
Once the lifeboat was on scene, a tow line was secured to tow the vessel back to Rhyl Harbour. Due to the ebbing tide and water becoming shallow in the harbour, the ILB was requested to launch to take over the tow to the slipway in Rhyl.
The three persons on board were met with local coastguard officers and the Rhyl Harbourmaster to safely recover the boat. Both boats returned to station at 1630.

11/6/2016.0420 AWB brought to immediate readiness after gas alarm activated on Douglas Offshore oil and gas complex, 12 miles out. Hoylake AWB also put on immediate readiness. Holyhead Coastguard requested the boats standby to assist the rig protection vessels should a major evacuation be necessary. After an hour, the all-clear was passed to Holyhead Coastguard, and the lifeboats were stood down at 0520. Classed as standby.

5/6/2016. 1408 to 1615 Between 2pm and 4.15pm on Sunday 5 June, Rhyl RNLI volunteer lifeboat crew, lifeguards, and Coastguards dealt with many incidents on the shoreline between Rhyl and Llandulas.
The first call came to launch both the lifeboats to reports of a woman swimming out to a child, being blown out to sea off Llandulas, initially reported as approximately a mile off shore. The inshore boat arrived on scene and located the woman, who had successfully managed to get the child nearly to shore. The crew checked all was safe just as the all-weather lifeboat arrived on scene. As all was well, the lifeboats started to return to Rhyl, when Holyhead Coastguard reported the lifeguards at Rhyl were going to the aid of a man swimming out to sea off the west end of Rhyl beach. As the inshore lifeboat arrived, the man was clinging to the lifeguard’s paddle board, and they were both taken in to the lifeboat to return to shore safely. The gentleman was given some safety advice when back on shore by the local coastguard teams.
Both the lifeboats were then recovering at Rhyl, when it was reported that there were two children from separate families missing at the water’s edge, and so the boats remained on the shore on standby. Luckily the children were spotted on the beach and reunited with their families. The incidents were completed by 4.15pm.


3/6/2016. 1238 The ILB was launched and the AWB put on standby for a cabin cruiser with 2 people on board, which had run aground on the rocks at the entrance to the harbour. The boat was high and dry when the ILB arrived, and 1 person was transferred ashore, with 1 person holding back to check on the boat. He also eventually left the boat at low water. There was nowhere to secure the boat, so it was decided for the lifeboats to return just as the tide floated the boat later on, as the boat would float into the windfarm shipping channel when it floated free. The ILB returned to station at 1335.

……………. 1830. Both boats re-launched to stand by the vessel as there was no-one on board as it floated. The ILB put 2 crew on board the boat, and stood by tied to the vessel until it floated, holding it against the tide. The tow was transferred to the AWB and the boat was towed to the pontoons in Rhyl harbour. The lifeboats returned to station at 2045.

2016-06-03 13.47.25

28/5/2016.1725.   The crew was paged at 1725 to assist Rhyl coastguards trying to refloat an 18-foot speedboat which had gone aground at Talacre, about five miles east of the boathouse. There were two adults, one child and a dog on board. The ILB arrived first to assist local Rhyl coastguards already on site. The AWB was also launched, should a stronger pull be required to get the boat back in to deeper water. Two long lines were tied together to get a long tow from the casualty to the inshore boat, so there was sufficient water under the lifeboat to start the pull. With the coastguard volunteers pushing, and the ILB pulling, the vessel was successfully returned to deeper water, where the AWB took over the tow back to Rhyl, from where the vessel had been launched. The occupants of the craft were returned by road to Rhyl in the coastguard vehicle, and the casualty vessel was returned to it’s launching trailer on the beach at the lifeboat station. Had the vessel not been refloated, it could have drifted into the busy Mostyn channel and been a hazard to shipping, and would have meant the lifeboat re-launching at 3 am the next morning. The lifeboats were back at station at 2025.2016-05-28 19.31.46

16/5/2016. 1215. The skipper of the local charter fishing vessel “Merlin” reported that one of the party had fallen hard and had injuries. The AWB was launched to the vessel, which was about seven and a half miles North-north-west of the station, beyond the North-East corner of the Rhyl Flats windfarm. The casualty had sustained injuries to his arm and leg and was complaining of severe pain. The skipper of the vessel reported to Holyhead Coastguard, and was advised to start heading towards Rhyl, while the lifeboat launched to rendezvous with the boat. Once alongside some 20 minutes later, two crew were transferred to the casualty with pain-relieving kit and first-aid.
The man was assessed and questioned, and in a joint discussion, he agreed to be transferred to the lifeboat in a stretcher,taken to Rhyl, and then by ambulance to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd. The man had some difficulty moving due to his position on the fishing vessel, but eventually with the aid of the lifeboat crew and his colleagues, was placed in the stretcher, secured, and transferred to the lifeboat.
A slow passage back to Rhyl was then undertaken, and once the lifeboat was on shore, waiting paramedics boarded the boat to further supervise the casualty care of the casualty.
Back at the lifeboat station, the man was taken by stretcher to the ambulance, and transferred to hospital. See also our facebook and twitter feeds.

20160516_130032 20160516_130845 20160516_134542

11/4/2016. 0045 The crew were paged after North Wales police requested the assistance of coastguards and RNLI lifeboats, to help in their search for a man  after his car was found abandoned near the Festival Gardens at Ffrith beach, Prestatyn. The police helicopter was also alerted to provide an airborne search. The coastguards were tasked to search the shoreline, with the lifeboat crews searching just off shore. The inshore lifeboat was asked to search the shoreline, with the all-weather lifeboat providing back-up and illumination. The search had been in progress for about 20 minutes when the police told Holyhead coastguard that the man had been found near the beach by them, and was now safe. All units were stood down, the lifeboats being recovered at 0200.

22/3/2016. 1145. Llandudno’s ILB had been launched to reports of a vessel with an engine fire off Colwyn Bay. They had launched from the North Shore beach, and were being directed to the casualty by the local coastguards also from Llandudno. As the lifeboat rounded the Little Orme, it could be seen from the shore that the vessel was actually still making way towards Rhyl, and was now off Abergele. The Coxswain at Rhyl had been at the station, and could see the casualty vessel. He contacted Holyhead Coastguard who were co-ordinating the service, at the same time as the lifeboat crew from Llandudno had suggested the lifeboat from Rhyl was actually nearer the casualty vessel. As a result, the pagers were activated and Rhyl AWB launched about ten minutes later. The vessel was now about two miles west of Rhyl harbour, and smoke could clearly be seen coming from the back. The lifeboat approached the casualty and it was clear that the turbo on one of the engines had blown, causing black oil and soot to completely cover the boat behind the wheelhouse.
The skipper said he was heading for Rhyl harbour to a mooring, but as he set off with the lifeboat following, he took the wrong direction going into the harbour, and was heading for the rocks. A swift intervention by the lifeboat crew successfully managed to avert a crash, and a crewman was transferred to the boat to assist the skipper and his crew get to the pontoons in the harbour. When the vessel was safely moored in the harbour, the lifeboat and crew returned to station at 1.25pm.


22/2/2016. 1925. Both boats were launched to reports of a flashing light about 300 metres out from the beach by ASDA Kinmel Bay. The Rhyl coastguard team were also alerted. On arriving in the area, the informant reported the boats were very near to the light, and the only object in the area the crews could see was the fairway buoy marking the approach into Rhyl harbour. The lifeboats went alongside the buoy and the informant confirmed that this was the light they had seen. The wind was Northerly gusting up to force 7 with fairly large waves, and so the buoy may have been hidden by the waves from shore at certain periods. As all was well and there was nothing else in the area, all units were stood down, the lifeboats returning to station at 9pm.

25/1/2016. 0507  The AWB crew were  paged at 0507, to go to the assistance of a 32-foot charter fishing vessel, which had lost all power off Kinmel Bay, about two miles out from shore.
The skipper was taking his charter fishing vessel “Conway Star” from Conwy to Rhyl, together with his dog “Micha”. He had anchored about three miles north-west of Rhyl to await for enough tide to get into Rhyl harbour, when all power failed. Having no VHF radio because of the power failure, he called Holyhead Coastguard on his mobile phone, who then paged the lifeboat crew.Launching within ten minutes of the call, the crew came alongside the vessel, and discussed how best to get the boat into Rhyl harbour. Because there was not sufficient water yet in the harbour, the lifeboat and casualty waited about two hours, and then set up a tow into the harbour. The shore crew and harbour masters met the boats on arrival at the outer pontoon in the harbour, and secured the casualty before the lifeboat returned to station by 9.30am.  Press release

19/1/2016. 0004 AWB put on standby to assist ILB with shoreline search for despondent casualty. Person found safe ashore. All units stood down by 0040. Classed as standby.